Hidden car camera – Top 7 best spy camera for car reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

Do you want to buy a hidden camera for your car?

If yes, you would find that there are hundreds of hidden car cameras available. The specifications, size as well as the functionality of these spy cameras for cars varies from one camera to another. The problem is that going through the specifications of all these hidden car camera systems is not easy. It will take your hours to compare every option.

To solve this problem for you, I have already gone through these Best spy camera for cars to compile a list of top 7 best hidden car cameras. I have taken into account their specifications, functionality, and sturdiness to compile this list. Also, I will share a buying guide with you to make it simple for you to choose between these cameras. Let me now start with the best option on this list.

1. Smart Security Camera Mini


The USP of this hidden car camera is that it offers a 1080p resolution. You can select 720p or 480p setting as well. The 30 FPS recording capacity ensures that you can view the feed consistently. The 12-megapixel camera allows you to take great photos as well.

The card slot can support memory cards up to 64 GB. Consequently, storing the feed is not going to be an issue.

You can use it in the hotspot mode and Wi-Fi mode. You can also connect it with your phone to live stream the feed up to 66 feet.

The 600 mAh battery can power it for 3 hours. If it is on charging, you can use it 24/7. That is why; it is so suitable for cars.

It has night vision capability due to the six infrared lights on offer. Additionally, it has motion detection capability as well. The range of motion detection is 5 meters.

You get six internal magnets to stick it on any surface quite easily. You also get a 3M sticker and magnet mount to install it.

Using these, installation is not going to be an issue. The premium build quality makes it highly durable. It is quite lightweight as well. In addition to cars, you can use it in your house, office, baby monitoring, etc.

In the package, you get 3M stickers, magnet mount, two magnet pads, SD card reader, micro USB cable, hidden camera. With all these accessories, you can be sure that it is one of the best hidden car cameras on offer.


  • Easy to install
  • Excellent resolution
  • Lightweight design and premium construction
  • Highly versatile
  • Includes accessories
  • Wi-Fi and hotspot compatible
  • App access on offer
  • Motion detection and night vision capability
  • Compatible with iOS and android phones


  • Packaging can be better.

2. Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Wi-Fi Cameras


The next camera on my list is once again a multipurpose security camera. You can use it in your car, home as well as various other premises.

The 1080p resolution ensures that the clarity which you get is excellent. It is Wi-Fi compatible, which allows you to connect it easily. You can use it indoors as well as outdoors.

The capturing angle of 150° ensures that you can record everything. Also, it has a storage capacity of up to 120GB. Consequently, recording everything is not going to be a problem.

With the help of night vision, you can use it in the darkness as well. The motion-activated alerts can undoubtedly help you keep your car safe.

With the help of SD loop recording, it is easy for you to record all the footage.

The free app access means that you can view the feed on your iPhone and your iOS devices.

The night vision capability of up to 33 feet ensures that even in pitch darkness, it can help you monitor your car’s vicinity.

App access and motion detection alerts make it an excellent choice.


  • Free app access
  • 1080p clarity
  • Offers motion detection alerts
  • SD card support on offer
  • Night vision capability
  • Motion sensing capability
  • Multipurpose design
  • Wi-Fi compatible


  • Charging cord could be longer.

3. Mini Spy Camera Wireless



With the help of 1080p HD video resolution and 12-megapixel cameras, this hidden spy car camera can allow you to view the video in excellent clarity and click good quality photos.

The SD card compatibility up to 32 GB allows you to store each and everything on the SD card. Additionally, it has a battery runtime of 100 minutes as well, which does not disappoint.

The camera can start recording when it detects motion. In the absence of any motion, it will stop recording.

The night vision capability due to the one super infrared LED makes it easy for you to record everything in darkness.

You can use it not only for cars, but also for hotel, offices, and so on.

You get a 32 GB SD card along with that, swivel body clip, custom-built bracket, and memory card reader. With so many accessories on offer, you can be sure that it is one of the best options which you can go with.


  • Night vision capability on offer
  • Motion sensing design
  • Highly versatile
  • 1080p video recording
  • 12-megapixel camera
  • SD card compatibility
  • Comes with various accessories


  • Limited instructions

4. Mini Spy Camera 1080P Hidden Camera



The advantage of this secret car camera is 1080p HD clarity. It can capture photos at 12 megapixels. The viewing angle is 140°.

The night vision capturing is up to 16 feet. It consists of 6 invisible IR LEDs. That is why; capturing proper footage in darkness is undoubtedly possible.

Additionally, the battery runtime is 60 minutes. On the charging, you can use it 24/7.

It can support SD card up to 32 GB. It can also record and when you have an SD card in the car camera.

You can use it not only for cars but also for hotels, offices, warehouses, and other such premises.

The camera comes with quite a few accessories like USB and TV cable, fastening cable, rotating clip, card reader, usage guide.

With all these accessories, it certainly stands out as compared to your standard car camera.


  • 1080p clarity
  • 12-megapixel camera
  • Night vision capability up to 16 feet
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Can run 24/7 on charging
  • Supports SD card
  • Includes various accessories


  • Connector length could be higher.

5. Mini Spy Camera Wireless Hidden


The 1080p clarity of this camera does not disappoint. The complete HD clarity allows you to capture the videos and view them without any blurring or distortion.

The size of the camera is 0.87 inches. Consequently, installing it in a small space is possible. You can use it as a hidden camera, pet camera, spy camera, and so on.

With the help of removable magnets and mirrors, you can customize its operation as well. The measures are put up the lens to ensure that it goes unnoticed. The magnets make it easy to install them. Both of these are removable.

The exact resolution is 1920 x 1080p. The capturing rate of 30 FPS ensures that the video includes all the details.

The camera consists of 4 IR LEDs as well. Consequently, using it in low light conditions or at height is not going to be a problem.

The SD card support up to 32GB ensures that you can record everything in bulk. The battery capacity is 240 mAh. It can work for 50 minutes on a single charge. However, in the charging mode, you can use it 24/7. As a result, monitoring your car in the vicinity is going to be easy.

You can use it at the warehouse for car monitoring, garden, in the car, house, and office. The applications are endless.

The motion detection feature ensures that you can view the feed whenever someone comes near the car.

With all the necessary features, it is difficult to ignore this hidden car security camera in favor of any other.


  • Excellent clarity
  • Night vision capability
  • Motion detection feature on offer
  • Supports SD card
  • Highly versatile
  • Removable mirrors and magnets
  • Very compact


  • Motion detection mode lags a bit.

6. Mini Spy Camera Wireless Hidden, 1080 Spy Hidden Camera


The 24/7 live streaming capability of this camera sets it apart. When you put it on charging, it can work 24/7.

The 1080p video capturing capability ensures that you get a complete HD feed. Also, it is compatible with Wi-Fi as well as cellular service. It is a slot for SD cards as well, which allows you to record everything.

In the night vision mode, it can provide clarity of 720p. It sends motion detection notification as well to your smartphone. As a result, getting a notification when someone is around is easy.

The eight invisible lamp beads ensure that indoor light conditions, it can work pretty well.

You get app access along with push notifications on motion detection notifications.

You can use it not only in the car but as a nanny cam, and for monitoring everything else.

With the 24 hours loop recording mode, getting the entire feed is not going to be an issue. The size of the camera is just 1.18” x 1.18” x 1.18”. The weight is only 1.37 ounces.

You get a 3M sticker, app access, magnetic function, and other such accessories.

Additionally, the viewing angle of 140° ensures that you can view a pretty wide feed.

When you look at all of these features especially the app access, it is easy to understand why this camera is such a reliable choice.


  • 1080p video capturing capability
  • Wi-Fi, cellular service compatibility
  • SD card slot on offer
  • Highly versatile
  • App access
  • Comes with accessories
  • Wide video capturing angle


  • Installation takes some time.

7. BLINDSPOT Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Home Protection Mini Camera


Do you prefer hidden cameras with a high capturing angle?

If yes, this one with the capturing angle of 150° is an excellent choice. The 1080p HD recording capability ensures that you get excellent clarity. It can capture great photos as well.

You can use it in your car, at home, office, and even as a nanny cam.

The 1.7-inch dimensions ensure that it is pretty compact. It is perfect for car use.

You also get app access along with the head and car camera. It can offer you push notifications as well. The night vision capability ensures that you will be able to use it in low light conditions.

With the help of a free USB wall adapter, charging it is not a problem. It can support SD cards up to 128 GB.

The 360° magnetic mount allows you to set it up to capture the area which you want.

The app access on offer is compatible with android as well as iOS devices.

The excellent clarity, as well as the small dimensions, fit your requirements perfectly.


  • 1080p HD clarity
  • Wide capturing angle
  • Highly versatile
  • App access on offer
  • Comes with a USB wall adapter
  • Night vision capability


  • Wi-Fi connectivity is slow.

With the help of these spy cameras for cars, monitoring your car and its vicinity is not going to be a problem. I will share a buying guide with you to make it easy for you to choose between these options.

Hidden car camera buying guide

The buying guide will apprise you about the factors to consider while choosing such a secret car camera.

Things to consider before buying a hidden camera for cars:

The things which you should keep in mind while comparing such hidden car surveillance cameras include:

• Resolution:

You have to always first look at the resolution of the camera. At least, it should offer a 720p resolution. Only then, the hidden spy camera for the car would be useful. Otherwise, the feed of the hidden camera system would not be up to the mark.

• Connectivity options:

You must check if the car camera is compatible with Wi-Fi, cellular service, or any other connectivity mechanism. Even if it offers app access, it is good to go with that spy camera for car. You have to look at the connectivity options and then make your buying decision.

• SD card support:

Ideally, the hidden spy camera for car should have an SD card slot. When the small hidden cameras for cars have SD card slots, recording is undoubtedly possible.

• Lowlight performance:

Another factor which you should consider while buying the car spy camera is the low light performance. Ideally, it should have night vision capability. When a hidden camera for car has night vision capability, it would be easier for you to monitor your car round the clock.

When you compare the different small hidden cameras for cars on these four parameters, choosing the best option from my list above will be easy. I will now answer some of the FAQs, which will help you know more about these spy cameras for cars.


How can I hide my spy camera in my car?

You can hide the spy camera at sunglass clips, or any other large object on the dashboard. You can install it on the rearview mirror as well. The places to hide spy cameras in car are plenty.

Where to buy spy camera for my car?

I have compiled a list of the best spy camera for cars above. You can click the “Get it now on Amazon” button below each image to buy the camera. It will directly take you to the Amazon listing of that camera.

How long does a hidden camera last?

A hidden car camera can last for 40 minutes to 90 minutes on a single charge. However, most of the above cameras can work 24/7 on the charging mode. So, it is best to use them on charging mode.

Do hidden cameras need Wi-Fi?

Not all hidden car cameras need Wi-Fi. However, if you want to live stream them, you would need Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity. Otherwise, cameras will record everything on the SD card.

Can you have a camera in your car?

In most states and countries, having a camera in your car is legal.

Do hidden car cameras record all the time?

Most hidden car cameras come with a battery that can last for anywhere from 3 to 6 hours. However, when the car is functional, they are continuously charging. In that case, they can record 24/7. When the car is off, they can record anywhere from 3 to 6 hours.

How do you catch someone messing with your car?

The best way to get someone messing with your car is to install a hidden car camera in advance. Doing so ensures that you are not only able to catch the culprit, but you also have video footage as proof. You can easily act on that video footage to get compensation.

How can I spy inside my car?

The hidden car camera is the perfect option to spy inside your car. Since it is quite small and you can install it almost anywhere, you will be able to monitor the interiors of your car easily.

Thus, if you want to monitor the car or its vicinity, a hidden car camera is the perfect solution. Instead of going through hundreds of spy camera for cars to find the best option, you can refer to my list above. I have also shared a buying guide that will help you buy the best hidden car camera. With hours of research, you can be sure that these spy cameras for cars are simply the best on offer.

If you further want to secure your car, its time to secure the extra key and hide it away. To choose a hidden car holder, you can refer to my post Magnetic key holder for car – Top 3 best magnetic key holder for under car reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ.

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