Asics gel nimbus 18 womens review – What makes these shoes so efficient?

Even when you’re looking for women-specific running shoes, the options are plenty. These options, however, add to the confusion. The average consumer does not have the spare time or the inclination to compare the different running shoes to find the right one. Due to this reason, it becomes difficult for them to go through so many options.

I will today do that for you. I will share with you my Asics gel nimbus 18 womens review to help you understand what makes it such a good option. I will also go into the pros and cons of these shoes to provide you with a balanced view.

Asics gel nimbus 18 womens review

A single glance will let you know that the Asics gel nimbus 18 womens black shoes are aesthetically pleasing. The aesthetics are better than many other shoes which you will find online. However, when buying running shoes, it is much more than just aesthetics. That is why; I will go into the features of the shoes below.

Features of Asics gel nimbus 18 womens

1. 3 available color options
2. Rubber sole
3. Multipurpose Midsole
4. Gel cushioning system
5. Breathable Upper
6. Excellent heel support
7. Good construction quality


• 3 available color options:

The shoes are available in 3 color options. The unique thing about these colors is that they are all vibrant. It means that irrespective of the option which you are choosing, you will get a cool shoe in your preferred color. If you are specifically looking for shoes that stand out among others due to their aesthetics, these shoes will fulfill that requirement.

• Rubber sole:

It is essential to look at the bottom of the running shoe. The bottom of the running shoe will determine whether it is useful or not. If it consists of a sole which is similar to others or which does not possess any specific properties, there is no point in buying such a running shoe.

The nimbus 18 womens consists of a rubber sole. The advantage of the rubber sole is that the traction which it provides is on the higher side. The durability of the rubber sole is also better than your ordinary sole.

The rubber sole is highly flexible, as well. This property proves to be useful when you want to suddenly change your direction or pick up speed or drop the pace. Also, since a rubber sole can provide excellent traction on slightly wet surfaces as well, you can be sure that you are running sessions will be pretty comfortable with asics gel nimbus womens running shoes.

• Multipurpose Midsole:

The unique characteristic of the midsole is that it has cushioning properties and bounce back properties. There are rarely any other shoes which provide you with both of these. In spite of giving both of these advantages, it is pretty lightweight as well. It means that the shoe weight certainly does not increase due to the midsole. Also, the durability ensures that you will not have to worry about taking the shoe to the shoe repair store anytime soon. Once you start using it, you can use it consistently without any worries.

• Gel cushioning system:

The midsole is not the only part of the asics women’s gel nimbus 18, which provides you with cushioning. There is the gel cushioning system on offer as well. The gel cushioning system reduces the impact and shock and also protects your toes. It ensures that you can move safely in any direction without having to worry about the impact on your feet. It is an essential property of any running shoe.

• Breathable Upper:

You might be thinking, all that is great, but is the shoe comfortable?

The answer to this lies in the construction of the upper. The upper consists of mesh that stretches in multiple directions. It means that your feet will be entirely comfortable. Also, it consists of stretch reinforcements as well, which increase the durability further.

In spite of the mesh upper, the shoe has a glove-type fit. It means that it will fit snugly onto your feet. Due to this very reason, the grip which you will be able to get and the control which you have over your movement will be on the higher side. It is one of the primary reasons to go with this shoe.

• Excellent heel support:

If you carefully observe the shoe in the pictures, you will realize that it consists of a heel counter as well. The responsibility of the heel counter is to provide you with extra support and also ensure that the impact of running on the heel is minimal. The heel counter also makes the shoe easier to fit. Due to this very reason, it ensures that not only you can protect your feet but also wear the shoes for long-running sessions as well.

The heel clutching system provides you with the grip which you need when turning around or modifying your direction. It certainly makes your running sessions easier and convenient.

• Good construction quality:

The primary test of any running shoe is the friction which it has. The asics women’s gel-nimbus 18 running shoe has seamless construction along with premium quality materials. It means that friction is not a problem. It does not use traditional stitching techniques either. The seams are amalgamated into the design. That is why; skin irritation or friction while running is not a problem.

The womens asics gel nimbus 18 running shoes incorporate quite a few features which are even missing in the other running shoes. Due to this very reason, they certainly warrant a look. Also, the excellent construction quality of asics nimbus 18 womens shoes means that they have the edge over others.

Pros & Cons of asics gel nimbus 18 womens


  • Seamless construction
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Versatile middle sole
  • Excellent cushioning
  • High durability
  • Proper traction
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Size runs small



The gel nimbus 18 womens running shoes have been designed for superior performance. The multiple cushioning Systems, along with the rubber sole, means that traction won’t be a problem. In addition to that, the reduced impact on the heel can undoubtedly improve your speed by a small amount, which is another reason why these are a good option. All in all, Asics gel nimbus 18 womens running shoes are a much better option than your average running shoes, which you will find online.

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