Motion sensor outdoor lights – Top 3 best motion sensor outdoor lights reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

The list below consists of the best outdoor lights with motion sensors. Two of them are aesthetically pleasing lights, while the third resembles streetlights which you can install on your premises or out on the street. Therefore, when you go with this list, you can buy the best motion Sensor outdoor lights which meet your requirements exactly.

1. VIANIS 2 Pack Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights



With a sensor range of 40′ and coverage of 220 degrees, this light can cover a large area. Almost instantaneous turn on because of the photocell sensor, makes it effective.

Motion sensor mode of this light turns it on after sunset at 30% which increases to 100% brightness and then again 30% brightness once there is no activity for 2 minutes. There is a dusk to dawn mode as well. Off-course, you can operate it manually with an On/Off switch.

Response time of only 1 second ensures quick operation.

100% aluminum construction makes it lightweight, rust resistant, and waterproof.

E26 socket makes it compatible with most bulbs. With dimmable control, it is easy to control the illumination.

Besides water, this light can handle sun, windy conditions, and so on.

Clear glass finish provides proper illumination. Mounting plate included makes installation easy.

Light can be installed on any exterior wall. Buy the twin set and you can cover a fairly large area.

Versatility makes it a good set of motion sensing lights to buy.


  • Set of two
  • Available in two finish options
  • E26 base
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a photocell sensor
  • Numerous operational modes on offer
  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction
  • Dimmable controls
  • Dusk to dawn sensor incorporated


  • Included screw design can be better.

2. BRIMMEL Outdoor Solar Wall Light

The advantage of this motion Sensor for outdoor light is its minimalistic design. That is why it works pretty well with any exterior. However, the features of this outdoor light do not stop at this. It is solar powered. The solar panel is integrated into the design. It is on top. That is why; you need not attach a solar panel separately.

With 10 hours of illumination, the solar panel can store enough charge to run the light for up to 8 hours. Because of the integrated solar panel, you won’t have to worry about adding any wires or looking for a socket.

In addition to the sensor mode, it has the dusk to dawn mode. That way, after sunset, it will light up on its own, and at sunrise, it will turn off on its own. There is no need to operate it manually.

Since it comes in a pack of two, it is easy for you to illuminate a larger area. That variant is also available if you want to buy in a single quantity.

In total, the light offers you three different modes. The first one is the dusk to dawn mode. In this, it offers a 60 lm of light output and can easily last from dusk to dawn. There is also the semi-bright level. In this case, the light remains semi-bright when no motion is detected. When motion is detected, it turns out at a 40% brightness level.

There is also the motion in which there is no light when no motion is detected. When there is any movement in the vicinity, it provides complete brightness.

The sensor is such that it can detect motion in a range of 10 meters. Also, the angle is 120°. That is why; it can cover a fairly large area without any issue.

It is also possible if you want to make it work in the traditional on and off state. There is a switch for the same. However, in this mode, you will have to manually operate it.

If you are buying any outdoor light, it is also important to know about the illumination it offers. This one offers you 600 lm of light. It offers 3000 K LED warm white light. That is why; you get excellent clarity when going with this light.

The construction quality is excellent because of the aluminum casing. Along with that, the light has a special spray coating. This means you won’t have to worry about rain, moisture, or even snow. The light offers you an IP44 waterproof rating. That is why it is such a good choice for outdoor lighting.

Thus, go with this one if you’re looking for a minimalistic outdoor light with motion Sensor and solar panel integrated.


  • Integrated solar panel
  • Different modes of operation
  • IP44 waterproof rating
  • Heavy-duty aluminum casing
  • Available in single quantity or set of two
  • Offers excellent clarity
  • Minimalistic design


  • The solar panel can be more efficient

3. LEDMO LED Street Lights


If you’re looking for lights similar to Street lights, you can go with this set.

The integrated solar panel ensures you will not have to worry about installing additional lights when going with these lights. The integrated solar panel ensures that the lights are pretty compact. That is why; they do not occupy a lot of space either.

You can buy in sets of 3 or four. The choice is yours.

The Pole mounted design ensures that installation will not take much time. You can install them on the wall. So, installation isn’t going to be an issue.

If you look at the solar panel that is integrated, it consists of a polycrystalline silicon structure. That is why the efficiency is pretty high. The solar panel’s high efficiency means that you can charge the entire light in under 6 hours.

With a motion sensor, you can easily illuminate a large area automatically when someone is in the vicinity. There is dusk to dawn mode on offer as well. That way, if you want the light only to work after sunset, you can also use it in that mode.

Whenever motion is detected, the LED Flood light will be eliminated with 100% brightness. When motion is not detected, it goes to energy-saving mode with 30% brightness. The response time is just two seconds when motion is detected. When motion is not detected for thirty seconds, the light will revert to 30% brightness. Consequently, it becomes easy for you to illuminate the area in case of any movement. All this works in conjunction with the dusk to dawn sensor. That is why, during the daytime, there will be no energy wasted.

Every one of these light consists of 528 LEDs. Because of the same, the level of illumination you get is excellent.

The aluminum construction ensures you won’t have to worry about any weather. Even in the rain, the light will continue to operate. The highly efficient solar panel means that even in the rain, the solar panel will be able to charge the battery, and in turn, you can use the light.

With so many features and close resemblance to street lights, you cannot go wrong with it.


  • Available in a set of 3 and 4
  • Integrated solar panel
  • Pole-mounted or wall-mounted design
  • Numerous operational modes
  • Weather resistant


  • Installation hardware quality can be better.

In case of any confusion about these outdoor lights, refer to the buying guide below.

Motion sensor outdoor lights buying guide

Things to consider before buying motion sensor outdoor lights:
Once you compare these lights on the parameters highlighted below, it will become easier to choose the right one.

• Detection Range:

The motion detection range of the outdoor lights should be at least 15 to 20 feet. If the range is even higher, that is better.

However, simply going with the motion sensing light, which has the highest range, is not the solution. Let’s say you are installing it on your lawn of 15 feet. Beyond that is the pavement or street. If the sensor range is 25 feet, every time someone walks on the pavement, the light will turn on. That is unnecessary wastage of energy.

So, you must look at the area you want to cover with sensor and then choose the light.

• Sturdiness:

Light needs to be installed outdoors. When it is installed outdoors, you cannot remove it every time there is inclement weather. You need a light that can handle any weather conditions. That is why; buy one which can handle moisture, snow, and so on.

• Illumination:

While searching for the illumination of the light, you have to look at the overall illumination. This is measured in lumens.

Apart from that, you have to look at the color of the light, and the type of glass through which this light is emitted, as that will change the glow.

Once you change the illumination on these parameters, it becomes easier to choose a light that is perfect to create the ambiance which you want.

• Installation:

Such light can be installed on the pole or on the wall. Some of the lights can be installed in of these ways. You have to determine which installation method is convenient to you and, after that choose a light.

• Powering mechanism:

Such lights can either work on traditional electricity, in which case you will need to connect the wires to the nearest port. Apart from that, they can be powered through solar energy as well. If you buy solar-powered ones, you have to find out whether the solar panel is integrated or you need to install that separately. That is because if you need to install it separately, the light will need much more space than traditional light.

Thus, it is important to look at the powering mechanism and then take a call.


Can you turn-off motion sensor on the outdoor lights?

Yes, you can turn off motion sensor on outdoor lights. Most such lights offer you different operational modes, including the manual one. You can use that mode and switch off the motion sensing capability of the light.

Do outdoor motion sensor lights only work at night?

Even though a few lights offer motion sensing capability during the daytime, most work only during the night if you want to use them in the motion sensing capability.

Can you add a motion sensor to existing outdoor lights?

Yes, you can add a motion sensor to an existing outdoor light. However, for the same, you must disconnect and install the motion detector in the circuit and use the lights. It is a much more intricate procedure than it sounds. Only when you have previous experience in doing so can you add a motion sensor to existing outdoor lights.

Are motion sensor lights worth buying?

Yes, motion sensor lights are definitely worth it. They alert you to any movement in the vicinity and utilize energy only when someone is around.

Where do you put motion sensor lights outside?

You can install motion sensor lights in the patio, lawn, driveway, outside the back door, outside barn walls, and so on. The applications of a motion sensor for outdoor light are virtually endless.

Instead of comparing different motion sensor outdoor lights on various e-commerce stores, simply go with any of these motion sensor outdoor lights, and you shouldn’t have a problem ever.

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