Gutter cleaning tools – Top 10 Best Gutter cleaning tools reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

Cleaning gutters from time to time is a must. However, it is not always possible to use a ladder to climb up to the roof to clean the gutters. Fortunately, there are a few tools which can help you accomplish this task. Today, I will speak about some of the best gutter cleaning tools on offer.

Each of these tools might use a different mechanism, but they can surely help you clean your gutters easily. That is why; my list below will certainly help you pick the right tool when it comes to cleaning gutters.

1. Telescopic Retractable Extension Pole by Miloo


The first cleaning tool on my list is a multipurpose tool. It is a telescopic retractable pole. You can adjust it between 6 feet and 24 feet. It is suitable to clean not only the gutters but also windows, roofs and other difficult to reach places. You will not have to use your ladder at all when using this. When you look at the construction material of this tool, it uses premium aluminum. Due to this very reason, this extension pole has a heavy-duty structure.

It has a non-slip comfort grip on the pole, which means that you can hold it quite easily. The quick release clasp mechanism helps you in adjusting the height. The lightweight pole is highly portable, as well. When you fold it, the length is just 6 feet, which means that moving it around is quite easy.

With a rotating tip, you can reach the hard to reach spots quite quickly. Once you get it up to the right height, you can remove the dirt and debris accumulated in your gutters. You will be able to do so right from the ground. There is no need to use the ladder. As a result, you can clean the gutters as many times as you want. It is one of the main reasons why this is the most efficient gutter cleaning tools.


  • Multipurpose
  • Adjustable between 6 feet to 24 feet
  • Highly portable
  • Aluminum construction
  • Proper locking mechanism


  • Not stable when extended to 24 feet

2. The Gutter Tool


The next gutter cleaning tool which I am going to highlight makes it simple to clean the gutter from a single position on the ladder. It allows you to clean up to 20 feet of gutter. The innovative design can pull the debris quite easily. It can clean the main area and also the area under the gutter hangars.

Additionally, you can also use it to clean behind the skylights and other roof maintenance work. You can easily attach it to the standard extension pole as well. It will help you increase the functionality of this tool.

All you need to do is to stabilize your ladder, and you can easily use this tool. You can also use it as an attachment of the pole, which means that you might not have to climb the ladder at all. The versatility of this tool makes this tool worth buying.


  • Can clean up to 20-feet of gutter from a single position
  • Works as an attachment for extension Pole
  • Multipurpose
  • Easy to use


  • Can get stuck sometimes

3. WORKSHOP Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaning Kit for gutter


The next cleaning tool on my list can come in pretty handy if you have a vacuum cleaner. It works with the dry as well as a wet vacuum cleaner. It consists of 2 extension wands, which can help you reach the gutters easily. With 90° elbow, you can easily reach your gutter and blow or collect the debris as per your requirement.

The diameter of the wand is 2.5 inches, which means that you can collect the larger debris as well. With suction power from your vacuum cleaner, eliminating the debris is not a problem at all. The airflow is maximized in the wand so that you can easily remove debris from your gutters.

The kit comes with a 2.5-inch diameter to make it easy to connect it to any vacuum. The blower nozzle also helps you eliminate the debris. With these accessories, using it with any vacuum cleaner is easy. These features make it one of the best gutter cleaning tools which you can go for.


  • Compatible with almost all vacuum cleaners
  • Comes along with accessories
  • Easy to clean the gutter
  • Eliminates larger debris as well


  • A bit tedious to operate

4. Toro Cleaning Kit 51667


The next gutter cleaning tool which I am going to highlight now will again help you remove debris from the gutters. There is no need to use the ladder. Also, the design of the cleaning kit is such that it can reach a large distance, which is another advantage.

You can attach it to the vacuum cleaner easily. The design is such that the airflow is maximized. Also, it can blow out heavy debris as well. It includes a variety of accessories like nozzle, shoulder strap, connection collar, extension tubes. There are five extension tubes in total. The length of a single extension tube is 20.6 inches. As a result, you can connect them to clean the gutters from the ground.

You can adjust the length by connecting the required number of extensions. With the ordinary vacuum cleaner, it is easy to blow out the leaves and the debris. If you’re looking for a cleaning tool which works with most of the vacuum cleaners, you cannot ignore this option.


  • Works with most vacuum cleaners
  • Maximizes the airflow
  • Easy to attach
  • Consist of multiple extension tubes


  • Involves a learning curve

5. Gutter Getter 00-612 TRV147537


If you’re looking for a scooping tool along with other accessories to clean your gutter, you should not ignore this tool. The kit which I am discussing now consists of multiple tools that make it easy for you to clean your gutter entirely.

The different parts include a gutter scoop, debris retriever, a 42-inch extension handle, you can use any of these tools on a standalone basis, or you can attach them to clean the entire gutter from a single point. It allows you to clean 14 feet of gutter from a single position. It not only saves you a lot of effort but also a lot of time. That is why; it makes the task of cleaning the gutter easy for you. The equipment in the kit is made from polypropylene and ABS material. That is why; you need not worry about durability.

Moreover, the design of this kit is such that it can work with any gutter. As a result, you will not have to worry about compatibility. Once you get this kit, it is easy to use it. If you are looking for a cleaning kit which can minimize your effort, you must choose this one.


  • Consist of a 42-inch extension handle
  • Can clean gutter from a single position
  • Highly durable
  • Polypropylene and ABS construction


  • Joints can be a bit wobbly if not attached properly

6. Orbit Telescoping Gutter Clnr 58543


The next cleaning tool on my list is again a telescopic pole which to help clean the gutters from a distance. It can extend from 40 inches and 70 inches. As a result, you can reach every nook and cranny of the gutter easily. With the zinc nozzle which rotates by 180°, it is easy for you to move it in the direction which you want. As a result, you can remove the debris entirely.

The head has 4 different adjustable positions. It means that when looking to direct water in a particular direction, it is not a problem at all. With non-corrosive construction, you can use this telescopic cleaner for a long time. It is lightweight, which means that there will be no fatigue when using this cleaner for a long time.

The padded foam grip means that you can use it consistently. It also insulates you from the cold water temperatures. You can extend it up to 70 inches, to clean the corners. You can connect it to a regular garden hose and start spraying water in the direction which you want. It is suitable for not just for gutters but also sidewalks, driveways, siding and a variety of other places. With shut-off lever and the valve, controlling the flow of the water is not a problem at all. Thus, when looking for a cleaner which is easy to use and sprays the debris away, this is an ideal choice.


  • Extendable between 40 inches to 70 inches
  • Allows you to control the water flow easily
  • Rotating nozzle
  • Non-corrosive construction


  • Could have been more stable

7. Melnor 65059-AMZ Vortex Extreme Cleaning Wand


The next one on my list is again a cleaning wand. With quick connector adapter, you can connect it to hose easily. It is available in 2 variants. You can change the length of the wand between 40 to 72 inches. With 360° rotating spray head, you can easily clean the gutters as well as the hard to reach areas.

When you look at the construction, it uses aluminum. The advantage of aluminum material is that it is lightweight and can handle exposure to water. As a result, corrosion is not a problem. You can use it consistently without feeling any fatigue in your hands. With non-slip foam grip, you can get excellent control over the cleaning wand.With excellent grip it will be easy and comfortable for you to use this tool efficiently.

The quick connect product adapter means that you can connect and disconnect the wand as per your requirement. With complete control and the water pressure of 40 psi, removing the debris is quite easy. You can use it for not just washing the gutters but also your automobiles and an auto detailing. The product adapter can stay in place when you connect and disconnect the one, which means that connecting it to the hose is a quick affair. The ease of use certainly makes it an excellent option.


  • Comes with the quick connector adapter
  • Range of 40 inches to 72 inches
  • Aluminum construction
  • Head rotates by 360°


  • Not that stable at full length

8. Buyplus Gutter Cleaning Tool


When you’re looking for water cleanser for your gutter, you cannot ignore this option. With a telescopic cleaner, it is effortless to clean hard to reach places. It is an extendable cleaning tool which is suitable for windows as well. The multi-length feature helps you adjust it as per your requirement. The wand is flexible and connects with the ¾ inches garden hose. With quick release hose connectors, you can connect 1-inch hose as well without any hard work.

The wand extends up to 84 inches, which is a definite advantage. With the comfortable non-slip grip, you can hold it effortlessly. The material is lightweight but stable, which ensures that you can hold them without much of an effort. Once you collapse it, the size is just 26 inches, which helps you store it when not in use.

With on/off lock, you can control the waterflow. You can use it for testing, cleaning, and washing the hard to reach places. The sturdy aluminum construction means that you need not worry about the durability. The multipurpose nature and the sturdy construction, along with two nozzle spray options, make it the right choice.


  • Aluminum construction
  • Highly versatile
  • Compatible with a standard garden hose
  • Extendable up to 84 inches


  • Connector quality could have been better

9. MGC2 Extendable Gutter Cleaner


The next gutter cleaner on my list is again an extendable wand. You can use it not just for gutter cleaning but for a variety of other purposes. You can adjust the height as per your requirement as well. It means that it is very convenient to use.

With metal neck, the jet stream is quite powerful, which can help you wash away all the debris. It has a high cleaning power. With the help of cleaning brush head, you can use it for exterior gutter cleaning as well. It is one of the very few gutter cleaning tools suitable for interior and exterior cleaning.

You can adjust the length of between 41.5 inches to 68.5 inches. The heavy-duty metal gooseneck can increase the pressure of the water, which means that it can easily wash away the thick and heavy debris as well. As a result, it is suitable for pressurized cleaning. The versatility and heavy-duty metal construction make it an excellent choice.


  • Highly versatile
  • Comes along with the brush attachment
  • Metal neck
  • Adjustable length


  • Tip direction is not adjustable

10. Water Rocket Eavestrough Downspout Gutter Tool


The next gutter cleaning tool on my list is highly efficient. It has a water rocket which you can use quite easily. The design is such that it can easily remove the leaves, organic matter, and other contaminants. With the help of a high-pressure nozzle, it generates significant water pressure which can wash away the contaminants. You have to connect it to your ordinary garden hose.

In fact, the water pressure is so powerful that you can easily use it with drains, tiles, and a variety of other flooring options. It is a downspout cleaner as well. You can use it to clean the gutter guard also. There is a video product demonstration on offer, which means that the learning curve is pretty limited.

With up to 1200 psi of pressure, you can be sure that it can remove the most stubborn contaminants and organic matter easily. If you’re looking for a unique cleaning tool, you can go with this option.


  • Highly versatile
  • Generate significant water pressure
  • Requires a standard horse
  • Helps you clean gutter guards as well


  • Water can get sprayed on the surrounding as well

If you’re looking for the best gutter cleaning tools, these are the ten options available. I have personally tried quite a few of them and have found them to be quite useful. Before you make your decision, just go through my buying guide below.

Gutter cleaning tools Buying Guide:

With this buying guide, you will right away know the factors to consider while comparing them.
Things to consider while buying tools to clean gutter:
The parameters which you should take into account include:

• Technique on offer:

Gutter cleaning tools offer different cleaning techniques. You have to take into account the technique on offer and then decide whether it is suitable for you or not. It can be a cleaning wand, or it can be a water spray, or it can be a scooper. You have to look at the technique on offer and then make your buying decision.

• Reach:

You have to also check the reach of the tool before using it. Once you understand that, it is easy to determine your regular cleaning routine. Some of them can simply work with a vacuum cleaner and work as gutter cleaning tools from the ground. For some others, you might have to climb the ladder. You have to take into account the reach and after that, make your buying decision.

• Construction quality:

Irrespective of the specific tool which you are buying, you have to always look at the construction quality. Ideally, it should be very durable. You should check the materials in use and then, you can make the buying decision.

• Versatility:

Lastly, you have to look at the versatility as well. If it is suitable for cleaning automobiles as well as various other surfaces, that is a huge advantage. You have to consider this factor and then only make the buying decision.

I will now answer some FAQs pertaining to tools to clean the gutter.


What is the best gutter cleaning tool?

The Telescopic Retractable Extension Pole by Miloo is one of the best gutter cleaning tools due to the telescopic pole, and adjustable length between 6 feet to 24 feet. It can flush away the debris quite easily.

How do you clean gutters without a ladder?

There are quite a few gutter cleaning tools like vacuum cleaner attachments and telescopic poles, which can assist you clean gutters without using a ladder. I have mentioned some of them in list above.

How often should gutters be cleaned?

You must clean your gutters at least once every six months. It will prevent clogging and the deterioration of the gutters.

Can I pressure wash my gutters?

Yes, you can pressure wash your gutters. It is one of the most efficient ways to clean the gutters from the ground.

What happens if you don’t clean your roof gutters?

If the gutters are not cleaned, clogging can take place. In such a case, the water may overflow and make the foundation wet, which can lead to cracks as well. Water damage can lead to structural failure as well, which is costly to repair. That is why; it is a good idea to clean your gutters from time to time to avoid these problems.

How to know if you need to clean gutters?

If you spot birds, pests on your roof or if the water spills over the sides, it is a good indicator that you might require gutter cleaning. If there is vegetation growth beside the gutters or in the gutters, it is another sign that you need gutter cleaning.

Why do gutters need to be cleaned?

Gutters can easily get clogged up if you do not clean them. Additionally, they may promote vegetation growth, which can be detrimental to the exterior of your home. Moreover, or spilling of water due to clogging can affect the foundation of your home as well. Due to these reasons, it is necessary to clean the gutters.

Where to buy gutter cleaning tools?

The best place to buy gutter cleaning tools is by clicking the “Get It Now on Amazon” button below each product. It directly takes you to the Amazon listing, which will allow you to buy these tools instantaneously.

Why is gutter cleaning important?

Gutter cleaning is important to ensure that it does not deteriorate the roof or choke up the gutters. Roof deterioration can cost you dearly. Roof repairs and replacement is quite expensive. On the other hand, gutter choke-ups can lead to water accumulation and water leakage. Which once again is expensive to fix.

How to protect from smell from gutter cleaning?

Clogging of gutters can lead to smell. That is because it leads to the accumulation of dirt, contaminants, and leaves. Thereafter, these decompose. Instead, if you do not let them clog up, you need not worry about odor. The best way to protect the gutters from the foul smell is to clean them frequently.

So, rather than looking at various gutter cleaning tools trying to figure out which is the best one, you can go through my list above to pick the one which meets your requirements easily. It will help cleaning the gutters in a jiffy. I have curated this list after taking into account multiple data points and also trying out quite a few tools, and that is why; you can be sure that this list will certainly help you out.

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