15 inch portable dvd player – Top 3 best portable dvd player 15 inch screen reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

If you genuinely want to have a great experience when it comes to movies and web series, having at least a 15 inches screen makes sense. Even when buying a portable DVD player, it is a good idea to get one which is 15 inches screen.

Today, I will share the three best portable DVD players with you, which come with a 15 inches screen. Apart from that, I will also share a buying guide to make it easy to choose between these three DVD players.

1. SUNPIN 15.6 inch Large HD Swivel Screen DVD Player


With 15.6 inches screen, you can enjoy movies easily when using this DVD player. The resolution of 1280 x 800 ensures that you can enjoy your entertainment in HD quality.

The built-in dual stereo speakers ensure that you can get complete audio clarity as well. Whether a kid wants to use it or an adult, they can do so.

Inside it, there is a 5000 mAh battery. You can charge it in real-time. On a single charge, it can easily last for six hours. You get a car charger as well as an AC adapter.

The shock-proof construction makes it perfect for even bumpy car rides. You will not have to worry about wear and tear or breakdown.

With the help of ports like AVN, EV out, aux out, it is easy for you to connect it to various devices. That is why you will be able to play the files you want.

Since it is compatible with most disc formats, you won’t have to worry about converting files from one format to another.

The controls on the base itself are self-explanatory. If you aren’t able to understand those, you can go with the remote control as well. The detailed manual can also aid you.

If you’re wondering about other connectivity options, you get an SD card reader and USB connectivity.

With numerous connectivity options in HD quality, you cannot go wrong with it.


  • Long battery life
  • HD quality screen
  • Numerous connectivity options
  • Compatible with most disc formats
  • Dual speakers on offer
  • Comes with a remote control


  • Instructions are limited

2. Portable DVD Player with 15.6″ Large HD Screen


The next option on my list is a DVD player, which comes with a 15.6 inches screen. The rechargeable battery can make it run for six hours. That is why; charging it, again and again, is not a requirement.

The resolution is 1280 x 800. That is why you get HD resolution.

If you want to flip it, you can do that by 180°. The rotation on offer is 270°. The aim of this is to ensure that you get the viewing angle you want and keep the DVD player in the position you want.

One of the reasons it can run for six hours on a single charge is the 5000 mAh battery. It uses the battery pretty efficiently, which will not die down quickly. You can use an AC power socket or a car charger to charge it.

Compatibility with various formats ensures that there is no CD conversion needed. It can read an SD card up to 32 GB. There is also USB connectivity. That is why; you can play files from a variety of devices.

The anti-shock feature ensures that there will be no interruption when using this DVD player.

The controls on the base are pretty self-explanatory. You will not have to worry about going through the learning curve just to use this DVD player.

The double speaker design allows you to enjoy the audio without connecting it to any external device.

With ports for AV input and output, if you want to connect it to any other device, that is also possible.

Thus, consider this one when you’re looking for a DVD player with Long battery life.


  • HD screen
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to adjust the screen
  • Excellent file compatibility
  • Numerous connectivity options


  • Does not include a remote

3. BOIFUN Portable DVD Player with 15.6″ Screen


With 15.6 inches larger screen, you will enjoy your entertainment easily using this DVD player. The HD quality ensures that you can get proper video reproduction. The exact resolution is 1280 x 800.

Additionally, you can rotate the screen by 270°, and flip it by 170°. That is why; getting the right screen position is easy.

The battery is 5000 mAh. That is why; you can get a run time of 5.5 hours to 6 hours.

Compatibility with all file formats makes it easy for you to run any CD/DVD without converting it.

You can attach a USB flash drive and play files from there. It supports SD cards up to 32 GB.

The anti-shock mechanism ensures that you will not be interrupted.

Since you can charge the battery through the car charger, it is perfect for long rides.

The memory feature helps you in resuming from where you left off.

It has various other ports like a 3.5 MM audio port, AV out, AV-IN, game USB, charging port, etc.

For controlling it from a distance, you get a remote control. If you do not want to use the remote control, there are controls on the base.

The numerous connectivity options of this portable DVD player with 15 inches screen make it a good choice.


  • Numerous connectivity options
  • Anti-shock mechanism
  • HD quality
  • Compatible with most file formats


  • Packaging can be better.

If you often feel bored during car rides and when you’re heading outdoors, it is a good idea to buy any one of these portable DVD players with 15 inches screen. To choose accurately, refer to the buying guide below.

15 inch portable DVD player buying guide

Things to consider before buying 15 inch portable DVD player:

Compare these DVD players on things like:

• Screen resolution:

It should offer you an HD screen. Only then can you view any movie or web series.

• Multiple connectivity options:

You should be able to connect USB flash drives or even insert an SD card slot. If it has AV in and AV out, that is a positive.

• Cd compatibility:

Only when it is compatible with most CD and DVD formats should you go ahead and choose the DVD player.

• Controls:

The controls should be easy to understand. If you plan to control the DVD player from a distance, make sure you buy one which comes with remote control.

After you compare the DVD players on these parameters, it is easy to choose one.


Do 15 inch portable DVD players come with HD screens?

Yes, such DVD players come with HD screens.

In case you want to enjoy good quality entertainment when you’re heading outdoors or when you’re in your car, get any one of these 15 inch portable DVD players. I’ve gone through numerous options to compile this list, and therefore in this article, you can find the best DVD players in the category.

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