Car stereo dvd player – Top 3 best dvd car stereo reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

Are you looking for an easy to install car exterior DVD player?

Wondering which one has the most features?

If yes, my list of top 3 best DVD car stereo can quickly help you choose the best car stereo DVD players. I have taken into account their features and ease of use while compiling this list of the top 3 best DVD car stereos. Also, I will share a buying guide with you that will make it easy to choose between these three options.

1. Pioneer AVH-X390BS Double Din Bluetooth DVD Stereo Receiver


The car stereo DVD player which I am highlighting now has a 6.2 inches screen. Also, it can play DVDs and CDs.

The AM/FM radio means that listening to the radio is quite easy.

Also, the Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to use. You get a remote control with it, which ensures that you can efficiently operate it.

Also, you can stream music through third-party apps like Pandora and Spotify as well. The Bluetooth connectivity can work with iOS and android devices.

The display resolution of 800 x 480 ensures that operating it is secure. The LED backlight further adds to the convenience.

You can customize the display as well. There are 13 background options.

The brightness control makes it easy to adjust it according to your requirement. The home screen customization means that you can place the icons on the screen.

You also get a USB port to connect various devices easily. You also get RCA ports for connecting it with the speakers.

With all the necessary features on offer, this car exterior DVD player certainly stands out.


  • 6.2-inch touchscreen
  • AM/FM radio
  • Can play various DVD and CD formats
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Various ports on offer
  • Compatible with third-party audio streaming apps
  • Easy to customize the display


  • The remote design could be better.

2. JENSEN CDR462 6.2 inch LED Multimedia Touch Screen Double Din Car Stereo


The car exterior DVD player that I am highlighting now comes with a 6.2-inch touchscreen. The high-resolution touchscreen is easy to control. Also, it is compatible with Google’s voice assistant. That is why it supports multiple commands.

You get Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to pair it with the devices easily. It supports hands-free calling as well.

It is compatible with various DVD, audio, and CD formats. That is why conversion is not a requirement.

You get a USB port on offer as well as micro SD card slots. It has AM/FM tuner as well.

Want to connect the feed from your front and rear camera to it?

If yes, it has an RCA input connection for the same as well.

The 3.5 MM audio jack allows you to connect your headphones easily. It is compatible with built-in steering wheel controls, which makes it even easier for you to operate it.

With the help of 8 Equalizer presets on offer, controlling the audio output is not going to be a problem. The numerous features and connectivity options fit your requirements perfectly.


  • 6.2-inch touchscreen
  • Compatible with digital voice assistants
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB port and micro SD slots on offer
  • Supports hands-free calling
  • 8 Equalizer presets on offer


  • Installation takes time

3. Boss Audio Systems BVB9351RC Car DVD Player


The car stereo DVD player that I am highlighting now can play most DVD formats and CD formats. You get a USB port on offer, which means that connecting other devices is easy.

Also, it has an SD card port, which means that you can play files directly from the SD card. It also has a/FM radio compatibility.

The auxiliary input makes it easy for you to connect it with your smartphone as well.

Are you wondering about hands-free calling?

It has Bluetooth compatibility. As a result, you can use it for hands-free calling as well. You get to choose between different third-party audio streaming apps like Spotify and Pandora.

Also, it can power four different speakers of 80 W. There are outputs for the same as well.

You get the equalizer, which means that customizing the music is not going to be a problem.

The remote control that comes with it makes it easy to operate. If you’re looking for a multipurpose car exterior DVD player, you can go with this one.


  • Compatible with various CD and DVD formats
  • USB port and SD card port on offer
  • Auxiliary input on offer
  • Supports hands-free calling
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Built-in equalizer


  • Knob design can be better.

Whether you’re looking for a car stereo DVD player, my list of top 3 options above can certainly help you out. You can refer my buying guide below if you have any confusion between these three options.

Car stereo DVD player buying guide

The buying guide will help you know about features are essential and how you can compare the top 3 best DVD car exterior players.

Things to consider when purchasing a car stereo DVD player:

The parameters which you should keep in mind include:

• Connectivity options:

You have to first and foremost look at the connectivity options available. Ideally, the car exterior DVD player should at least have USB and Bluetooth connectivity on offer. Additionally, if it offers other connectivity ports and an SD card port, that is a definite advantage.

• Screen size:

The car stereo DVD players which I have highlighted above come with a control screen. You have to look at the screen size of the CD DVD car stereo system and then take a call. The minimum screen size should be at least 6 inches. Only then, operating it is easy.

• Controlling mechanism:

The car stereo DVD player’s which I have highlighted above have a wide variety of different features. You have to decide which controlling mechanism you prefer over the other. Ideally, you should choose a DVD car stereo system with a touchscreen. If it has a remote control, that is an added advantage.

• Radio compatibility:

Do you prefer to listen to AM/FM radio?

If yes, you have to compare the different car exterior DVD players on this functionality as well. While it is not necessary but whether you choose one with the FM/AM radio or not depends on your preference. That is why; you cannot ignore this feature either.

When you compare the top 3 best stereo DVD players on these four parameters, choosing the right one will be easy. I will now share with you answers to some of the FAQs pertaining to such DVD car exterior players.


What’s so special about the car stereo DVD player?

The best aspect of car studio DVD players is that the installation part is easy. Moreover, since all the three options above come with the screen, controlling them is equally easy. That is why; they are the best entertainment sources for your car.

I have spent hours researching different car exterior DVD players. Only after that, I have compiled a list of the top 3 best DVD car exterior players below. When you choose from the list above, you can be sure that you’re going with the best car exterior DVD players on offer.

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