Lumbar support for driving – Top 10 best back support for driving reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

Do you often get tired while driving?

If yes, it might be due to a lack of lumbar support. There are special lumbar cushions available for driving. These provide back support when you’re driving. The exact lumbar support for driving that you choose will determine the level of comfort and support which it provides. Rather than making the mistake of going with the cheapest option and then repenting later, it is a good idea to go with the best lumbar support for driving.

When you search for best back support for driving, you will come across hundreds of options. Comparing them will take a lot of time. Instead, you can refer to the list below. I’ve gone through all of these options to compile a list of the top 10 Best back support for driving. The benefits mentioned below and the list will help you choose the right back support while driving without having to spend days comparing different options. If you’re unable to decide between these ten options, I will also include a buying guide below which can help you choose between them.

1. Gugusure Lumbar Support Pillow for driving


The cushion on top of my list can provide you with the entire back support. The ergonomic design makes sure that the support is excellent. Not only that, but it also has an orthopaedic backrest pad that you can install on your car seat. It is suitable for a normal chair as well.

The reason why it stands out is because of the stability it provides. It comes with the elastic straps, which means that attaching it to the car seat is easy. Once you do so, it will remain in place. The excellent cushioning ensures that you will remain comfortable throughout the drive.

Are you wondering about the material inside?

It consists of memory foam material that can conform to your body shape and provide you with support at the same time. It can absorb any pressure as well. If you suffer from neck pain, back pain or muscle pain, this foam will eliminate those.

In case, you’re wondering about the cleaning mechanism; it consists of a machine-washable mesh cover. The mesh cover is removable. The advantage of the mesh cover is that the breathability is on the higher side.

The dimensions of the lumbar support for driving are 17.7” x 15.7” x 5.9”.

Another feature that stands out is that it has 5-second rebound time. It means that it will come to its original shape. The multipurpose design and full back support, which it provides is the reason why it is on top of my list.


  • Full back support
  • Orthopaedic and ergonomic design
  • Memory foam cushioning
  • Conforms to body shape
  • Comes with machine washable cover
  • 5-second rebound time
  • Easy to attach to the car seat
  • Highly versatile
  • Excellent stability


  • Packaging needs improvement

2. Lower Back Lumbar Support Pillow


Do you prefer hypoallergenic lumbar support for driving?

If yes, this one beats that requirement. It consists of a 3-D mesh which is hypoallergenic. You need not worry about allergies and other such problems. Simultaneously, the breathable mesh can keep you comfortable throughout your drive.

The memory foam design ensures that it conforms to your body and provides proper support. You can use it in your car seat, at home, at work and in any other type of chair. The versatility is one of the main reasons why it is on my list.

The dual adjustable straps ensure that installation is quick and easy. The simplistic design, along with the comfort which it provides gives you no reason to complain.


  • Hypoallergenic design
  • 3-D mesh cover
  • Breathable
  • Easy to install
  • Highly versatile
  • Memory foam construction


  • Strap design can be better.

3. Lumbar Support Pillow, Pure Memory Foam Back Cushion


The contoured design of this lumbar support for driving is the reason why it is a worthy contender. Due to the same, it can help you with a back injury, chronic conditions, and various other problems.

The ergonomic design does not disappoint. It consists of memory foam. Not only that, but it also consists of cooling gel. You get excellent support, and your body temperature also is maintained. The cooling certainly comes in handy when using it on longer trips.

The lumbar support is easy to install. Also, you get an adjustable clip built along with it to install it. You can simply wrap around the straps on the back of your car seat. Removing it is equally easy.

The support comes along with the washable, removable, and breathable cover. The fabric mesh cover is breathable.
The skin-friendly material means that it is highly comfortable for long trips as well. The design of the support is such that it conforms to the body. It provides support to not only your spine but also the lumbar region, waist, and various other areas. That is what helps it stand out. If you’re looking for lumbar support for driving with support at other areas as well, you can go with this one.


  • Contoured design
  • Full back support
  • Adjustable one clip installation
  • Memory foam construction
  • Skin-friendly material
  • Breathable cover on offer


  • More straps would have been better.

4. SOFTaCARE Seat Cushion


The unique feature of the seat cushion is that it comes with upper back support. The 2-piece design makes it comfortable as compared to other lumbar supports.

Both of them consist of memory foam. The memory foam conforms to your body. The non-slip design means that they will remain in place. The built-in handle allows you to carry it around easily.

With the help of washable cover, cleaning it is not going to be a problem. The 3-D breathable mesh certainly makes it easy for you to use.

The design is such that you can use it in your car seat, chair, or even in the airplane seat. The cushioning effect is excellent, and you will get proper support throughout your journey.

It includes 100% memory foam which means that you don’t have to worry about the quality of support.

With proper 3-D ventilation, it is easy for you to remain cool. Also, there is a storage pocket for your smartphone, as well. Thus, if you’re looking for a highly effective lumbar support for driving, you can go with this 2-piece set.


  • Two-piece design
  • 100% memory foam construction
  • 3-D breathable mesh
  • Storage pocket on offer
  • Non-slip rubber foam bottom


  • Lower back support is limited.

5. Desk Jockey Lumbar Pillow Support Cushion


Want a lumbar support design by a physical therapist?

The one that I am highlighting now adapts that approach. The contoured memory foam back support means that the support you get is excellent.

The advantage of this lumbar support is that you can use it in your car, office chair, recliner chair, motorized chair and so on. It can reduce the pressure on your body and provide you with excellent support.

It conforms to the shape of your body in just 30 minutes. It is possible due to the premium quality memory foam on offer.

The cover is breathable and machine washable. You can remove it and install it quite easily. It comes with extension strap as well, which means that installation is not going to be an issue.

You get a travel bag with it which allows you to take it with you wherever you go.

The exact dimensions are 14”x 13” x 4”. The item weight of 2lbs does not disappoint either. The fact that a physical therapist has designed it certainly makes it better than many other options.


  • Designed by a physical therapist
  • Contoured memory foam construction
  • Conforms to body shape in just 30 minutes
  • Premium quality construction
  • Machine washable & breathable cover


  • Quality of storage bag could be better.

6. Vertteo Full Lumbar Support for Driving


With 90% molded pure memory foam, the support which is cushion provides is excellent. You need not worry about things like back discomfort, lumbar pain, and so on.

You can use it in cars, boats, trucks, etc. It is suitable for public transport like an airplane, buses, and even trains.

The long adjustable elastic strap ensures that you can install it on the seat easily. It comes with a secure clasp which makes it easy for you to keep it in place.

The anti-slip surface on the back allows you to rely on it easily. The lumbar support comes with an additional strap as well, which is another reason to go for it. The white zippered opening means that removing the cover and installing it back is quite easy.

The cover is washable, which allows you to maintain it in hygienic condition.

It is certainly one of the best lumbar support for driving.


  • 90% molded pure foam construction
  • Highly versatile
  • Comes with long adjustable elastic straps
  • Washable cover on offer
  • Anti-slip surface


  • Needs more straps

7. Winjoy Lumbar Support Pillow


Do you prefer support to provide entire back coverage?

If yes, you can go with this option. It can help you eliminate problems like stiffness, tension, and back pain.

The 100% memory foam design certainly helps it stand out. It is breathable. Additionally, it is eco-friendly, which is another advantage.

The design is such that it can help you regulate your body temperature. It absorbs moisture as well.

The memory foam adapts to the shape of your body, which provides added support. The non-slip mesh design can keep you in place.

Using the durable and adjustable straps, installing it on the car seat is not going to be a problem. You get two extension straps along with that as well.

The 3-D ergonomic design ensures that you get support at multiple points of your body. The extra thick and extra-wide design also helps it stand out.

The breathable mesh cover keeps you comfortable throughout the journey. Additionally, it is a removable and washable, which is another reason to go for it. When you look at all these features, it is easy to understand why this lumbar support stands out.


  • Entire back coverage
  • 100% memory foam construction
  • Breathable design
  • Easy to install and remove
  • 3-D ergonomic design


  • The strap could have been longer.

8. Villsure Lumbar Support Pillow


The dimensions of this lumbar support for driving are 17.7” x 15.7” x 5.9”. The memory foam design means that it conforms to your body. Conformity can provide you with excellent support and comfort.

The 3-D ergonomic design and ensures that it can provide multipoint support to your back. The advantage of multipoint support is that there will be no excessive pressure on any part of your body. You will not have back pain and other such problems.

You get an adjustable elastic strap along with it. The elastic straps ensure that the cushion will not slip. It will remain in place throughout your drive.

On the outer side, you get a cover. The cover is removable and washable. The breathable cover can keep you comfortable even for long hours.

The good news about the lumbar support pillows for driving is that you can use it not only in your car seat but also in your normal chair, office chair and so on. The applications are virtually endless. The versatile design certainly makes it stand out.

The full-back design of this lumbar support gives you no reason to complain.


  • Memory foam design
  • 3-D ergonomic shape
  • Multipoint back support
  • Comes with adjustable elastic straps
  • Non-slip design


  • Packaging can be better.

9. KULIK SYSTEM – New Lumbar Support for Car


Do you prefer unique lumbar support for driving?

If yes, you should consider this one. It provides support to your spine and lower back area.

The ergonomic design means that it can help you in maintaining your posture as well. Additionally, it comes in 2 different color options.

The premium quality means that durability is not an issue. Also, it can absorb any vibrations while driving as well. The advantage of vibration absorbing design is that you need not worry about fatigue.
The high quality perforated PU leather is comfortable and enhances the durability. Breathability is not going to be an issue due to this perforation. You need not worry about sweetness or dampness. The minimalistic design makes it an option worth buying if you do not want to go with the traditional lumbar support for driving.


  • Minimalistic design
  • Multipoint support
  • Ergonomic design
  • Premium construction quality
  • Breathable design


  • Stability could be better.

10. TISHIJIE Memory Foam Lumbar Support for Car


With three color variants, you have some choice when going with this lumbar support for driving. Also, the lumbar support is ergonomically designed. It means that you will get proper back support quite easily.

The soft and comfortable construction certainly reduces the pressure on your back.

The high-density memory foam conforms to the shape of your body. The level of support which it provides is excellent. It is odorless as well, which means that maintaining it is not a problem.

You get two elastic straps and buckles along with this lumbar support. These elastic straps and buckles aim to keep the lumbar support in place. The invisible zipper design means that it is aesthetically pleasing.

You also get a 3-D breathable mesh cover. The breathable design can keep you comfortable for longer drives.

You can remove the cover and wash it clean. Maintenance is not going to be an issue.

You can use it in cars, SUVs, trucks, and a variety of other automobiles. The minimalistic design, along with its high effectiveness, certainly makes it a good choice.


  • Highly versatile
  • Memory foam construction
  • 3-D breathable mesh cover on offer
  • Highly versatile
  • Easy to install and remove


  • Packaging needs improvement

Benefits of lumbar support while driving:

There are numerous benefits of using lumbar support while driving:

Lower fatigue:

Because of the fact that your back will always be getting proper support, even after long drives, you will suffer from less fatigue.

Less impact of terrain:

If you’re driving on bad roads, the lumbar support can ensure that you do not suffer from back pain.

Makes the car seat more comfortable:

Another reason you should use the lumbar support for driving is to ensure that your car seat becomes more comfortable. It does not matter whether you’re using a four-year-old car cover or a brand-new one; lumbar support can make it more comfortable for you.

When you’re searching for the best back support for driving, these ten options should be on your list. I’ve gone through hundreds of options to pick these top 10. You can also use the buying guide below to make the purchasing decision easier for you.

Lumbar support for driving buying guide

The buying guide will give you details about the parameters on which you should compare these lumbar supports for driving.

Things to consider before buying Lumbar support for driving:

The things to consider are:

• Form factor:

You have to find out if the lumbar support will cover the entire seat or just provide support to the lower back. If it provides multipoint support, it is a definite advantage.

• Construction quality:

The foam available inside the lumbar support determines the durability and comfort level. Only memory foam can provide you with proper protection. If it does not consist of memory foam, you can skip that one.

• Installation mechanism:

You must check the installation mechanism. If it comes along with straps and buckles, it is the easiest way to install. If it has any cumbersome installation mechanism, it is better to avoid it altogether.

• Maintenance:

The lumbar support for driving should come along with a cover. The advantage of cover is that you can remove it and wash it clean. You need not worry about washing the entire lumbar support. You have to find out whether the cover is hand washable or machine washable. The lower the maintenance, the better it is.

• Breathability:

It is important to choose breathable lumbar support. Breathability can keep you comfortable throughout the drive. It can also help you maintain your body temperature. If the cover is not breathable, there is no point in buying such lumbar support for driving.

When comparing the best lumbar support for driving, doing so on these five parameters will help you choose the perfect option easily. I will now go into the details of FAQs to help you understand more about these lumbar supports.


How do you support lumbar while driving?

The best way to support the lumbar region while driving is to use additional lumbar support for driving. My list of top 10 options above can help you choose one easily.

What does lumbar support do in a car?

Rather than just relying on good posture, it is a good idea to buy additional lumbar support for your car. Doing so will not only provide proper support to your bike but also help you maintain the right posture.

Do lumbar support cushions work?

Yes, as long as you choose ergonomic lumbar support for driving which consist of memory foam, they do work. They can make driving much more comfortable.

How should you sit comfortably while driving?

The best way to sit comfortably while driving is to use lumbar support. Additionally, there are a few other tips which you need to keep in mind like:

• Sit straight
• Make sure thighs have seat support
• Do not keep your head slouched

These tips, in addition to the lumbar support, can help you sit comfortably while driving.

Thus, if you want to have a comfortable drive, it is a good idea to purchase the lumbar support for driving. My list of top 10 Best a back support for driving will easily help you pick the right option. It is time to provide proper support to your back and also maintain proper posture with the help of these lumbar supports for driving.

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