Car seat riser – Top 5 best automotive seat risers reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

Do you find it challenging to get the viewing angle while driving?

If yes, it is a good idea to get the car seat riser. It will propel your upwards and provide you with a comfortable sitting space as well. Once you use that, it will become easy for you to get the viewing angle. As a result, you can drive safely as well.

Numerous such automotive seat risers can help you out. I will share the top 5 Best automotive seat risers so that you can choose the right one quite easily. I have made this list after taking into account the features of various automotive seat risers. Along with the top 10 list, I will also share a buying guide to choose from these five options.

1. LARROUS Car Memory Foam Heightening Seat Cushion

I personally drive around the compact SUV. Since I had to drive around larger distances, I always like to have a seat riser handy. The good news about the seat riser is that it is completely ergonomic. When you’re buying one, it is a good idea to go with one that offers an ergonomic design.

Whether you’re looking for a riser that supports the cheekbones, tailbone, pelvis area, or any other part of your back, this one does. That is why getting a single seat riser will not have to worry about leg pain, fatigue or numbness while driving. That is the reason why it is on top of my list.

Instead of merely trusting this feature of the seat riser, it is essential to look at its construction quality as well. It uses 100% memory foam. If you do not know, memory foam can conform to the shape of your body. However, it does not sink. It means that you get proper support over the entire area. Apart from memory foam, it uses memory cotton as well. Cotton is comfortable, and since it is breathable, your long drives will certainly be comfortable.

When buying such a seat riser, it is important to look at the size. This one is a size of 17″ x 18″. That is why it can provide complete seat coverage as well. It means that every part of your body which is resting on the seat will get proper support when you’re using the seat riser.

On the outer side is a breathable mesh fabric. That way, you won’t have to worry about any kind of static. Also, to keep the cover clean, it comes with a zipper through which you can easily remove the cover, wash it, and put it back again. Consequently, maintaining the car seat riser in perfect condition is certainly easy.

Nobody likes to put in a lot of effort in keeping the question in place while driving. It can be distracting to adjust the question again and again. However, with this question, you want to experience this problem.

It is a nonslip bottom design. It means that no matter how you’re driving or what is the kind of terrain, the question will remain in place. It also comes with a retractable buckle and an adjustable strap which will keep it tight to the seat. That way, you aren’t just relying on the nonslip design but the strap as well as the buckle to keep it in place. That way, there is no need to worry about the question moving around when you’re driving. This certainly keeps you steady, and therefore, you can drive the vehicle in a safe fashion.

With four different color options, it is very easy for you to choose one which matches the car seat covers perfectly.

With all the necessary features available, you cannot go wrong with it.


  • Memory foam design
  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Washable cover
  • Nonslip design
  • Complete support
  • Antistatic design
  • Four different color options
  • Completely ergonomic


  • Buckle design could be better

2. Xtreme Comforts Large Seat Cushion


The universal size of this car seat riser ensures that whether you have an SUV, sit down, or any other type of vehicle, it is compatible with all of them and more. In case you’re wondering about the size, that is 18”x 17” x 2.16”. Also, the weight is only 2lbs that is another reason to buy it.

Of course, it has an ergonomic design. That is why, even if you frequently suffer from back pain, this seat riser will certainly come to your rescue and reduce the pain. Whether you’re suffering from pelvis pain, tailbone pain, or any other pain, it will reduce the fatigue and, therefore, the pain as well.

The reason why this seat riser is so comfortable is that it consists of 100% memory foam. That is why, once you use it for a couple of days, it will conform to the shape of your body and therefore provide you with proper support. Inside, there is memory cotton inside as well. Due to the same, it is extremely comfortable even when going for long drives.

The design of the seat riser is such that whether you want to use it in your car seat, office chair, or any other seat, you can easily use it.

There is another reason I like this seat riser so much. It consists of breathable mesh fabric. That is why; your body temperature will not rise even if you use this riser for hours together. This mesh also makes it suitable for use in any season. Also, the antistatic design ensures that even in winters, you will be able to use it.

Wondering about maintenance?

It comes with a zipper. That is why; you will be able to remove the cushion from inside and wash it, and put it back. That way, maintaining it in completely clean condition is certainly possible and easy.

You get to choose between three different color options as well. That is why, if you’re really particular about the color, you can choose the one which you prefer the most.

The fabric that will come in contact with your body is the polyester fabric. There are essentially 2 advantages of the polyester fabric. The first one is that it is extremely durable. You will not have to worry about the fabric getting torn. The second is that polyester is extremely soft. That is why, when it comes in contact with your skin, there will be no rashes or other such issues.

To keep the riser in place, it comes with adjustable buckle closure. That way, it becomes easy for you to keep the seat riser in place.

With so many features on offer, you cannot go wrong with this seat riser.



  • Spacious design
  • Nonskid bottom
  • Ergonomic design
  • Universal size
  • Highly versatile
  • Breathable


  • Zipper quality can be better.

3. FOMI Extra Thick Firm Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Seat Riser


The first feature that you will observe about this auto seat riser is that it has a unique auto design. The design has been carefully planned to provide you with proper support.

The high-density foam construction means that comfort is not going to be a problem. It can provide you with relief from various types of pain as well.

Are you wondering about its size?

If yes, the size is 18” x 16” x 3.5”. Also, the high-density foam means that it will not flatten out.

The ergonomic design provides support not only to your back but also to your thighs.

With a breathable velour cover, you will remain comfortable. The cover is removable and washable. That is why maintaining it is not going to be a problem either.

In case you’re wondering about its portability, it consists of built-in handles. You also get a non-slip bottom, which means that it will remain in place.

The fabric on the outer side is of high quality. Also, you can install it in your car, truck, and SUV.

The molded seat ensures that the weight distribution of your body will be even. Consequently, when using it, there will not be any excessive pressure on any part of your body.

Once you look at all of these features, it is easy to understand why this automotive seat riser is such a worthy choice.


  • Consist of high-density memory foam
  • Breathable cover
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to maintain
  • Versatile
  • Even distribution of body weight


  • Suitable for individuals up to 200 lbs

4. Car Seat Booster Cushion Riser with Strap


The car seat riser on my list is once again a U-shaped portable automotive seat riser. The orthopedic design ensures that it can provide you with excellent comfort.

The ergonomic design means that tailbone pain and other such problems will be a thing of the past.

The breathable mesh material keeps you comfortable. Also, the ventilated design ensures that the temperature of the automotive seat riser will remain low.

When you look at its construction, it consists of molded clever foam core. The advantage of this foam is that flattening will not be a problem.

The adjustable strap allows you to fix it in place easily. As a result, stability is not going to be a problem.

It comes with a carry bag, which means that carrying it around is not going to be an issue.

The extra foam support and excellent portability make it stand out from others.


  • U-shaped design
  • Ergonomic design
  • Breathable mesh construction
  • Adjustable strap on offer
  • Highly stable


  • Buckle design can be better.

5. Car Wedge Seat Cushion Riser


With two color variants, you have some choice when going with this seat riser cushion. Also, it provides proper tailbone and thigh support, ensuring that you will remain comfortable using it.

The 100% premium memory foam construction provides you with a balanced surface. Also, the memory foam design increases its lifespan as well.

The width of 20 inches means that it can cover the entire car seat easily. The height is 3 inches, which is another reason why you should go for it.

Also, with the help of non-slip rubber bottom, keeping it in place is not going to be an issue. It is highly stable. The 4D breathable mesh material is another advantage.

The high elasticity of the cover makes it durable. You can hand wash it easily.

With these features on offer, there is no reason you shouldn’t go with this automotive seat riser.


  • Highly versatile
  • 100% memory foam construction
  • Available in 2 color options
  • Non-slip rubber bottom
  • Long lifespan


  • Cover quality can be better.

When looking for the best car seat risers, these five options should be on top of your list. I spent hours comparing various auto seat risers and came up with these five options. The list above is a curation of the best risers which can make your life easier in the car. I will share a buying guide to help you choose between these five automotive seat risers.

Car seat riser buying guide

The buying guide will help you know the details of parameters to compare automotive seat risers on.

Things to consider before buying car seat riser:

The things which you should keep in mind are:

• Core material:

The material at the core should be memory foam. Memory foam is highly comfortable and also long-lasting. That is why; it should be at the core. In case there is another foam type inside it, look at its conformity and breathability. If it possesses both these properties, it is good enough.

• Cover:

You would be getting in contact with the cover of the seat riser. The cover should be soft, but it should be highly durable. The cover will come in contact with your skin and clothes. If it is a magnet for dust and contaminants, buying the riser is not advisable. At the same time, it should be easy to clean and removable. Only when that is the case, maintaining the automotive seat riser will not be a problem.

• Stability:

If the car seat riser is not stable, there is no point in buying it. It will not be comfortable to drive sitting on such a car seat riser. Even if you are buying it for the passenger side, it needs to be stable. Otherwise, it will trigger improper posture, which in turn will cause back pain. That defeats the purpose of buying a riser.

That is why it should consist of the non-slip bottom or consist of buckle straps to keep the seat riser in place.

• Design:

You should look for an automotive seat riser with an ergonomic design. Only then, you can use it for long hours easily. The ergonomic design does not result in additional pressure on any part of your body like the lower back, thighs, etc. You have to ensure that it provides overall body support rather than just a single part of the body.

Comparing different car seat risers on these four parameters will help you buy the best one. I will now answer some FAQs so that you can know more about such car seat risers.


How can I make my car seat higher?

The best way to make your car seat higher is to use a car seat riser cushion. It adds approximately 3 inches to the car seat height. As a result, getting a proper viewing angle will be easy.

Are car seat wedges safe?

You need to choose the car seat wedges carefully. Only when you do so, you can find a safe option.

Thus, when looking for the best car seat risers, you can refer to my list above. It will save you time and help you choose between the most reliable and durable car seat risers available.

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