CD player for truck – Top 5 best truck cd players reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

Driving a truck over long stretches can be boring. A cd player for your truck can come in handy. However, if you are struggling to buy such a truck cd player, check out the options below, as they are the best in the category.

1. Pioneer AVH-200EX Multimedia DVD Receiver


The advantage of this DVD receiver (receiver only, using Bluetooth & USB connection) is that it supports audio streaming and hands-free calling. Ios and android compatibility ensures any phone works excellent with this DVD player using Bluetooth.

USB connectivity is also offered. WVGA display of 6.2″ provides a reasonable screen size.

With hardware included for installation, one won’t struggle with the installation. The size of this DVD receiver is such that it works with most truck models.


  • Comes with a 6.2-inches screen
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • A USB port on offer
  • Supports hands-free calling
  • Compatible with reverse camera
  • Works with most DVD formats


  • Is only a receiver

2. JVC KD-TD70BT CD Receiver




Highlight of this CD player is that besides the CD it supports USB/Spotify/Android playback feature. Inbuilt amplifier improves the audio quality significantly over 4 channels .

LCD display allows you to gain information about the song playing. It supports various playback formats like MP3, WMA, AAC and so on. Besides android, it is compatible with iphones as well.

Above, I spoke about the in-built amplifier, but this cd player also has 13-band equalizer along with numerous connectivity options like aux input, USB input, SD card reader and so on.

Bluetooth connectivity furthers makes it easy to use this player for talking since it has a mic as well.

With so many options and great audio quality, it’s difficult to ignore this truck cd player.


  • USB and Bluetooth connectivity on offer
  • Consist of 13 band equalizer
  • SD card reader on offer
  • Aux input port
  • Compatible with entertainment apps
  • Hands-free support


  • Button design can be better.

3. Sony MEX-N5300BT Car Stereo


The CD player that I am highlighting now has a built-in Bluetooth connectivity. As a result, it is suitable for hands-free calling. It supports audio streaming.

It also has an AM/FM radio, which means that listening to your favorite radio stations is not going to be a problem. It is SiriusXM-Ready, which provides you with even more entertainment options.

One of the advantages of this CD player for truck is that it offers dual Bluetooth connectivity. As a result, you can connect to smartphones wirelessly. Also, it can work with most audio file formats.

The 2 zone illuminator means that customizing the lighting according to the color of your car is possible. If you’re looking for a no-frills cd player for truck, this one will meet those requirements.


  • AM/FM radio on offer
  • Dual Bluetooth connectivity on offer
  • Supports hands-free calling
  • Dual-zone illuminate
  • Supports most audio cd formats


  • No third-party app support

4. Pioneer AVH-210EX Touchscreen DVD Receiver


The next CD player on my list is again one that comes with a 6.2-inch touchscreen. That is why operating it is undoubtedly easy. It means that you can watch movies in your truck.

Bluetooth connectivity facilitates hands-free communication. Also, the dual phone connection allows you to connect to smartphones.

It offers five display colors with 100 dial key colors. The android and iOS compatibility makes it easy to use it along with your smartphone.

It offers USB input, aux input, backup camera, and wired remote input when it comes to connectivity options. There is a video output on offer. The 3.5 MM audio jack and 1 MM video jack make it easy for you to connect various other devices.

Not only that, but it also offers a USB port. You can use that to connect the USB flash drive or your iOS and android smartphone.

With compatibility for most audio and video file formats, playing your favorite entertainment tracks or movies is easier than ever. The touchscreen is pretty responsive as well, which is why you should go for it. If you’re looking for a cd player for truck with multiple connectivity options, this one does not disappoint.


  • 6.2” touchscreen
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Bluetooth connectivity on offer
  • Compatible with most audio and video formats
  • Android and iOS device compatible


  • The display could be more responsive.

5. BOSS Audio Systems BV9358B Car DVD Player


The best feature of this CD player for your truck is that it has various connectivity options. First of all, it supports Bluetooth. As a result, connecting your android and iOS devices is easy. You can use it to receive calls. Also, you can stream music wirelessly from various third-party apps.

Additionally, it offers USB and SD card connectivity. There is an aux input to connect the rear camera as well as the steering wheel control. It has USB charging support as well. With so many features, it is as versatile as a cd player for truck can get.

It has bass/treble and other controls. There is an inbuilt equalizer as well, which is why you should go for it. The wireless remote helps you in controlling all the functions quite easily.

The 6.2 inch LCD touchscreen has an excellent resolution as well. As a result, enjoying your movies is not going to be a problem. The TFT touchscreen itself is quite responsive, which means that using it won’t be a problem.

With so many features available in this CD player, it is difficult to ignore this one.


  • Various connectivity options
  • 6.2 inch LCD screen
  • Customization options available
  • Consist of inbuilt equalizer
  • Hands-free support


  • Does not display data when playing tracks through Bluetooth

If you’re searching for the best cd player for trucks, these five options will undoubtedly meet your requirements. I have curated them after research. Also, you can refer to the buying guide below to choose between these five options.

CD player for truck buying guide

The buying guide will help you learn about the factors to consider while comparing such CD players.

Things to consider before buying a CD player for truck:

The parameters include:

• Type:

You can go with the audio cd player, or you can go with an audio/video CD player. The choice is entirely yours. The video/audio one will come with the touchscreen, which will allow you to watch movies and other clips.

• Connectivity options:

Whether you’re choosing the audio one or the video/audio one, you have to look at the connectivity options. If it consists of aux input, Bluetooth connectivity, and USB port, you can connect it with a wide variety of other devices. You cannot ignore the number of connectivity options available while choosing such a cd player.

• Hands-free calling:

Since you are installing it on your truck, it becomes important to find out if it supports hands-free calling or not. Ideally, you should choose a cd player for truck that supports hands-free calling.

• Compatibility with file formats:

You have to also ensure that whether you’re choosing an audio one or audio/video one, it should be compatible with most file formats pertaining to it. In that case, you will not have to worry about converting the files from one format to another.

These four parameters will make it easy for you to choose the best to truck CD players. I will also answer FAQs to help you understand more about them.


How can I play CDs in my new truck?

The best way to play CDs in your new truck is to get the cd player for truck. That way, you can enjoy the music as well as movies on your truck.

Do any new trucks have CD players?

There are very few new trucks which have CD players. Some of them include the Chevy Silverado 4500HD, 6500HD or the Chevy Low Cab forward trucks. While these might still be in production but the features in these trucks are certainly not extremely new. That is why, instead of buying trucks which have CD players, it is good to buy one and thereafter get a separate cd player for truck.

Are CD player for trucks different than for cars?

Many CD players for trucks are versatile. You can install them in your car as well. Generally speaking, they are not different from the ones which are used in cars.

So, if you’re searching for the best truck CD players, my list above will certainly come to your rescue. I have spent hours on research to compile this list. That is why, if you do not want to waste hours or perhaps days going through different cd players for trucks, choosing one from my list above is the best way to pick the perfect option.

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