Barn door mirror – Top 3 best barn door mirrors reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

The barn theme is aesthetically pleasing. That is why people often look for items that have that barn look. One such item is the barn door mirror. It closely resembles the barn door on which the mirror is installed.

I will today share with you 3 such barn door mirrors so that you can choose the right one easily. I will follow them up with a buying guide to help you choose between these 3 options.

1. Kate and Laurel Full Length Panel Mirror


The advantage of this barn door mirror is that it is inspired by the farmhouse look. That is why; it matches the decor of the barn accurately.

When you look at the construction quality, it consists of a wooden frame. The wooden frame makes it quite durable. Along with that, you get heavy-duty metal brackets as well. That is why the installation is easy. The construction is such that it can last for years together.

Wondering about the dimensions?

It measures 18” x 50.25”. That is why; it resembles the barn door in dimensions as well.

You can easily install this barn door mirror due to the pre-drilled holes which come along with it. That is why; you won’t have to worry about spending a lot of time installing it either.

All the other hardware which you will need comes pre-attached to it. You need not buy it separately.

Thus, when looking for the barn door mirror, this one is undoubtedly a strong contender.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Farmhouse themed design
  • Comes with hardware
  • Easy to install
  • Dimensions of 18” x 15.25”


  • Packaging can be better

2. Kate and Laurel Whitley Classic Mirror


If you’re looking for a more compact barn door mirror, the one I am highlighting now is a good choice. The dimensions are 29.5” x 41.5”. Also, you can install it over any door, dresser, or other pieces of furniture.

The artistic design makes it aesthetically pleasing. Also, it has a classic frame. That is why; it goes with any kind of decor.

With the help of 4 D-ring hangers, it is easy to install it in any way. You just need a couple of screws. Once you have those, installation is certainly easy.

The frame is such that it is lightweight but quite sturdy. Not only that, you can install it vertically as well as horizontally. The choice is yours.

The combination of these features and the compact design makes it a good choice.


  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight frame
  • Sturdy construction
  • Compact size
  • Classic design


  • Finishing needs improvement

3. Stone & Beam Rectangular Vintage-Look Sliding Mirror


This barn door mirror is another classic one. The natural-looking wooden frame means that its durability is excellent. There is a black iron rod on top. That is why the installation is going to be easy.

The rustic and vintage look ensures that it can go with any decor.

When you look at the wooden frame, it consists of fir wood. The glass is also quite durable.

The dimensions are 33.25” x 1.25” x 70.5”.Also, the design of the mirror is such that wear and tear is pretty limited.

Thus, when looking for a highly durable barn door mirror, do consider this one.


  • Firwood construction
  • Rustic and vintage design
  • Dimensions are 33.25” x 1.25” x 70.5”
  • Easy to install


  • Available only in one color

Thus, when searching for the barn door mirrors, these are the 3 options to consider. Before you choose between these 3 barn door mirrors, take a look at the buying guide below.

Barn door mirror buying guide

The buying guide will cover 4 parameters on which you should compare these mirrors.

Things to consider before buying a barn door mirror:

The 4 parameters to consider while comparing these barn door mirrors include

• Dimensions:

The very first thing which you have to consider is the dimensions. You have to figure out whether the mirror is a full barn mirror or a partial one. Of course, you can hang it on the wall as well. However, it is essential to know about the dimensions, and only then can you install it wherever you want.

• Durability:

The frame of the barn door mirror plays a crucial role. It determines its durability.

Ideally, it should consist of a wooden frame. When that is the case, installation is easy. Also, such a mirror can easily last for years together.

The quality of the glass should be up to the mark as well.

The durability also depends on the included hardware. That should be durable.

Only when you consider these aspects will it become easier for you to choose the right barn door mirror.

• Hardware:

Does the barn door mirror come with hardware?

If it comes with any hardware, installation indeed becomes easy. You have to first find out the hardware included and the extra hardware that you will need. Besides that, you have to look at the quality of that hardware as well.

Once you consider this, you can choose a barn door mirror that is easy to install.

• Aesthetics:

You cannot ignore the look of the barn door mirror as well.

You have to not just look at the style and theme but also the color. Only when it goes well with the decor can you go ahead with it.

Comparing the above 3 barn door mirrors on these four parameters, it becomes easier for you to choose the right one. I will now answer some FAQs regarding these mirrors.


Do barn door mirrors come with hardware?

Yes, most barn door mirrors come with at least some hardware. That is why they are easy to install.

What is the frame of the barn door mirror made from?

The frame of the barn door mirror is usually made from wood. The type of wood can vary from one mirror to another.

Thus, when looking for the barn door mirrors, these are the three options to consider. I’ve gone through hundreds of options to pick these 3. That is why, when buying from these 3, you’re going with the best one.

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