Best lights for slanted ceiling – Top 3 best lights for slanted ceiling reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

Slanted ceilings either need a light with a flat plate for installation to maintain contact with the slanted ceiling, or a rod that can be tilted at an angle. Instead of comparing hundreds of lights on these parameters, simply go through the list below to find the best lights for slanted ceilings.

1. Rustic Industrial Candle Chandelier Light Fixture


When dealing with a slanted ceiling, choosing a single light that can illuminate the entire room is always best. The one I am highlighting now contains 10 lights in a single fixture. Consequently, the illumination is excellent.

Besides, it consists of a flat plate for installation and a rod that can be tilted, making it perfect for slanted ceilings. With proper height adjustability for the rod, it is easy to install on flat and slanted ceilings.

With 10 fixtures integrated for E12 bulbs, you can easily install any CFL or halogen bulbs. The rustic chandelier look is another reason to buy it. It goes well with any interior decor.

With detailed installation instructions, installation isn’t a problem. Iron construction for the light fixture frame and the tilting rod makes it extremely durable. Hardwired design is another reason to go for it. It means you can install this light without knowledge of electrical connections.

The rustic look, with this light’s modern features, makes it a worthy buy.


  • 10 lights integrated
  • E26 bulb base
  • Metal construction
  • Easy installation
  • Goes with any decor
  • Rod can be tilted for a sloped ceiling


  • Installation hardware quality can be better.

2. Emliviar 1-Light Large Pendant Light



With a flat base, you can install this lighting on a flat roof or a slanted one. As for the light source, it has an e26 base. Therefore, you can install a CFL, LED, or incandescent bulb. An adjustable cord helps adjust the height of the light.

Of course, it is a good option for rooms like the living room, dining room, or kitchen. Apart from that, it is suitable for commercial establishments as well. Therefore, you can use it in a restaurant, club, or a bar.

Sloped ceiling compatibility and ETL-listed design make it safe for various premises. With metal dome construction, sturdiness isn’t going to be a problem. The black and gold finish is another reason to buy this light.

Suppose you are looking for a frame color option in oil-rubbed bronze. The versatility of this light is the reason it is such an excellent choice.


  • Versatile
  • Sloped ceiling compatible
  • E26 base
  • Sturdy construction
  • 2 color options available


  • Limited instructions

3. VANZARLA 6-Light Sputnik Pendant Light



Advantage of this Sputnik-shaped design is that it has 6 light sources. Consequently, the amount of light you get is excellent. You can use an e12 bulb for illumination. The maximum wattage needed is 60w.

For mounting, all the hardware and instructions are included.

The material used in the construction is metal. Since there is no hindrance in front of the bulbs, maximum light is propagated outwards. Consequently, it becomes easier to get full illumination.

The rustic look of this light is one of the reasons you should go for it.

Since it is ceiling slope compatible, installing it in residential or commercial premises won’t be a problem. Not only that, the height is adjustable. The shade material used in the fixture consists of wood. It means that the light offers wood and metal construction, which certainly increases its life span.

Most other lights on this list aren’t dimmable. However, this one is. All you need to do is attach a dimmer switch and control the brightness according to your requirements.

While the light might be large, the Sputnik design means that you can install it as the center of attraction.

If you are looking for a light fixture that stands out, go with this one.


  • Sputnik design
  • 6 different light sources
  • Sturdy construction
  • Versatile


  • The finish can be better.

If you are confused between the 3 options, check the buying guide below.

Best lights for slanted ceiling buying guide

Things to consider while buying the best lights for slanted ceiling

To choose between these 3 lights, compare them on:

  1. It’s important to consider the amount of light they offer. The last one in the list offers 6 light sources whereas the other 2 offer much less light. Take into account your illumination requirements and choose the light source accordingly.
  2. Apart from that, the light fixture’s finish and design matter a lot. Choose a light fixture that goes well with the decor of the room.
  3. Of course, the light bulb compatibility matters. Choose the lights compatible with the widely available bulbs.
  4. Keep in mind that you are buying only the fixture and would have to install it on your own. Therefore, it should preferably come with the hardware and should be easy to install, especially on slanted ceilings.
  5. Lastly, check the materials in use. The materials should last for years together so you do not have to worry about replacing the light fixture anytime soon.


What lighting is best for sloped ceilings?

Hanging lights are best for a sloped ceiling. You can easily find a rod that can bend and light with a flat installation fixture to install easily on the sloped ceiling. Apart from that, the track lights are an option as well because of easier installation.

Can you put LED lights on a slanted ceiling?

Yes, LED recessed lights are a good option for slanted ceilings. They provide excellent illumination without consuming a lot of electricity.


Regarding the best lights for slanted ceilings, it is best to go with any of the 3 options mentioned above. They not only provide adequate illumination but are also aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, when you go with these, you will enhance the aesthetics of the room in which you install them.

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