Outdoor light sensor socket – Top 3 best outdoor light sensor socket reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

When you’re using outdoor lights, it is a good idea to buy lights that come with sensors. With the help of the sensor, the light will turn on at any movement. After a while, it will turn itself off. That way, you do not have to illuminate it manually.

Not only that, you have to buy outdoor lights which can fit into the E26 socket as well. These lights have sensors suitable for outdoor use as well as compatible with the E26 socket. Today, I will share with you the top 3 best outdoor light sensor socket options.

I will share a buying guide with you so that you can choose between these three light options.

1. Sengled Motion Sensor Outdoor Flood Light Bulb


The light that I am highlighting now comes in a pack of 2 and offers 5000K daylight. The design is such that you can use it in the garage, driveways, and so on. That is why; it becomes easier for you to use it wherever you want.

With the help of a superior motion sensor, it is easy for you to get illumination after sunset. With a 100° direction angle, the coverage is excellent. The detection distance of the sensor is 23 feet. That is why; it is effortless for you to get proper illumination with the help of the sensor.

There are three different operation modes on offer. The 1st one is motion detection mode, and there is the dusk to dawn mode as well. It means that it will turn itself on after dusk, and at dawn, it will turn itself off. There is an always-on mode as well. That way, you will not have to rely on any external factors for getting proper illumination.

With the help of 1500 lm light output, the illumination is excellent. The energy-saving design means that it can reduce your electricity bill by 85%.

You need to install it facing downwards or perpendicular to the wall surface. Once you do so, the sensor will work appropriately.

The life span of 50,000 hours ensures that you won’t have to replace it anytime soon. It is compatible with an E26 light bulb base. That is why, if you want to change the bulb, you can easily do so.

The super bright light with the different operational modes on offer makes it a reliable choice.


  • 1500 lm output
  • Three different modes on offer
  • Long lifespan
  • 100° direction angle
  • Pack of 2
  • Offers 5000 K daylight
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with E26 light bulb base


  • Packaging can be better

2. Sensor Lights Bulb Dusk to Dawn LED Light Bulbs


The light which I am highlighting now comes in a pack of 2. The requirement of each bulb is 7W. That is why; it is energy efficient in design.

The built-in sensor ensures that it will turn itself on after dusk, and after dawn, it will turn itself off. That way, you will not have to operate it manually.

The LED chip inside ensures that the life span is excellent. That is why you won’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

The E26 and E27 compatible base ensures that installing it in any socket is easy.

Additionally, it consists of an aluminum heat sink. That is why, even if you want to use it throughout the day and night, you will not have to worry about the temperature increasing.

The design is such that you can use this bulb in the basement, garage, stairs, and hallway.

The energy-efficient design is one of the reasons why you should go with it.


  • Dusk to Dawn sensor on offer
  • Energy-saving design
  • Long lifespan
  • Highly versatile
  • Easy to install


  • Illumination can be more

3. Westek Light Sensor Socket Control for Outdoor Light Bulbs

The advantage of this outdoor light is that you can use it indoors as well as outdoors. It comes in a pack of 2.

With the help of a dusk to dawn sensor, it is very easy for you to get illumination in the darkness.

Want to customize the light output?

If so, it has a timer on offer. That way, if you want to illuminate at any other time, you can do so easily.

Ideally, you can install it in the E26 socket. That way, you will not have to worry about putting in a lot of effort and installing it. The LED bulbs ensure that the energy consumption is on the lower side.

The bulb’s design is such that it is suitable not just for occupied homes but also for newly occupied ones.

The customization options of this outdoor light sensor socket option make it a perfect choice.


  • Timer function on offer
  • Dusk to dawn sensor
  • Pack of 2
  • Easy to install
  • Energy-saving design


  • Limited instructions

Now that you are aware of the top 3 outdoor light sensor sockets, it is time to understand how to choose between them. The buying guide can help you with the same.

Outdoor light sensor socket buying guide

The buying guide will cover the parameters on which you should compare the outdoor light sensor sockets.

Things to consider before buying an outdoor light sensor socket:

The parameters which you have to take into account include:

• Sensor functionality:

The sensor can either work on movement or outdoor light conditions. You have to look at the functioning of the sensor, and only after that can you buy the right light.

• Compatibility:

You have to look at the compatibility with the socket as well. Ideally, it should be compatible with the E26 or E27 socket.

• Illumination:

You have to look at the Illumination color and the amount of illumination. Once you look at both of these, it will become easier for you to choose the right light.

• Durability:

Additionally, you have to look at the durability of the light as well. It should have a durability of more than 20,000 hours. When that is the case, it becomes easier to use it for years together.

Once you compare the bulb options on these four parameters, choosing the right light becomes easy. I will now share with you the answers to some FAQs.


Are outdoor light sensor sockets rugged?

Yes, these lights are extremely rugged. They can indeed last for years together.

Thus, when searching for the best outdoor light sensor socket, these 3 lights are a good choice for you.

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