Best bike rack for suv no hitch – Top 3 best bike rack for suv no hitch reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

Not everyone prefers a bike rack that uses a hitch. If you’re one of them, today I will share the best bike rack for SUV no hitch. That way, you can easily transport the bikes without using the hitch.

Below this list is also a buying guide to help you choose between these three bike racks which do not use the hitch.

1. Thule Outway Trunk Mount Bike Rack


The bike rack I am highlighting now is 2-bike bike rack. Also, it has a trunk bike rack and does not use the hitch. That is why; installing it on your SUV is undoubtedly going to be easy. Not only SUVs, but you can also install them on your sedans, station wagons, etc. Even if you’re SUV has a spoiler, you will still be able to install this bike rack quite easily.

If you observe the design of this bike rack, you will realize that it has a raised platform. The advantage of the raised platform is that it does not hamper your visibility when reversing your car or when looking through your car’s rear windshield. Not only that, it does not block the license plate as well. That is why there will be no problem with the law enforcement officers.

When choosing a bike rack, it is essential to look at how it secures the bike. This one comes with steel cables. That is why keeping the bikes in place will not be a problem. There is a twin hook attachment system as well. The securing mechanism ensures that your bikes will always remain in place. The rack comes with proper protection pads to ensure that the bikes do not vibrate. The bikes will not bump into your SUV or one another. There will be no scratches on the bikes or the car.

The rack comes with torque limiting knobs as well. That way, you can tighten the bikes in place. If you want to keep them a bit loose, that is also possible. This level of customization is usually not present in most of the other bike racks.

Wondering about bike compatibility?

The rack is compatible with any bike with wheels of 50 inches. The width of the wheels needs to be 3 inches. You can carry two such bikes easily.

There are wheel straps to further ensure that the bikes remain in place irrespective of the terrain you are driving on. The straps come with pump buckles. That is why the bikes will remain entirely secure.

Just because these bike racks are trunk-mount, it does not mean that you cannot access the trunk. You can open the trunk easily. That way, no area of your SUV is inaccessible because of this rack.

When not in use, fold it flat. That is how; you will be accessing the trunk.

The rack can carry each bike 33 lbs. The accumulated weight carrying capacity is 66 lbs.

Using the adjustable and removable bike arms, installation, and removing this bike rack is undoubtedly easy.

Thus, when you’re looking for a bike rack for SUV no hitch that can carry up to 2 bikes, you can certainly go with this one.


  • Excellent securing mechanism
  • Can carry two bikes
  • High visibility
  • An adjustable torque limiting knobs
  • Compatibility with bikes of wheels 50 inches
  • Adjustable bike arms


  • Limited instructions

2. Allen Sports Premier 4-Bike Trunk Rack


I like this bike rack because it consists of two arms that can carry four bikes in total. The cumulative weight carrying capacity is 140 lbs. Whether you want to carry four or three bikes, there is a variant available for each of those. In case you need a 3 bike variant, that is also available.

Another reason I like this bike rack because you can install it on an SUV, hatchback, minivan, sedan, passenger car, and so on. In a nutshell, vehicle compatibility is not a problem when going with this bike rack.

Additionally, this bike rack consists of a quick snap system. It means that setting it up is not going to be a problem. The lower frame is also padded. That way, bicycles remain away from the vehicle. There will be no scratches on your vehicle because of this bike rack.

If you observe the image of this bike rack closely, it consists of two arms. Each one of these arms is 21 inches. You can easily accommodate four bicycles with an overall weight of 140 lbs on these arms. That is why each bicycle of 35 lbs can be carried.

With the help of proper top and bottom feet, installation is easy. The top and bottom feet also ensure that the clearance level from the vehicle is on the higher side.

Tiedown cradles ensure that each bike will remain in place without bumping into one another. Using lower straps, the bike will undoubtedly remain in place.

When choosing a bike rack, it is essential to look at the material of the bike rack. It uses steel. Due to the same, it can last for years together.

To install it on the cars, you get extra-large car pads. These pads are designed so that they do not mess with the finish of the car. Installing them on the car is easy because of the car pads. Also, the high weight carrying capacity is only possible because of the extra-large car pads.

Since it comes fully assembled, you will not have to worry about spending hours installing this bike rack. It will merely take a few minutes.

The wide profile design means that there is no significant pressure on a single area of your vehicle. So; it becomes effortless for you to use it for years together.

Thus, if you want to carry four or three bikes, this bike rack for SUV no hitch is the perfect option.


  • Can carry 4 or 3 bikes
  • Excellent securing mechanism
  • High weight carrying capacity
  • Steel construction
  • Easy to install
  • Protects your cars and bikes


  • Pad design can be better

3. Thule Gateway Pro Trunk Bike Rack


The third track on my list can carry two bikes or three bikes. It is available in the two and three-bike variant. The exact number of bikes it can carry depends on the variant you buy.

Since it is a trunk bike rack, it will not be using the hitch. Needless to say, it is sturdy enough to carry those many bikes as well.

It uses six strap tightening system. Using the straps, fixing it into your SUV isn’t much of an issue. The straps are sturdy and are rated for proper weight carrying capacity. Once you install it or mount the bikes, you need not worry about the rack coming off.

With the help of anti-sway cradles, you can be sure that no matter how fast you’re driving your SUV, the rack and the bikes will remain in place.

The next question which arises is, what if the bikes start rubbing against one another?

There is at least a 7-inch spacing between the bikes to prevent this from happening. The rack is designed to provide that much spacing.

For the installation, you do not require any additional tools. Even if you haven’t used a rack before, you can install this one without any additional help.

Another reason why the bikes remain in their place is because of the locking system. It comes with an integrated cable lock. When you mount the bikes on this rack, you can lock them in place as well. That makes it easy for you to drive around without worrying about the bikes coming off.

Not only that, the bike arms are adjustable. That allows you to extend them according to your requirement. When you’re not using this rack, you can also fold the bike arms. That way, accessing the trunk isn’t going to be a problem.

The weight carrying capacity of the two bike variant is 70 lbs. That is why, even if you have heavier bikes, you will be able to mount them on the rack without any worry.

It consists of oversized molded pads. The job of these pads is to keep the bike rack stable and ensure that there is no damage to the finish of the vehicle.

Whichever feature you might look for in a bike rack for SUV no hitch, it is present in this one.


  • Two bike and three bike variants available
  • Protects vehicle paint
  • Easy to install
  • Adequate spacing between bikes
  • The appropriate locking system on offer


  • The finishing could have been better.

Now that you know the three best bike rack for SUV no hitch, it is time to look at the buying guide to choose between them.

Bike rack for SUV no hitch buying guide

Factors to check before buying bike rack for SUV no hitch:
You need to compare these bike racks on parameters like:

• Bike capacity:

Here I am referring to the number of bikes which a bike rack can carry. Most bike racks are available in two bike, three bike, and four bike. You need to determine the number of bikes you usually carry and then take a call.

• Weight carrying capacity:

Different types of bikes have different types of weights. You need to look at the overall weight carrying capacity of the rack and determine if the bikes you carry will be below that weight threshold or not. Accordingly, you can choose the rack.

• Locking mechanism:

It is equally important to keep the bikes in their place. For the same, the rack should have a proper locking mechanism. If there is ample spacing between the bike racks, it is positive. The better the locking mechanism and the placement mechanism of the bikes, the better.

• Installation mechanism:

The rack should be such that you should be able to install it on your own. If you need external help to install the rack, there is no point in buying such a rack.

It is now time to look at answers to some of the FAQs related to such racks.


Does bike rack always require a hitch?

No, trunk racks are available that do not use the hitch mount and still keep the bikes in place.

Do you need a hitch for bike rack on SUV?

No, a hitch is unnecessary if you’re buying a trunk bike rack.

Can I install a bike rack on an SUV?

Yes, you can install a bike rack on the SUV with or without a hitch.

Thus, while searching for the best bike rack for SUV no hitch, these are the bike racks you should look at. They are the best in the category and can help you carry multiple bikes in a completely secure fashion.

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