Hail cover for truck – Top 3 best hail truck cover reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

Do you know the best way to protect your truck from hail?

The answer is by using a hail cover. These are built explicitly of protecting your truck not just from hail but from other elements of weather as well. In fact, numerous covers are available. It is not that easy to go through all of those options to choose the best one. I have the solution to this problem.

I have assembled a detailed list of the top 3 best hail truck covers below. Once you go through the list, buying the best one will be easier than ever.

1. Autsop Truck Cover


The cover which I am highlighting now has an adjustable length from 222 inches to 234 inches. There are two other bigger variants available as well, specifically for trucks.

The six-layer fabric technology means that it is highly durable. Also, it consists of a protective coating as well in the first layer. The 2nd, 3rd, and the 4th layer are 100% dustproof and waterproof. The 5th layer is aluminum, which is sun-proof and anti-UV in nature. The 6th layer is cotton, which can protect the paint of your car. The six-layer construction indeed ensures that it can stand out.

The all-weather construction means that it is snowproof, waterproof, windproof, and even UV resistant. It can protect your truck from dirt and other contaminants as well.

The straps which you get at the front and the rear ensure that even in windy conditions, it can stay put as well. There is a silver coating that can reflect the heat and protect your truck from UV rays as well. The fluorescent light strips increase the visibility of your car.

The 100% waterproof construction, along with the six-layer design, certainly helps it stand out.


  • Six layer design
  • 100% waterproof
  • Increases visibility
  • Protects the truck from all elements of weather
  • Available in 3 variants


  • Mirror pocket design can be better

2. HAIL PROTECTOR Cover System for Truck


Do you prefer a hi-tech solution?

If yes, this one is an excellent choice for you. It is available in sizes from 197” to 211” depending on the variant which you opt for. A unique feature of this hail cover for truck is that it comes along with all-weather protection features.

The app will alert you in time in case of any approaching hail storm. It can alert you to any kind of weather as well. Also, the cover is such that it cannot only protect your truck against to hail but also UV rays, infrared radiation, rain as well as test.

The all-weather design certainly makes it very easy to use. Also, you get access to YouTube videos, which means that installation and assembling is easy. The assembling will not require more than 20 minutes.

It comes with remote control as well, which makes it easy to control the cover. It also ensures that the effort which you need to put into it is limited.

When you’re not using it, you can easily store it in a small amount of space. It comes along with its storage bag for the same purpose.

It can handle winds of up to 60 mph. Also, once you activate it using the remote, it will start inflating, which will provide a greater buffer against hail. The constant airflow system ensures that it can tackle any weather conditions.

The integrated blower system will work in any weather. It comes along with an adapter to power the same. It not only includes all the necessary accessories but also goes a step further than many other hail truck covers. That is why; it is on the 2nd position on my list.


  • Comes with access to an app
  • Available in 3 different size options
  • Remote-controlled
  • Easy to assemble
  • Includes necessary accessories


  • Has a learning curve

3. Weatherproof Truck Cover


The hail cover, which I am highlighting now, has a 6.3 feet bed. That is why; it is perfect for most pickup trucks. It is available in 2 different color options as well.

The heavy-duty weatherproof construction means that it can handle not only hail but other weather elements as well. In addition to being durable, it is breathable as well. Due to this reason, it can help you maintain the aesthetics of your pickup truck as well.

The reinforced seams ensure that durability is not going to be a problem. It consists of the front as well as rear hems, which ensures that it can fit your vehicle easily. It is one of the reasons why it is compatible with almost all pickup trucks.

When it comes to accessories, it consists of high wind-resistant straps, cable as well as a lock for antitheft. You get a storage bag as well, which ensures that when you’re not using it, you can store it in a small amount of space. There is an antenna patch on offer to make it easy to cover your pickup truck using it. Thus, when you look at it, you will realize that it is not only perfect for pickup trucks but also comes with the necessary accessories. The durability and the all-weather construction help it stand out.


  • Consist of 6.3-foot bed
  • Compatible with most of the pickup trucks
  • Breathable
  • All-weather construction
  • Easy to fit


  • Limited instructions

While looking for hail cover for truck, all you need to do is to go through these three options. Once you do so, buying the perfect one will be easier than ever. I will share with you a buying guide below so that you can know more about these hail cover for trucks.

Hail cover for truck buying guide

In case of doubts or confusion, you can refer to the buying guide below.

Things to consider before buying hail cover for truck:

The parameters which you should keep in mind while comparing these hail truck covers are:

• Dimensions:

You have to first look at the dimensions. Only once you take into account the dimensions, you can decide whether it is compatible with your pickup truck or not. Most of them are adjustable as well. In that case, a single cover is suitable for almost all the pickup trucks.

• Securing mechanism:

The cover should consist of straps or other methods for securing it over your truck. However, you should not ignore securing. Only when you’re sure about securing, you can go ahead and buy it.

• Versatility:

Even though these are called as hail truck covers, but ideally, they should protect your truck from other elements of weather as well. Only then, it becomes easier to go ahead and buy that truck cover.

• Accessories:

If it comes with other accessories like storage bags or straps and so on, that is a definite advantage. While not all of these accessories are necessary, but the ones which help in securing are positive.

While comparing the hail covers for trucks, these are the four parameters to keep in mind. I will now answer some FAQs.


How do I protect my truck from hail?

The best and foolproof solution is to use a hail truck cover. These are specifically built for this purpose. Instead of using any makeshift solution, these will provide your truck with reliable protection.

Thus, the next time around you’re looking for a good cover, do make sure that you go with these hail cover for trucks. I have taken care to incorporate only the top 3 options on my list. Once you choose between them, you can provide adequate protection to your truck.

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