Flip down tv for car – Top 3 best flip down tv for car reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

Entertainment sources in your car are pretty limited. Especially when you’re going on a long drive, listening to the same music tracks, again and again, is not a good idea. This is where flip down TV for car comes into the picture.

With the help of such a TV screen, you can control the entertainment sources and enjoy movies, web series, etc. However, not every TV for car kit is created equal. If you can just analyze the specifications of different TVs which flip down, you can get confused. To help you with the same, I have analyzed numerous options to compile a list of the three best flip down TVs for car. Below is my carefully curated list so that you can directly go with the best instead of spending days searching for one.

1. 15.6-Inch Overhead Flip-Down Car Monitor

At 15.6 inches screen, this flip down TV closely resembles a laptop. That is why; the viewing experience which you get is excellent. Besides that, I liked its sleek and elegant design.

The maximum resolution which it supports is 1680 x 800. That is why not only the viewing angle is great, but the widescreen display ensures that you get a laptop-like feel. The LCD quality screen ensures that you won’t have to worry about color reproduction either.

There are two wireless connectivity features which this flip down screen has on offer. The first is the higher transmitter. With the help of this, you can easily transmit the sound from the screen to the IR headphones. That way, if you do not want to disturb the other occupants of the car and still enjoy your movies, you can do so.

There is an FM transmitter as well. It allows you to use the speakers of your car. As long as your car stereo system has an FM radio, you can use this feature easily.

If you’re looking for a TV screen which comes with inbuilt speakers, this one has that feature as well. The built-in speakers can reproduce any frequency and therefore make it easy for you to enjoy the movies.

Wondering about the connectivity options?

It has a USB drive. With the help of this, you can easily connect a flash drive and play the movies you want. It supports various file formats. Along with that, it has an SD card reader as well. It supports SD cards up to 32 GB. That is why; it becomes easier for you to play your favorite movies, music, and more.

One look at this flip down screen, and you will know that it has all the controls at the front. That is why; it becomes effortless for you to operate it.

Along with that, it has AV input/output. There is an HDMI port as well. With the help of these ports, connecting it to various other devices or connecting with other devices to this one is easy.

I understand that controlling such a screen always from the panel is not easy. However, this one comes with remote control as well. The remote control ensures that even the occupants at the back will control the screen easily.

With the audio and video input and output connections available, the connectivity options are virtually endless.

Along with the screen, you get Harness cable as well as the roof monitor console. It means that for installing the screen, you will not need any other accessories.

You can connect it with the battery of your car or with the cigarette socket. It accepts DC 12-24 V.

With so many features, it does not surprise that this one is better than many other flip-down screens you can buy.


  • Numerous connectivity options
  • 15.6 inch HD screen
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Wireless controlling options available
  • Easy to understand control panel
  • AV input/output options available
  • Comes with necessary installation accessories
  • Elegant design


  • Control panel button design could have been better

2. 17.3″ Car Overhead Flip Down Monitor Screen Display


Are you looking for an even bigger screen?

If so, this one will meet your requirement. At 17.3 inches diagonal size, it is bigger than your average laptop. The 1080p resolution it supports ensures that the viewing experience that it has on offer is also excellent.

Due to its large size, it offers a 16:9 aspect ratio. This is the same aspect ratio as that of a standard TV. Due to this reason, the picture size and dimensions will be mimicking that of a normal TV.

For HD quality entertainment, it has an HDMI port. You can easily connect various devices through this port.

One thing you will notice about this flip down TV screen is that it is ultra-thin in design. That is why, once you fold it, the amount of space it will occupy in your car is pretty limited.

You might not know it, but when you’re buying a flip down TV for your car, the angle at which it can open is pretty important. This one has a maximum opening angle of 130°. That is why the viewing angles that you get are excellent.

I have already spoken about the fact that it is an HDMI port. However, it has other connectivity options like an SD card reader and USB port. That is why streaming your favorite movies, and web series from these ports is certainly easy and possible.

When you buy such a flip down screen, it can provide excellent picture quality, but seldom does it create the right ambiance. With this flip down TV, it is possible to create the right ambiance as well.

The reason for the same is because it incorporates an LED light bar which is blue. That is why it becomes easier for you to create the right ambiance while watching movies.

With the help of remote control, you can control it from anywhere in the car.

With wireless connectivity, you can easily play the audio in your ca’rs speakers as well. Apart from that, it offers you the option to control your car door using the controls on the TV.

Since it has an FM transmitter and an IR transmitter, you can connect it with the respective headphones and speakers quite easily. As long as your car stereo has an FM radio, you can directly play the audio in your car speakers.

Thus, if you’re looking for a larger digital screen that is quite versatile, you can go with this one.


  • Wireless transmitting options available
  • 17.3 inches screen
  • Excellent resolution
  • Numerous connectivity options
  • Ultra-thin design
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Helps you create the right ambiance


  • Limited instructions

3. XTRONS 19.5 Inch Car Overhead Player 16:9 Wide Screen


If you’re looking for a still bigger screen when it comes to TV screen for your car, then this one is the perfect choice for you. The screen size is 19.5 inches. Needless to say, the aspect ratio is 16:9. It provides you with a wide viewing experience due to the same.

The resolution of 1080p ensures that you can view movies, web series in HD quality.

The sleek design means that it is extremely slim. Also, the virtual touch buttons make it easy to operate.

In case you’re wondering about the opening angle, the maximum opening angle is 170°.

It offers an HDMI plug, which ensures that you can easily connect your smartphone to the flip-down TV screen. If you plan to purchase a screen mirroring adapter separately, you can wirelessly stream music, movies, and much more on this TV screen.

Apart from HDMI connectivity, it also has a USB port. That is why connecting flash drives is easy.

The AV input ensures that you can do so without much worry if you want to connect in a wired fashion.

The higher sound output ensures that you can do so if you want to connect it to the speakers.

Apart from that, the screen itself has speakers as well. That is why, if you do not want to use the external ones, you can use the inbuilt ones.

The atmospheric light bar that it has on offer makes it easy for you to create the right ambiance. Also, if you connect it with your car appropriately, you can control the door of your car as well.

Thus, when you’re looking for a flip down TV screen that is bigger than the other options, this one is a good choice for your car.


  • 1080p resolution
  • 19.5-inch car screen
  • Numerous connectivity options
  • Inbuilt stereo speakers
  • Wireless streaming is possible


  • The wireless adapter needs to be bought separately

Now that you are aware of the best flip down TV screens for car, it is time to understand how to choose between these three flip down TVs.

Flip down tv for car buying guide

There are a handful of things which you should consider while choosing such TVs. I will highlight those below.

Things to consider before buying flip down tv for car:

You should compare such TVs on:

• Screen size:

It is one of the most vital factors to consider. Not always, a bigger screen is better. You have to look at the space in the car and the size which you prefer.

• Resolution:

Some screens offer you a resolution of 720p. Others offer you the resolution of 180p. You have to decide which resolution you need.

• Opening angle:

The opening angle becomes vital while choosing such a screen. Only at the right opening angle will all the car occupants be able to see the screen. An opening angle of 100° is a must.

• Connectivity options:

The flip down TV should offer you numerous connectivity options like AV input, HDMI, USB, and so on. The more the number of connectivity options, the easier it is to play movies and web series on such a TV screen.

Comparing the about TV screens on these 3 parameters can help you choose the best one.


Does flip down tv for car consist of ports?

Yes, such TVs consist of numerous ports (USB, HDMI, and so on) to provide easy connectivity.

Is flip down tv for car easy to install?

Such TVs often come with detailed instructions and accessories to make them easy to install.

When searching for the best flip down TVs for your car, consider these 3 options to choose between the best.

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