Best light for outdoor basketball court – Top 5 best light for outdoor basketball court reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

Illumination of the basketball court is pretty essential. Only when it is illuminated properly can you focus on the game rather than missing out on the cues from your team player or missing out on the ball altogether.
The question is, which light is the best for an outdoor basketball court?

I will answer that today by sharing the list of the five best light for the outdoor basketball court. This list includes a solar-powered light and traditional lights powered through AC sockets. Whether you’re looking for a single light or a set of lights, the list will meet those requirements. Take a look at the lights below, and you won’t have to spend any more time going through hundreds of different light options.

1. LEPOWER LED Flood Light Outdoor (2 Pack)


The light am highlighting now comes in pairs. Cumulatively, it offers you 11,000 lm of bright white light. That is the reason why there is excellent visibility on the basketball court. Besides that, the LED light source ensures that electricity consumption is up to 80% lower.

When buying the light for the basketball court, it is essential to look at the beam pattern. Only if it is wide enough illumination will be appropriate. The pair I am highlighting now has a beam angle of 120°. Despite having such a high beam angle, you won’t have to worry about glare or shadows. That is why there will be proper illumination in whichever corner of the basketball court you look at.

Construction is done carefully to ensure that the light has a good heat dissipation area. Heat dissipation is only possible because of the aluminum construction. That housing certainly protects the LEDs inside as well. That is why; the life span is over 30,000 lbs.

It isn’t a surprise that the light has IP66 waterproof rating with such durable housing. That is why; it is perfect for the basketball court.

For the installation, you get a bracket. That is why installing it isn’t a problem.

The glass on the front is tempered glass. That is why; it does not suffer from scratches or wear and tear either.

The cable which comes along with these lights is 1.5 meters. It has a plug as well. That is why connecting it directly to the socket and after that using the lights is undoubtedly going to be easy.

Despite providing such high illumination, their wattage rating is just 150 W. It indicates that the lights won’t consume much power.

There is a switch on the light itself for switching it on and off. Controlling it isn’t going to be a problem because of the same.

Thus, if you’re looking for a pair of waterproof lights, can provide excellent illumination yet consume little electricity, these are the ones you should go with.


  • Low power requirement
  • Comes in pair
  • 11,000 lm light output
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • IP66 waterproof rating
  • Tempered glass construction
  • Easy to install
  • Glare-free and shadow-free
  • Comes with a bracket
  • 1.5 m cable included


  • Bit bulky

2. MORSE 600W LED Flood Light

Do you need a light that provides even more illumination?

If so, this light offering 60,000 lm is certainly a good choice for you. A couple of such lights can illuminate the entire basketball court.

The good news is that this light is also available in smaller illumination variants.

This one offers a 60,000 lm by consuming 600W. Considering the amount of illumination on offer, the power requirement is pretty adequate.

It offers 5000 K daylight light. That way, the visibility on the basketball court is excellent. That is why; the light which you get looks natural.

Are you wondering how much area it can cover?

That’s 7065 ft.². It means that even a single light can cover a lot of area.

IP66 waterproof rating ensures that you won’t have to worry about the weather. Once you install it, it will keep on working for years together.

Most of the lights you can use for the basketball court are pretty bulky. This one, however, is ultra-thin. It is quite lightweight as well. These features certainly make it easy for you to install this light.

On the backside, the heatsink is placed. It comes integrated with the light. If you plan to use the light for long hours, it can consistently dissipate the heat, and therefore it becomes easy for you to use it throughout the game. The consistent heat dissipation also reduces the light’s wear and tear, thereby providing you with a longer lifespan.

The light not only comes with a bracket but is adjustable by 180°. Adjustability allows you to direct the light according to your requirement. Bracket means that installation is certainly going to be easy.

Since a plug the cable is included, powering it isn’t going to be a problem.

The light source is LED beads, and therefore they do not consume a lot of power but provide excellent illumination.

Thus, when you’re looking for a highly slim light that can illuminate the entire basketball court, you should go with this one made from aluminum.


  • 60,000 lm light output
  • IP66 waterproof rating
  • Offers daylight
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable
  • Provides light or a larger area
  • Comes with a cable and plug


  • Cable length could have been more

3. NIORSUN 100W Solar Light Motion Sensor Dusk to Dawn


Many people prefer lights powered by solar panels. If you, too, are one of them, these lights not only use solar energy but also provide enough illumination for the entire basketball court. They come in a pack of two.

The lights provide you with up to 645 ft.² of coverage. When you get two lights, you can pretty much cover the entire basketball court. It is possible because of the 7000K light color they have on offer.

A unique feature of these lights is that they have 3 different modes. The first is the dusk to dawn mode. If you want to illuminate the basketball court automatically after sunset, it is the model you should activate. There is a motion-sensing mode as well. While that is not of much use on the basketball court, it is available. The third is the timing mode which lets you set the time for which the lights will remain on. This certainly comes in handy for a basketball game.

A basketball court can suffer the brunt of weather at all times. That is why the light that you are using must be able to handle any kind of weather. Fortunately, these two lights have an IP67 waterproof rating. They can handle any weather. Whether you’re experiencing cold weather or extremely high temperatures, these lights can work well in any weather. If you’re wondering about the operating temperature range, it is between -22°F to 140°F. Seldom will you find other basketball courts light that can handle such a wide temperature.

The wide temperature range is only possible because of the sturdy housing. The material used in housing is aluminum alloy. That is why; it becomes easier for you to use these lights for years together.

When buying any solar-powered light for a basketball court or otherwise, it is important to look at the charging time. You can charge this one in six hours with the help of the solar panel which comes along with it. Once you charge it fully, it will last for 15 hours. That is why charging it, again and again, is not required.

You can use the outer wall or even install it on the pool for installation. It comes with an installation panel, making it easy to install it around the basketball court.

With all the accessories included for installation and the solar panel, you will not have to buy anything separately. Moreover, you get a remote control, which allows you to control the light with ease. You can easily turn on and off the light with the help of the remote control.

With so many features available and the solar panel for each light included, you cannot go wrong with this pair of players of light.


  • Set of two
  • Includes accessories
  • excellent run time on a single charge
  • Easy to install
  • Weather-resistant
  • Comes with necessary accessories
  • 7000 K light on offer


  • Limited instructions

4. XYCN 200W LED Flood Light 2 Pack


The lights on my list now come in a pair. They have a power rating of 200 W. That is why, even with consistent use, they will not consume a lot of power.

The good news is that they are suitable for outdoor and indoor use. If you want to illuminate a basketball court using these lights, they are more than enough.

They are so suitable for basketball courts that you can install them in the ceiling, on the wall, on the ground, and even on the pool. The brackets which come along with them are adjustable. The bracket is designed in such a way that installation is not limited.

Wondering about the illumination level?

They offer 22,500 lm. That is why; the amount of light on offer is excellent.

You will be able to use them in the rain; they can handle snow and much more. Moreover, they have an IP66 waterproof rating. The color temperature of 5000 K ensures that you get proper illumination.

Along with the lights, you get a 19.6-inch wire as well. That is why powering them is going to be easy.

Since the bracket is adjustable by 180°, it becomes easy to focus the light in the direction you want.

The beam angle is 120°. Consequently, the area which they cover is excellent.

A life span of 50,000 hours ensures that they last for years together.

The reason lights can keep moisture at bay is because of the unique posture protection technology they use. The moisture filter not only keeps humidity at bay but also dust. That is why wear and tear isn’t going to be a problem either.

Ease of installation and various other features certainly help it stand out.


  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • 22,500 lm light
  • Heavy-duty aluminum housing
  • Easy to install
  • Large beam angle
  • Comes in pair


  • Packaging could be better

5. Solar Led High Lumens Dusk To Dawn Security Stadium Light


How about light with 792 pieces of LED?

The one which I am highlighting new features that. Such a high number of LED beads ensures that illumination is excellent.

Besides that, since it is solar-powered, you need not worry about electricity bills.

Housing is made from aluminum. It makes it lightweight but extremely durable and corrosion-proof as well. Even if you experience heavy rains, you won’t have to worry about rust.

Whether you want to mount the light on the wall or pool, you can do both of that and more. The area covered is 322 9 ft.².

Another feature that I like about this light is that it can work at a temperature of -4°F to 158°F. It is difficult to find an outdoor light with a wide operating temperature range.

For operation, there are three ways to use it. You can turn it on and off with remote control. That is the simplest option you have.

Besides that, a dusk to dawn sensor turns on automatically after sunset and turns off at sunrise.

There is also a motion sensor that turns on the light whenever someone is around.

Similarly, for installation, you get three different options. You can install it in the wall-mounted fashion, on a pole, or even on a tree.

The remote of this light also offers you a unique feature to control the brightness. You can set it up at 100% brightness or 30% brightness. That way, it will last for a long time when running at lower brightness.

IP66 waterproof rating ensures that whether the solar panel is exposed to water or light, it will function appropriately.

When you install it at the height of 13 feet to 26 feet, it covers an area of 2152 ft.². It can illuminate a basketball court once you get a couple of such lights.

Along with the solar panel, you also get the necessary accessories to install it. That is why; buying anything separately is not required.

The light can last for 12 hours on a single charge. It can be charged fully throughout the day. That is why; you won’t have to worry about the light running out using the nighttime.

The multiple usages and installation methods certainly make this light a good choice for outdoor basketball courts.


  • Three different installation methods
  • Three usage methods
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Aluminum construction
  • Consists of 792 pieces of LEDs


  • Limited instructions

Now that you know the best lights, it is time to understand how to illuminate the basketball court correctly. After that, I will also share with you a buying guide so that you can choose between these five lights.

Guidelines for lighting up basketball courts:

When trying to illuminate a basketball court, keep a few things in mind. Next

1. Take into account the area:
The average basketball court measures 4700 ft.². Most of the lights highlighted above can cover 2500 ft.² in a single instance. Depending on that, you can choose 2-3 lights. With the help of 2 to 3 lights, illuminating the standard basketball court is certainly easy.

In case you need uniform illumination, you can go for 4 to 5 such lights to ensure that there are no dark spots in between.

2. Ensure water resistance:
I’m speaking about the outdoor basketball court. Even when there is rain, the light will be installed outdoors only. That is why the light needs to have high water resistance. Only then will it last for years.

3. Make sure the light is glare resistant:
Any kind of glare can affect the visibility of the players. To avoid this problem, make sure the light you choose is completely glare resistant.

4. Choose flicker-free lights:
Similarly, you need to choose flicker-free lights. Only when there is consistent illumination can you continue with the basketball game.

Why are LEDs better for lighting basketball courts?

When buying lights for basketball courts, make sure to go with LEDs. There are quite a few reasons why LEDs are better.

1. Economical:
LEDs consume very little electricity as compared to traditional lights. Since you need to provide greater illumination or a larger area, LEDs can certainly help you save on electricity costs.

2. Extremely reliable:
LEDs do not require any maintenance. They can last for 50,000 hours or more. You need such lights on the basketball court to not have to worry about the light not turning on.

3. Compact size:
LEDs are pretty compact as compared to traditional lights. That is why installing them is easy.

4. Excellent weather resistance:
Most outdoor lights, which consist of LEDs, have excellent weather resistance. That is why; you won’t have to worry about the lights getting damaged due to the weather.

Now that you know why LEDs make better sense while illuminating the basketball court, it is time to look at the buying guide.

Light for outdoor basketball court buying guide

Things to consider before buying light for outdoor basketball court:

While comparing these lights, you have to consider a handful of parameters like:

• Illumination:
Of course, the level of illumination on offer is pretty essential. Without considering that, choosing the lights is a mistake.

• Installation:
Generally speaking, when you opt for lights to illuminate the basketball court outdoors, you need ones that you can install on poles. Seldom will you have walls around. That is why; it is a good idea to choose lights which can be installed in both ways.

• Weather resistance:
The lights should be able to handle water, snow, rain, and UV rays. Only in that case it will illuminate the basketball court without any issue.

• Light source:
As highlighted above, LEDs are perfect for illuminating basketball courts. When choosing such lights, make sure that you are going with ones with LEDs inside them.


Are lights for outdoor basketball court water-resistant?
Yes, lights for the outdoor basketball court are water-resistant. Not only water-resistant, but they can also handle UV rays, cold weather, and any type of weather.

How long do lights for the outdoor basketball court last?
If you have installed these lights in the right fashion, they can easily last for 4 to 5 years. You won’t have to worry about illuminating the basketball court with new lights once you choose any of these.

Can you integrate dimmer with light for outdoor basketball court?
Very few such lights allow you to hardwire dimmer into it. That is why, if you plan to integrate them, you have to choose the lights carefully.

With any of these lights, illuminating an outdoor basketball court wont to be an issue. I have carefully curated this list to ensure only the best, and most reliable lights make it to this list.

While the above list will take care of your need to illuminate a basketball court but I will also cover various other lights and my post like Best outdoor light with the GFCI outlet (covered here), Best outdoor solar chandelier (click here to read more), Best farm lights (covered here).

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