10 tips to take care of your car keys

When you lose your car key or get broken, you can get into a lot of trouble. You won’t be able to use your car as well.

To avoid such a situation, it is a much better idea to take care of your car keys in advance. There are a few tips which you can follow to do the same.

I will today share with you tips to take care of car keys.

10 tips to take care of car keys:

1. Avoid using it as openers:

When you do not have a can opener or a bottle opener, you might end up using the key for the same. While doing it once or twice is fine, the key might bend if you do so consistently.

Even if the key bends slightly, you will no longer be able to open the door with it.

That is why, if you want to preserve your car key in perfect condition, the number 1 tip which you need to follow is to avoid using it as an opener.

2. Use a keychain:

If you keep just a single key in your pocket, it can easily get lost. Moreover, when you pull something else out of the pocket, that key might fall out as well.

To avoid such a situation, you have to use a keychain. Once you put the car key into the keychain, losing it becomes difficult. Not only that, it is easy to notice as well. It means that you will not accidentally lose it.

Moreover, you can use a multipurpose keychain as well, which will ensure that you have a versatile tool at hand always.

It is one of the most effective ways to not lose your car keys.

3. Detect bends in time:

Have you ever observed your car key?

Most of the car owners do not. The problem is that if it suffers from numerous bends, you might not be able to put it into the car any longer.

By the time it stops going into the car key slot, it is too late. You will have to look for a replacement or fix it immediately.

Instead of waiting for this moment, it is a much better idea to observe the car key in between as well. If it is bent, you can contact a locksmith right away. The Lock Smith will be able to fix the car key for you.

In that case, you will never be stuck out of your car just because the car key is bent.

4. Keep away from water:

A car key can suffer from extensive wear and tear when it is consistently exposed to water. It can lead to oxidation as well.

Most people do not actively monitor whether the key comes in contact with water or not.

5. Store them properly:

The way in which you store the car key will determine the life span of the car key.

If you keep it anywhere or just throw it in a corner once you reach home, the wear and tear of the car key will be on the higher side.

A much better idea is to store it properly.

If it is a spare key, you can use a magnetic key holder for the car (covered in my post here) to keep the car key.

At home, you can keep it in a drawer.

One of the best ways to take care of your car keys is to store them properly.

6. Clean and polish your keys from time to time:

When was the last time you clean your car keys?

Probably never!

It is one of the main reasons why car keys suffer from extensive wear and tear.

You shouldn’t just clean the car keys from time to time, but you should polish them as well. The coat of polish provides them with a protective layer.

A single coat of polish can last for six months to 1 year.

Consequently, cleaning and polishing your car keys from time to time will increase the life span.

7. Keep car key fobs away from water:

These days, many people use car key fobs rather than car keys.

They are even more sensitive to water.

The circuitry inside is not entirely waterproof.

While the casing outside can resist water to a certain extent but accidentally drop them into the water, the water will get inside.

Once that happens, the circuitry inside will get fried. In that case, you will not be able to use the car key fob henceforth.

That is why; another tip you need to follow is to keep the car key fob away from water.

8. Change their batteries once the range reduces:

Many people wait for the car key fob to die down entirely and then replace the battery.

The problem is that it is not that easy to predict when the battery will die down.

If you’re outdoors or stuck somewhere and the battery dies down, you will not be able to use the car key fob at all. You might not have access to a spare battery at that point as well.

On the other hand, when you notice that the range of the effectiveness of the car key fob is reduced, you have to replace the batteries right then and there.

Once you do so, you can undoubtedly rely on the car key fob without having to worry about it dying down.

9. You can get them reprogrammed:

When the car key fob is damaged, people think of buying a new car key fob. However, that is not necessary.

When you take the car key fob to the car dealership, you can quickly get it reprogrammed.

Once it is reprogrammed, it will become effortless for you to use it again. Doing so will spare you the expense of buying a new car key fob.

10. Make sure they are not dropped frequently:

Whether you’re using the car key fob or the car key, they might get damaged if you drop them quite often.

The best way to increase the life span is to ensure that you do not drop them. You have to be quite careful with them.

Getting a new car key fob issued can be expensive. Getting a new car key made can be cumbersome and time-consuming. That is why, whether you use the car keys or the car key fobs, it is a good idea to ensure that they are not dropped frequently.

With the help of these ten tips, it will become easier for you to take care of your car keys and car key fobs.

I often cover such tips for automobile owners and various accessories that you can use in your car. For example, I have covered the best hidden car camera in my post here. You can check it out to buy such a camera.

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