Asics men’s stormer running shoes t741s review – Should you buy these shoes?

Are you looking for comfortable running shoes?

How about one that can offer you proper support as well?

If yes, you need to definitely look at the Asics men’s stormer running shoes t741s. When you search for running shoes, you will find that there are numerous options available. However, most of them lack in one department or other. On the other hand, when you dig deeper into the details of Asics men’s stormer running shoes t741s, you will realize that it is not only comfortable but pretty efficient. That is what led me to buy this shoe.

During my research about the shoe, I found out that it has quite a few features which set it apart. In my Asics men’s stormer running shoes t741s review today, I will detail not only these features but also my personal experience.

Asics men’s stormer running shoes t741s review

One thing you will notice is the low-profile. The low-profile design also means that it is lightweight. That is why, even if you’re using the shoes for long-running sessions, there will be no fatigue. Additionally, I’ve experienced a lot of other features of this shoe as well during my use as well as research, which I will highlight below.

Features of Asics men’s stormer running shoes t741s

1. Available across the size spectrum
2. Three different color options
3. Rubber sole
4. Breathable construction
5. Lightweight design
6. Heavy-duty stitching
7. Protected toe cap
8. Versatile
9. Sturdy midsole


• Available across size spectrum:

One thing which you can be sure about this shoe is, it is available across the size spectrum. There are more than ten different size options available. That is why choosing the right one will not be a problem. Also, you can get the most accurate size since each size representation is as per the industry standard. As a result, finding the right fit will not be a problem when going with this shoe.

• Three different color options:

You get to choose between 3 different color options as well. The three options are a confluence of different colors, which means that you get aesthetically pleasing variants easily. Nobody likes to go with the bland shoe color. It is why the color choices certainly make it more interesting.

• Rubber sole:

The sole of a running shoe is pretty essential. The sole will determine the kind of grip you get on any surface. It will also determine the level of safety that the shoe offers.

Fortunately, the shoe consists of a rubber sole, which is durable. It undergoes a little wear and tear. Additionally, it provides an excellent grip over any terrain. Due to the rubber sole, the shoe is highly versatile and allows you to move over any terrain pretty swiftly.

• Breathable construction:

If a running shoe is not breathable, you will not be comfortable wearing it for long hours. In that case, it is not a good idea to buy that shoe.

However, this one consists of a mesh upper. The advantage of mesh upper is that the ventilation is on the higher side. It will keep your feet cool. It ensures that you can complete the session as per your stamina. You will not be limited by the type of ventilation that the shoe has on offer. It is another feature of this shoe which adds to its comfort.

• Lightweight design:

The mesh upper adds another feature to your shoe. It makes the entire shoe lightweight. When you’re running, you need to move around swiftly. Also, the shoe needs to be lightweight so that the feet fatigue is on the lower side. With mesh upper, both of these things are achieved quite easily. It is one of the reasons why this shoe is so comfortable.

• Heavy duty stitching:

When you’re using a running shoe regularly, it is under tremendous pressure. It experiences significant wear and tear as well. The only solution is to choose the shoe which can handle such wear and tear.

This one consists of reinforced stitching. The reinforced stitching means that wear and tear will not be a problem. Once you buy this shoe, you will not have to worry about comfort or to replace it anytime soon.

• Protected toe cap:

When you’re going on a running session, your feet might collide with uneven terrain or any other object in the path. If the toe cap is not protective enough, it can result in an injury. It can cause immense discomfort. However, this one comes with a reinforced stitched toe cap. It not only increases the life span of the shoe but provides your toes with adequate comfort as well. It can help you in avoiding an injury. It makes the shoe much safer than other options.

• Versatile:

The reason why we went for this shoe was that it is highly versatile. I not only use it for my running and jogging sessions but also normal day to day tasks as well. It ensures that I do not have to change my shoes again and again. You don’t need a separate pair of shoes for the day to day use. It offers all-day comfort, which is a feature missing out in many other running shoes.

• Sturdy midsole:

While the outer sole is responsible for the grip you get, the midsole is responsible for the comfort which you get. Also, the midsole directly bears most of your weight. That is why; it is responsible for the durability as well.

The shoe consists of an injected midsole. Therefore, the structural integrity of the midsole is not a problem. The ergonomic design of the midsole ensures that in terms of comfort as well, you will have no complaints at all.


When you look at the features of this shoe, you will understand that every element has been carefully incorporated into the design. It adds more comfort and efficiency to the design. There are hardly any other running shoes out there that offer you the same set of features. That is what sets it apart. I will now summarize the pros and cons of this shoe so that you can understand why it is such a good option when looking for running shoes.

Pros & Cons of Asics men’s stormer running shoes t741s


  • Easy to get the right size
  • Available in 3 different color options
  • Highly durable
  • Breathable construction
  • Excellent grip
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for versatile applications
  • Can handle the wear and tear easily


  • After-sales support is limited



The asics men’s stormer running shoes t741s offers a wide variety of features that certainly make it one of the most comfortable and versatile running shoes on offer. If you’re still in 2 minds regarding this running shoe, you should go for it.

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