Magnetic key holder for car – Top 5 best magnetic key holder for under car reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

Are you looking for a secret way to store your car keys?

How about a magnetic box that you can stick under the car?

That way, you would never be locked out of your car without the key. The discreet design of the magnetic key holder for the car ensures that only you know where it is. When going with such a magnetic key holder for under car use, you have to choose a reliable choice. Comparing every option available or trying out different options is not a choice.

Instead, you can refer to my list of top 5 magnetic key holders for cars below. I have taken into account the form factor of these magnetic key holders and also their reliability. Only after comparing numerous options, I have compiled this list of top 5. Choosing from it ensures that you will have a reliable option by your side. I will share a buying guide so that you can easily choose between these three magnetic key holders for cars.

1. MiniMag Plus Extra Large Waterproof Strong Magnetic Stash Box


The second spare key holder for car on my list measures 5″ x 3.5″ x 2″. The weight is 6 ounces, so handling it is not going to be a problem.

For example, you can do that whether you want to store jewelry or stash cash. It is a great option for storing modern car key fobs as well.

With the help of powerful magnets, you can stash it in any nook and cranny of your car. Once you attach it, you won’t have to worry about it accidentally falling off due to the powerful magnets.

This magnetic key holder under the car is also suitable for GPS tracking. When you look at the interior dimensions, those are 4.25″ x 2.8″ x 1.4″. That is why; storing any GPS device inside it is undoubtedly going to be possible and easy. Moreover, the versatile jet-black color ensures that it is not visible. Due to the same, you can hide it with greater ease.

The dimensions are carefully chosen to ensure that it is compatible with smaller tracking devices. Whether you want to use Spark Nano, micro tracker, or anything else, you can do so with this case.

Wondering about the space inside?

It offers you 16 in.³ of storage space. It is more than enough for storing the case, car key fobs, GPS devices, and even cash on an individual basis.

The manufacturing process of this magnetic spare key holder for car is pretty stellar. For starters, the box does not consist of any defects or screws. That is why the wear and tear is limited. You won’t have to worry about moisture because of the same. Another weak point in most such boxes is the placement of magnets. However, this one takes care of that as well.

The magnets are sunk into the enclosure. That is why the sturdiness is not compromised in any way, and the magnets cannot be easily separated from the box.

The rubber gasket around the battery meter ensures that water will not go inside. Even when submerged in water, there will be no leak inside, and the contents will remain completely safe. There is another advantage of the rubber gasket seal. It also provides an airtight seal, which ensures that the contents inside are perfectly safe.

The alloy steel material has a special coating which makes it waterproof. Alloy steel imparts it durability, and the coating ensures that water won’t affect it.

Powerful neodymium magnets ensure that once you attach it to the frame of your car, it will not come off easily unless you remove it yourself.

If you want to keep valuables inside, it comes with two removable soft foam inserts. These ensure that there will be no scratches on your valuables, and they will be perfectly safe. If you want to maximize the storage space of this magnetic key holder for under car, you can remove these inserts. After that, you can keep in it whatever you want.

The versatility and the excellent construction quality of this magnetic key box under the car make it a good choice.


  • Watertight and airtight construction
  • Lightweight but sturdy design
  • Powerful neodymium magnets on offer
  • Can work as a GPS tracker
  • Comes with two removable foam inserts


  • The finishing could have been better


2. Gorilla Box Heavy-Duty Waterproof Magnetic Stash Case


The best thing about this key hider for car is its availability in three sizes. While it is available in the plus-size, today I will only speak about the standard size.

Whether you want to hide car keys or anything else inside it, you can do so. In fact, you can use it as a key box for your home or as a stash box or hide it in your car underneath. In case, you’re wondering about the internal dimensions, those are 3.19″ x 2″ x 1.2″.

Since this magnetic box for car keys comes with a couple of neodymium magnets, you can stick it underneath the frame of your car. These magnets can carry loads up to 50 lbs, ensuring that they will remain in place.

If you want to use it for the watch, or any other gadget besides keys, you can do so. The reason for the same is its waterproof nature. Even in monsoons or when exposed to water, the contents inside will remain completely dry. Not only water, but it can handle any other type of weather as well. Even if it experiences mud and snow, there will be no wear and tear. Due to the same, it can last for years together.

Wondering how it is so sturdy?

The magnetic car key holder is made from ABS and PVC material. That is the reason why it can handle all types of weather.

There is another application of this box. You can put a GPS device inside and use it as a GPS box. If you want to keep track of your car for safety reasons, you can use this box for that as well.

A lot of thought has been put into the color of this under-car key holder. The color has been selected so that it matches most of the chassis. That is why, if you’re sticking it underneath your car, it will camouflage appropriately. No one will be able to spot the box.

If you want to store multiple keys, it has more than enough space for the same. That is why there is no need to buy a secondary box for the extra key. As long as you have the standard key, you can save multiple such cases.

With all the necessary features incorporated, this magnetic key box for car won’t disappoint you.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Weather-resistant
  • Highly versatile
  • Powerful neodymium magnets on offer
  • It can be used as a GPS box
  • Camouflage color


  • Packaging could have been better


3. Magnetic Container with Twin Neodymium Magnets


The USP of the magnetic box under the car is its weatherproof design. Whether the box experiences sun, snow, mud, or rain will keep the contents completely dry. Whether you want to keep a key fob, car keys, jewelry, or cash, it is entirely safe. This property of the box also makes it versatile.

The box consists of two neodymium magnets. Due to the powerful magnetism of these magnets, they will stick under the frame of the car pretty easily. That is why hiding the case is certainly possible.

Also, if you want to track your vehicle with the help of a GPS tracker, this one is compatible with that as well. You can easily keep the GPS tracker inside and track your vehicle at all times. It is compatible with most tracker models as well.

In case you’re wondering about the dimensions, those are 3.3″ x 2.7″ x 1.8″. The dimensions are pretty small, but the space inside is large enough for car key fobs, keys, GPS trackers, etc.

The extremely durable design ensures that the contents inside will be completely safe even if it suffers an impact.

Besides being usable for car owners, they are also suitable for bikers. The applications are virtually endless.

The plastic casing on the outer side ensures that it does not suffer from much wear and tear. Besides that, it is not susceptible to water damage or rusting either.

Thus, it is a versatile and useful magnetic box for spare car keys.


  • Suitable for car owners and bikers
  • Consists of two neodymium magnets
  • Weatherproof design
  • Compatible with GPS trackers
  • Extremely durable


  • Magnet design can be better

4. Locker BOXX Waterproof Hide A Key


I primarily like this magnetic key box hider because it is suitable for car keys and GPS tracker devices. Whether you want to keep the keys safe or want to track your vehicle anywhere it goes; this one is certainly a good choice.

While searching for a magnetic box under the car, it is important to look at the interior dimensions. That will help you understand what you can keep inside it and what you cannot. The internal dimensions are 3.25″ x 1.75″ x 1.5″. That is why; you can keep car keys easily inside it.

When you look at the magnets, it consists of two neodymium magnets. Due to the same, it becomes easy to stick it under the frame of your car.

In addition to car keys, you can also use it while fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, biking, and even running. The applications are virtually endless.

A waterproof design ensures that the contents inside will remain completely dry even if it is submerged in water.

The heavy-duty hinges ensure that it will last for years together. That is why replacement won’t be required.

Thus, go with this one when you’re looking for a reliable magnetic hide a key holder.


  • Compatible with GPS tracker devices
  • Consists of two neodymium magnets
  • Extremely versatile
  • Waterproof


  • Finishing can be better


5. MagnetPal Magnetic Key Hider For Cars


Are you looking for a magnetic spare car key holder?

If so, this one in the shape of a lock, is certainly a good option.

This car key hider comes with a ring as well. That is why, if you want to use it as a keychain, that is certainly possible. When not using it as a keychain, you can stick it underneath your car with a magnet that comes along with it.

Compared to many of the other boxes, this one consists of a larger magnet. That is why, once you stick it underneath the car frame, it will remain in place. Even if the magnetic box for the spare key consists of a heavy object like a GPS tracker or anything else, it will remain in place because of the powerful magnet.

Even though it is made from metal, it consists of a plastic liner. The job of the plastic liner is to ensure that rust does not impact the box. Due to the same, whether you speak about the magnet or the case itself, rusting won’t occur.

In total, the pressure that the magnet can handle is 12 lbs. That way, it will remain in place. That is only possible because of the neodymium magnet.

In case, you want to use it indoors rather than in your car; you can do that as well.

When looking for a magnetic box for under-car which comes with a powerful magnet, you can go with this one.


  • Powerful neodymium magnet
  • Unique shape
  • Metal construction with a protective liner
  • Can handle 12 lbs of pressure


  • Packaging needs improvement


When looking for a reliable way to store your keys, these magnetic key holders for cars are perfect for you. I’ve gone through numerous key hider for car options to compile this list of top 5. I will now share a buying guide to help you select between these 5 options.

Magnetic key holder for car buying guide

The buying guide will apprise you about the parameters to consider while comparing the magnetic key holder for cars.

Things to consider before buying a magnetic key holder for car:

The things which you should keep in mind include:

• Magnets:

You have to first and foremost look at the number of magnets on offer. Ideally, two magnets should be present. You have to also ensure that the sticking power of the magnets is on the higher side. Only when that is the case can you go ahead and buy that magnetic key holder for car.

• Versatility:

You have to look at the space available inside the magnetic key holder for car. Space should be such that you can use it for keys, GPS trackers, and so on. If it has a multipurpose design, that is a definite advantage.

• Weather resistance:

You have to also choose one that can handle any weather. If it is waterproof, that is a definite advantage. The weatherproof construction will protect the keys inside and keep them entirely safe.

• Casing quality:

The casing next needs to be sturdy. Only then, the keys will be well protected.

Once you compare the top 5 best magnetic key holder for under car use on these five parameters, choosing the right one will be easy. I will now answer the FAQs to inform you more about such a magnetic key holder for car.


Where to put a magnetic key holder for car?

Ideally, you should stick the magnetic key holder for car underneath the car. It is perfect for sticking beneath the chassis. In that way, it remains not only discreet but also secure. Moreover, since only you would know where it is, you can access the keys easily.

Are car keys magnetic?

Car keys made of iron, steel, or nickel are magnetic. If none of these metals are present in your car keys, they aren’t magnetic.

Can magnets ruin car keys?

Magnets won’t ruin car keys. In most cases, the magnetic field can affect instruments like hard disk. Other than that, the magnets do not affect the transmitters in the car key fob or the car key itself. That is why; you can easily keep the car key in the magnetic holder without worrying about spoiling the car key.

Can magnetic key holders be broken into?

Usually, magnetic key holders are quite secure. However, they can be broken into with the right tool like a saw or other brute force tool.

Where can I put a magnetic key holder in my car?

There are a few places to keep the key holder. These include:

• Tire well
• Inside the flap of the gas tank
• Hitch receiver box
• Back of front license plate

How to block FOB signals if the case doesn’t block RFID?

You need to wrap the key fob in a metal sheet like aluminum foil and place it in the case. The aluminum foil will block the key fob signal, and the key fob will remain secure in the case.

Are these magnetic key holders secure?

The magnetic key holder is secure under normal circumstances. However, against a saw or brute force, they might not hold for a long time.

Can you keep key holder stuck during car washes?

While the magnets in the magnetic key holder are waterproof but if water is directly applied to the key holder, it will fall. That is why it is better to remove the magnetic key holder before washing your car.

How long do these key holders last?

Usually, these key holders can last for 5 to 7 years. In case they are exposed to water frequently, their lifespan can decrease by a year or so.

If you’re looking for a secure way to store the keys, my list of magnetic key holder for car above will certainly help you out. You can choose from the 5 options above using the buying guide. Now, you will not have to worry about the forgotten keys ever. You can simply use the spare key in the magnetic key holder for car underneath the car to unlock it.

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