Best bike storage shed – Top 5 best bike shed reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

We all love our bikes. Hence, we do everything to ensure that we store them properly. One of the best ways to store them is to use a bike shed.

The bike shed needs to be sturdy and needs to provide proper protection. To help you choose such a bike shed, I’ve gone through numerous options to compile a list of the best bike storage sheds available. Once you go through the Best bike sheds below, it will be easy to choose one. You can refer to buying guide below the list in case of any confusion.

1. Suncast BMS8100 Heavy-Duty Resin Tremont Storage Shed


Personally, I like this outdoor bike storage shed because of the heavy-duty construction. Heavy-duty construction is only possible because of the multi-walled structure. If you look at the material from which this shed is made, polypropylene resin. Such panels are used to provide proper durability to the entire shed.

In addition to the durability, care has been taken to provide proper aesthetics to the shade. Due to the proper aesthetics, you can set it up in your backyard or on the lawn, and it will not look out of place.

Another lesser-known feature of this shed is that it has a sturdy floor. The floor has to withstand heavyweight. When you’re placing your bikes inside this shed, the shed will be able to handle their weight quite easily. In turn, it will not impact the ground underneath the shed. That way, installing it on any surface is undoubtedly possible.

If you notice the design carefully, you will realize that it consists of skylights and windows. The job of these is to provide proper light inside. That is why; there is adequate visibility when you’re inside this shed.

Of course, you will use this shed to keep your bikes secure. That is why; you have to look at the locking mechanism. Fortunately, the shade consists of lockable doors. Once you place your bikes inside, you can secure them in place without much effort.

If you’re wondering about the dimensions, those are roughly 8′ x 10′ on the outer side. You need not worry about replacing your bikes inside the bike storage shed.

Since it consists of multiple panels, you might think that it is tough to assemble. However, that is not true. With minimal tools, you will be able to assemble this shed easily.

Another feature which you cannot miss is the steel-reinforced roof. Due to this, it can protect your bikes pretty well in any weather.

It is not only water-resistant but also offers UV protection. That is why; your bikes are entirely secure once you place them in this shed.

It typically requires no maintenance. You need to clean it from time to time with a regular microfiber cloth or dust. Once you do that, it will look as good as new.

Despite having polypropylene resin construction, the look is of the wood grain. That certainly increases the aesthetics of the storage shed.

Keeping your bikes inside will not result in any odor. That is because the panels are designed so that there is proper ventilation. Due to the same, there won’t be an odor problem either.

Whichever way you consider, this is one of the best bike storage sheds which you can place outdoors.


  • Measures 8′ x 10′
  • Suitable for storing multiple bikes
  • Water-resistant
  • Ventilated and light propagating design
  • Offers UV protection
  • Reinforced floor and ceiling


  • Packaging could have been better.

2. Rubbermaid Outdoor Storage Shed


The size of this shed is 7′ x 10′. There are other smaller variants available as well. However, if you want to store multiple bikes, this size is good enough.

Without looking at the construction quality of the shade, choosing one is a mistake. If you’re wondering about the amount of storage space inside, that is 467 ft³. That is what I will cover below.

It consists of double-walled construction. The double-wall provides it with more sturdiness and stability. Not only that, the resin is used in construction. The advantage of resin is that it is rust-resistant and rust-resistant. That is why, even if you live in a region that has high humidity, this shed will handle it well. It will last for years together.

Not only that, the resin construction is sleek, dent-resistant, and weather resistant. That ensures you won’t have to worry about rusting.

If you observe the images of this shed, you will realize that it consists of two windows and two skylights. That way, the level of illumination which you get inside the shed is excellent.

If you’re wondering about the exact dimensions, those are 84″ x 120″.

You might think that such a shed might be difficult to assemble. However, that is not true. Firstly, you get all the detailed instructions for assembling it. Even if you haven’t used a shed before, you can assemble this without worrying.

While assembling, you will find that the floor is pretty heavy-duty. It is impact resistant as well. That is why, when you place bikes on it, it will not break or develop cracks.

It is essential to look at the door quality as well. After all, the bikes can remain secure inside only if the doors are sturdy. Fortunately, not only are the doors sturdy, but they are lockable. That is why, when placing your bikes inside, they will be completely safe and secure.

With the height of 7 feet, if you want to go inside to pull out the by cycle to keep them, you won’t face any problem with the same. Accessing your bikes will undoubtedly be easy when inside this shed.

Not only that, the shed is aesthetically pleasing. It won’t seem out of place once you install it in the backyard or garden.

You might think that the roof installation might be complicated, but that’s not true. If you have a helping hand, you can install the roof easily.

Thus, if you’re looking for a spacious shed that can store multiple bikes, you can certainly go with this one.


  • Measures 7′ x 10′
  • 2 smaller size variants are available
  • Heavy-duty double-walled resin construction
  • Lockable doors on offer
  • Suitable for storing multiple bikes
  • Weather-resistant


  • Finishing needs improvement

3. Keter Factor Large Resin Outdoor Shed


The dimensions of this shed are 8′ x 6′. If you’re wondering about the storage space inside, that is 285 ft³. That is why it is perfect for bikes.

Of course, it is essential to look at the construction quality of the shade. If it is durable enough, you can install it outdoors and use it for years together.

When you look at the construction material of this shed, it consists of polypropylene resin plastic. Apart from that, it is reinforced as well. The reinforced material is steel. Both these materials are highly durable. Using this storage shed for years together will not suffer from much wear and tear.

It can work pretty well for years together because it is weather resistant. Whether it faces UV rays or water, it will not rust or automobile. The wear and tear is limited so that you will not notice cracks or chipping over a long time. In a nutshell, the shed will remain in place without any damage.

Another essential factor is the amount of light it lets inside. It has windows for the same and a skylight. Due to the same, natural light is allowed indoors. That certainly helps you when you are attempting to access your bikes. It is ventilated, which ensures that there is proper air circulation. The advantage is that you will not have to worry about odor inside.

It requires little to no maintenance. Apart from regular cleaning, it does not require much work. You can let it be for months together without devoting time to it.

For storage, it offers you adjustable brackets. Apart from that, it comes with two shelves as well. You will not have to worry about buying the storage shelves separately. That is why; when you want to store the bike’s accessories or other small objects inside, you can do so.

The roof of any shed can be its strong point or weak point. Fortunately, this one has a pretty strong roof. On the roof, you will notice 3-D tiles. It means that the sturdiness of the roof is excellent. There are vents on the roof which facilitate proper ventilation. The sloped roofs ensure that there will be no percolation of rainwater.

Ultimately, it is the doors of the shed which keep the bikes safe. Fortunately, this one comes with lockable doors. That is why; once you place your bike accessories inside, both are completely safe. Consequently, it becomes easier to lock the bikes in place without much intervention.

You get all the details for assembling, which ensure that assembling isn’t going to be a problem either.

With all these features incorporated into the shed, you won’t have any problem storing bikes in this shed.


  • Measures 8′ x 6′
  • Sloped roofs
  • Reinforced construction
  • Weather-resistant
  • Storage space available
  • Easy to assemble


  • Packaging could have been better.

4. KETER Manor Resin Outdoor Storage Shed


The 6′ x 8′ dimensions make it a good option when looking to store bikes. However, it is vital to check the space inside as well. The space which it offers is 267.4 ft³. It means that you can store multiple bikes inside.

It is important to know the materials from which it is made. When you’re clear about the same, it is easy to understand whether it will withstand the weather or not. The primary material is polypropylene resin plastic. It uses steel-reinforced construction. Both these materials are used such that the shed in itself is water-resistant and dust resistant. You will not suffer from peeling or rusting either.

With excellent quality, the paint will not come off. That is why; the overall amount of maintenance you need to opt for is pretty limited. That way, you won’t have to worry about taking time from your schedule to look after the shed.

When buying a shed for storing bikes, it is crucial to understand the level of protection it offers. This one is weather-resistant and waterproof. It can resist UV rays pretty well. Consequently, when your bikes are placed inside, you do not have to worry about any weather elements.

With proper windows, the light can come in. Not only that, it has proper vents for ventilation. It means that it is light and airy inside. Due to the air circulation, there will be no odor when storing the accessories along with the bike.

While it is constructed from resin but the look is that of wood. Because of the same, it looks aesthetically pleasing in the backyard or garden.

While I am highlighting it to help you store the bikes, it is pretty versatile. If you want to store a lawnmower, garden tools, or even patio furniture, it is good for those.

Hence, you can use it to store whatever you want.

There are a few other features which you should know about this well.

The doors are lockable. That is why, when storing expensive bikes inside, you will have complete peace of mind. There is no need to use any other extra accessories to secure the bikes. Put them into the shed and lock the shed.

The finish on the shed is fade-resistant. Even if you check the shed after years of use, the color will be well-retained. Not only that, the majority of the materials used in the shed are recyclable. That is why; you are going with the shed, which is eco-friendly.

Installing the roof does not require much time either. You just have to get extra pair of hands, and after that, installing the roof is easy. The design is such that it will not let water inside even during the monsoons, and therefore, your bikes are entirely safe.

With sturdy construction and thoughtful design, this bike storage shed cannot go wrong.


  • Measures 6′ x 8′
  • Perfect for storing multiple bikes
  • Lockable doors
  • Weather-resistant
  • Eco-friendly reinforced design
  • Windows and ventilation vents are on offer


  • Assembling takes time

5. Hanover HANBIKESHD-Gry 4 Bikes


Not everyone needs a shield that is tall enough to walk in. Many people prefer a shade that is tall enough to keep the bicycles. If you are looking for such a shed, this one will meet your requirements.

The height is such that while you might not be able to walk inside, accessing the bikes and keeping the bikes is undoubtedly easy. The height is 43.3 inches.

In total, this shed can store up to 4 bikes. That is possible because of the length of 78.4 inches.

When buying such a shed for bike storage, it is essential to look at the material from which it is built. This one is constructed from galvanized steel. Steel not only makes a durable but galvanized construction means that you will not have to worry about water, dust, etc. Even if it is stored outdoors for years together, you will not have to worry about much wear and tear. That is the reason this storage shed is on our list.

Inside, you will find four adjustable bike racks. Keeping the bikes in place isn’t going to be a problem. Adjustable design means that you can store it in this shed irrespective of the type of bike.

The door at the front is double-hinged. That is why it is easy to open and close the door. There is a latch for locking the door. It comes with a twist lock and key. Due to the same, it becomes easy to keep the bikes secure inside.

Of course, if you’re planning to keep the shed outdoors throughout the year, it will also experience monsoons. To facilitate easy water drainage, it consists of slanted roofs with gutter. Because of the same, there will be no water accumulation. Consequently, it becomes easier to avoid water. Construction is such that the water will roll off when not necessarily trickle right into the shed. That is why; protecting your bikes is undoubtedly going to be easy.

The shed can handle UV rays. That is why; it becomes easy to avoid fading of bikes or any other such problem.

With so many features available, you won’t complain about this bike storage shed.


  • Compatible with four bikes
  • Galvanized steel construction
  • Lockable doors
  • Consist of adjustable bike racks
  • Weather-resistant


  • Does not have windows

While searching for the best bike storage shed, these options will not disappoint you. To choose between these options, refer to the buying guide below.

Bike storage shed buying guide

Factors to consider before you buy a bike storage shed:

I understand that comparing various bike storage sheds is not an easy task. I will share a handful of parameters to help you compare them and choose the right one.

• Material quality:

Most consumers merely look at the material from which the shed is made. The quality of the material matters a lot as well. For example, if it is made from steel, it needs to be galvanized or powder-coated steel. If it is made from resin, it needs to be double-walled or reinforced. You need to consider the material quality and choose the shed after that.

• Weather resistance:

Once you install the shed outdoors, it will be there for the entire year. The shed will remain in place whether you face monsoon, snow, or windy conditions. That is why the shed must be weather resistant. It is a worthy buy only when it can handle all the seasons.

• Assembling:

While buying the shed, always try to find out how easy it is to assemble. If it is difficult to assemble, you will have to call a professional to assemble it, and it can prove to be costly.

That is why this is an essential factor to consider.

• Bike capacity:

Not every shed can store the same number of bikes. Some are designed to store a couple of bikes; others can hold up to 5 bikes. Instead of going with the most oversized shed you can find, it is better to go with one with extra capacity for a bike or two after considering the number of bikes you already own.

• Securing mechanism:

Merely keeping the bikes in the shade won’t do. You need to lock the shed as well to keep the bikes safe. While comparing the sheds, do get one with lockable doors or some locking mechanism.

• Space inside:

In many cases, you won’t just be storing bikes inside. You will be storing accessories, and various other things inside the storage shed. Hence it becomes imperative that you consider the amount of storage space inside.

Compare the different storage sheds on these few parameters, and choosing the right one becomes easy. I will now answer some FAQs regarding such sheds to help you understand more about them.


How will I access the bikes inside the shed?

Most sheds come with doors that you can easily open to access the bikes inside. Many of them have a considerable height to walk inside the shed and access the bikes once you open the doors.

What the bike shed should be made of?

The bike sheds should either be made of double-walled resin or steel, or other such metal. These materials are sturdy and can keep the shed together for years.

How many bikes will a shed store?

You can find sheds that can store a couple of bikes or even five bikes. Sheds of different sizes are available these days.

Is it OK to store bicycles in the shed?

Yes, it is fine to store bicycles in the shed. However, you need to get a shed that is weather resistant so that the bicycle is well protected.

What is the most space-efficient way to store bikes?

The most efficient way to store a bike is to get bike storage shed. These are specifically designed for storing bikes, and therefore, they can store more bikes in the least amount of space.

How do you store bikes when you don’t have a garage?

When you don’t have a garage, it is better to get bike storage shed to store your bikes. That way, you can still store your bikes outdoors without damaging them.

These are the best bike storage sheds you can buy. I have ensured that only the sturdiest sheds make it to this list. Consequently, when choosing from this list, you’re going with the best bike sheds.

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