Electric mountain bike – Top 10 best Electric Mountain bikes reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

An electric mountain bike can help you negotiate difficult terrain. The advantage of an electric mountain bike over any other is that it can help you in driving without a manual effort. Most such bikes can offer you different driving modes which will make it easy for you to drive in the mountainous region.

I have tried out quite a few electric mountain bikes. That is why; I can guide to solve this problem. I will list the top 10 options available when it comes to electric mountain bikes. These bikes are not only durable but can help you negotiate any terrain. Also, when you look at these ten options, there will be no need to compare the numerous options available. I will follow it up with a buying guide to answer some of the FAQs which will help you choose between these ten options.

1. Yiilove Electric Mountain Bike


The bike which is on top of my list comes in 5 different color options. Additionally, with 26-inch tires, it is easy to use in the mountainous region. When you look at the construction, it consists of an aluminum alloy frame. The aluminum alloy frame imparts it with proper strength and also makes it lightweight. With the help of carbon steel, you can be sure that durability is on the higher side. Due to the same reason, shock absorption capability is also on the higher side. It consists of dual-layer aluminum alloy wheels with the brakes. As a result, you will be completely safe when using this bike.

Additionally, with the help of 300 lbs of weight carrying capacity, it is suitable for adults. There are 21 different speed gear options to choose from. It ensures that you can control the speed and brakes quite easily. The disc brakes on offer allow you to stop the bike at a short distance.

With the help of dual-layer aluminum alloy wheel and V brakes, you can control the bike quite easily. When it comes to the electric motor on offer, it consists of the 250 W high-speed brushless motor. It offers you different gears, which mean that you can control the speed precisely. The top speed which it can reach is up to 30 km/h. On a single charge, it can provide you with a range of 28 km. You can charge it within 6 hours, which is another advantage. The LED front lights and horn are welcome features as they help you with driving.

The bike offers three different options to choose from. You can use it as an electric bike or assisted bike or normal bike as per your choice. The bike can also handle a gradient of 30°. That is why; it is such a good option in the mountainous. Additionally, the brushless motors ensure that the maintenance is on the lower side. You don’t have to spend on maintenance. These features are the reason why it is on top of my list.


  • Heavy-duty frame
  • Top speed of 30 km per hour
  • The range is 28 km
  • Incorporates LED lights
  • Can carry up to 300 lbs
  • 21 different gears
  • Consists of disc brakes
  • Three different driving modes on offer


  • Limited after-sales support

2. Aceshin 26” Electric Mountain Bike


With five different color options, you have plenty of choices when looking to choose this bike. The main advantage of this bike is carbon steel suspension fork. It consists of a front and rear suspension system which means that the ride quality is up to the mark. With the help of double shock absorption, it can handle the mountainous region easily. The tires of 26 inches is another reason; it can work pretty well in the mountainous region.

It consists of a removable lithium battery. The E-bike mode provides a range of 25 km. If you’re using it in the assisted mode, the range increases to 50 km. In terms of range, it is the best options available. You can charge the battery in 4 to 6 hours.

With the help of 21 different speed transmission systems, it is easy for you to control the ride quality. It also consists of front and rear disc brakes which mean that the control which you will have over your bike is virtually unparalleled.

The bike design is such that it has ergonomic hand bars, anti-slip tires, and adjustable seat. It will function smoothly even in the uneven mountainous terrain. The bike also offers LED headlamp and horn. It means that you can ride the bike in the night-time as well. With the help of 3-speed smart button, it is easy for you to control the bike on any terrain. With this button, you can choose between the electric bike or the assistance bike or the normal bike mode. It consists of throttle with the help of which, you can add a burst f speed. The throttle option is one of the unique features of this electric mountain bike. That is why; you should not ignore this electric bike.


  • 26-inch tires
  • Five different color options
  • Range of 25 km
  • 21 different speed transmissions
  • Front and rear brakes
  • Carbon steel construction
  • Three speed-smart button


  • Instructions are limited

3. Kemanner 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike


With 26 inch tires, you cannot go wrong with this electric mountain bike. Moreover, the battery is quite powerful as compared to some of the other options on this list. It offers a range of 30 – 55 km, which in my opinion is a great feature in itself. The maximum speed which it can offer is 30 km/h. The wheel design is integrated into the bike, which makes it more ergonomic in nature.

It consists of front and rear disc brakes which mean that you can stop the bike quickly. With seven different color options, you also have plenty of choices when you go with this bike. The 21-speed gear means that you can use it for hill-climbing, or a flat terrain or any other terrain. The materials in use include aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy makes it lightweight and pretty strong. With the help of double-walled rims, you can be sure that durability is not a problem. It also reduces the drag, which means that the bike has little obstructions. That is why; the range is on the higher side.

With a heavy-duty front suspension system, the ride quality is enhanced. It consists of a three-speed smart button to switch between the different driving modes on offer. It can handle weights up to 150 KG, which makes it perfect for most of the adults. These features make it a hard to miss option.


  • High weight handling capacity
  • Range of up to 55 km
  • 21 different speed gears
  • Seven different color options
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Offers a three speed-smart button


  • After-sales support is limited

4. DJ Mountain Bike


The USP of this mountain bike is the fact that it can produce up to 1000 W of peak power. Under normal circumstances, it produces up to 750 W. The advantage of such a high power rating is that it can help you negotiate the mountainous terrain easily. It can deal with steep terrain.

The aluminum frame makes the bike lightweight. Additionally, the suspension fork ensures that the bumps are eliminated. It consists of Tektro brakes, which mean that not only they are durable, but they can stop the bike at a short distance. With the help of front headlights, illuminating the surroundings is quite easy.

The motor inside the bike is the brushless motor. That is why; you need not worry about the durability. The 48 V batteries which come along with it is more than enough to power the electric bike. It provides you with durable components and all the necessary features which you might look for in an electric mountain bike.


  • Aluminum frame
  • Consist of heavy duty brakes
  • Brushless motor on offer
  • Can produce up to 1000W of peak power


  • The packaging needs improvement

5. ANCHEER 2019 New Electric Mountain Bike


With 26 inch tires, you will have no complaints at all from this electric mountain bike. It consists of a 350 W brushless motor. It is more than enough for providing you with the speed of up to 20 mph. As a result, you will save time when using this bike. The lithium-ion battery is highly durable. It can provide you with a range of 30 miles per charge, which means that you will not have to think about charging it frequently.

The aluminum alloy frame provides it with high sturdiness without adding to the weight. As a result, maneuvering the bike is quite easy. The double-walled construction means that wear and tear is not a problem at all. With the help of high strength front suspension, you will be at complete ease when using this bike.

It offers you three driving modes, which are e-bike, normal bike, and assisted bike. You can easily switch between these modes as per your requirement. The Smart meter button ensures that you can do so easily. The throttle will help you in adding to the speed, which is a definite advantage. When you need that extra burst of speed for just a short distance, the throttle button can come in handy.

The weight carrying capacity of this bike is 330 lbs, which makes it suitable for most of the adults. You can charge the battery in 6 hours. With the help of front and rear disc brakes, stopping the bike is not a problem. The battery and the motor incorporate water-resistant technology, which means that you can use the bike in heavy weather. If you’re looking for a bike which can help you with your next off-road adventure, you cannot miss this one.


  • Can carry is 330 lbs
  • Offers three different driving modes
  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • Range of 30 miles


  • Limited instructions

6. 26” Electric Mountain Bicycle


With the maximum speed of 50 mph, you will have no complaints at all from this bike. The acceleration is relatively smooth due to the 350 W motor. It means that you can go from 0 mph to 18 mph quickly. In a single charge, you can cover a distance of 26 miles. The lithium-ion battery is easy to recharge.

The best features of this bike is the LED display that shows you the battery life. It also shows the speed setting on which you are currently. There are five speed-settings available. The headlamp ensures that you can use this bike during nighttime as well. It consists of 5 different speed settings. That is why; this bike is such a good option.

With the help of 7-speed gears on offer, controlling the ride quality is quite easy. The disc brakes help you stop it at a short distance.

In terms of construction, it consists of 26-inch tires. The aluminum alloy construction ensures that the bike is sturdy without adding to the weight. Additionally, the heavy-duty suspension fork means that you can use it for off-road experiences.

The bike comes with the assembling instructions which ensure that assembling will not take a significant amount of time. With the weight carrying capacity of 250 lbs, you cannot go wrong with this bike. One of the main reasons why this bike made it to this list is because of the Smart digital panel. With the help of the Smart digital panel, it is easy to monitor the current ride status. These features make it a reliable option.


  • The weight carrying capacity is 250 lbs
  • Consists of different ride modes
  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Consists of a smart digital panel


  • Brake quality could have been better

7. ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike


The option which I’m going to highlight now is not just an electric bike, but it is also a fat tire bike. It means that the types of terrain which it can handle are more than many other bikes on this list. It can achieve speeds of up to 20 mph, which is another advantage. With the help of 7 different gears, it is easy to control the speed and the grip which you get from this bike. Additionally, the bike is available in 3 color options.

The motor is 500 W rear hub motor. It means that the acceleration is relatively quick. With the help of lithium cell battery, you can charge it quickly. Also, the 26-inch fat tires ensure that they are not only durable but provide you with excellent balancing.

The load-carrying capacity of the bike is 260 lbs, considering the fact that the bike in itself is just 58 lbs that is an excellent ratio. With the help of ergonomic design, it is easy for you to ride the bike.

When it comes to assembling, it comes 90% assembled, which means that you will not have to spend time in assembling the bike. It also consists of an anti-slip tire which provides you with excellent grip irrespective of the surface on which you are riding it. With the help of disc brakes, stopping the bike is not a problem at all. Additionally, the pedal-assist feature means that you can add more speed. With the help of throttle control, it is possible to add a burst of speed, which is another advantage. The Electric Mountain bike which I am highlighting now has all the necessary features, and hence; it is such a right choice.


  • Consist of fat tires
  • Can carry up to 260 lbs
  • Can attain the speed of 20 mph
  • Excellent stability


  • Limited customer support

8. Merax 26” Aluminum Electric Mountain Bike


The 350 W high-speed motor in this electric bike can provide you speeds of up to 32 km/h. It is the primary reason why you would like this Electric Mountain bike. Also, it works up to 28 miles, which is greater than many of the other electric bikes on this list.

With the help of front headlamp, you can use it in darkness quite easily. Also, it has two driving modes on offer. You can use it in the e-bike or the PAS mode. With the help of throttle, you can get that extra propulsion forward. Also, there are five different levels of pedal assist, which helps you in customizing it according to your requirement. The Smart digital panel means that you can enhance the ride quality easily.

It consists of the aluminum frame, and sturdy front suspension provides you with a smooth and bump-free ride. The 26-inch tires help you can negotiate any terrain quickly.

With the help of 7 different gears, it is easy to customize the speed levels. Moreover, it consists of disc brakes which help you stop the bike in a short distance. The weight carrying capacity is 250 lbs, which makes it for most of the adults. The higher range, digital monitoring system, and high speed make it the right choice.


  • Three modes on offer
  • Aluminum frame
  • Can carry weight up to 250 lbs
  • High range and speed


  • Battery Power reduces over time

9. Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike


If you’re searching for electric Mountain bike which is easy to assemble, this one fits your requirements perfectly. You can assemble it in 5 minutes. The assembling required is minimal, and therefore, you can get it up and running in time.

With the range of 28 miles on normal terrain, you can easily cover around 20 miles on mountainous terrain. The maximum speed is 15 mph. The mountain bike frame ensures that the suspension system is heavy duty and will provide you with unmatched ride quality.

With the help of a padded seat, it is easy to ride this bike. It also consists of 21 different speed gears which provide you with complete control on the bike. With the help of disc brakes, stopping it is quite easy. It consists of the steel frame, which makes it highly durable. Additionally, the maximum weight which it can carry is 220 lbs. When it comes to ease of use, it is one of the best options you can buy.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Range of 28 miles
  • Excellent speed of 15 miles per hour
  • Can carry 220 lbs


  • Requires maintenance after sometime

10. NAKTO 26″ 300W Fat Tire Electric Bicycle


The fat tire bikes which I am highlighting now consist of 26-inch tires. Due to this very reason, the stability which it provides is on the higher side. The construction includes a carbon steel frame. It includes front and rear disc brakes which mean that you will be able to control the bike quite easily. With the help of an excellent shock absorption system, it is easy for you to have a smooth ride.

Additionally, there is a 6-speed transmission system on offer as well. So, it becomes easy to control the speed. With the help of LED headlamp and a horn, late-night driving is not a problem at all.

It consists of a lithium battery which is quick to charge. It can provide you with a range of up to 35 miles. You can use it in the E-bike mode or the pedal-assist mode. The pedal assist mode provides you with a range of up to 37 miles. The motor on offer is the 350 W brushless motor. The advantage of this motor is that it requires little maintenance. With the maximum speed of 30 miles per hour, it is pretty fast.

It comes 95% assembled, which means that you will not have to spend a lot of time in assembling it. With fat tires, you can use it on any terrain. The durability of the fat tires is pretty high. The diameter of the tires is 26 inches, and the thickness is 4 inches, which means that you can negotiate any terrain with little wear and tear. The fat tires, along with the six-speed transmission system, make it an option worth buying.


  • 4-inch tires
  • Range of 35 miles
  • Two modes on offer
  • Brushless motor


  • Screws need some tightening from time to time

In my opinion, these are the best Electric Mountain bikes you can consider. If you compare the option which you come across, it will take you a lot of time to find the right one. I have made this list to only include the best Electric Mountain bikes on offer. Before you choose between these 10, you can go through my buying guide below to understand more.

Electric mountain bike buying guide:

The buying guide below will help you understand the factors to consider when comparing these bikes.

Things to consider while buying an electric mountain bike:

The parameters to keep in mind while comparing the electric mountain bikes include:

• Range:

You have to always look at the distance which the bike can cover on a single charge. If it includes the pedal assist, that is a definite advantage. It will increase the range of the bike.

• Construction:

You have to look at the durability of the frame. Since I’m speaking about the Mountain bikes, the frame needs to be highly durable. That is why construction matters a lot.

• Tires:

It is ultimately the tires which will be a part of the mountainous region. You should buy the bike with at least to 20-inch tires. It will ensure that you get excellent grip irrespective of the terrain.

• Speed:

Lastly, you have to also look at the speed which it can attain. The higher the speed, the better it is for you. With the help of gear shifters, you can control the speed to a certain extent. However, if it can attain high speed, that is a definite advantage.

These are the four factors which you should always keep in mind when you’re looking to choose the electric mountain bike. I will now share with you some of the answers to FAQs so that you have a holistic picture before making your buying decision.


What are e-mountain bikes?

E-mountain bikes and electric powered bikes can help you have a pedal-free ride. These mountain bikes can handle off-road terrain easily.

How do e-bikes work?

E-bikes integrate the battery with the tires of the bike through mechanical circuitry. It ensures that the battery can move the mechanical circuitry, which moves the tires. As a result, you do not have to worry about using pedals consistently.

Which electric mountain bike has the longest range?

The Kemanner 26-inch Electric Mountain Bike (3rd on my list above) can offer a range of up to 55 km.

So, when you’re looking for the best Electric Mountain bike, you can refer to my list above. It will help you choose the right bike with ease. You need not worry about comparing every option which you come across. You can consider my list above to pick the right one.

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