Best outdoor light strips with remote control- Top 3 best outdoor light strips with remote control reviews, buying guide & FAQ

Light strips can help illuminate larger areas without taking up much space. Light strips can be flexible ones (that you can stick) or solid ones, which you can install on the wall. Whichever one you want to buy, the list below consists of the best outdoor light strips with remote control.

1. Segrass 50ft LED neon Lights 24V RGB LED Strip Lights



The advantage of this light strip is that it illuminates an area of 50ft because of its long length. Of course, it is remote-controlled. Additionally, it is mobile app controlled as well. Consequently, it becomes easier to operate it.

It has a timer function if you need an alternate mechanism to control it. With accessories like power supply, screws, etc included, installation is easy.

The light strip is waterproof. Not only that, you can install it indoors and outdoors. The total length of 50′ consists of 1620 LEDs. That’s why the overall level of illumination the strip offers is excellent.

As for the strip, you can bend it 360 degrees. Therefore, installation is easy. IP65 waterproof rating means it is entirely safe for use. With 24V DC power required and an adapter of the same specification included with it, powering it isn’t a problem. Strip doesn’t produce much heat, so it’s possible to touch it if required.

When installing such a long strip, you might have to cut it. The advantage of this strip is that it has problem cut marks every 0.98 inch. You can cut the strip here; the piece would still work well.

App and remote allows you to change the color of the light and customize it. With music synchronization available, if you want to create the ambiance according to the sound, you can do so. All these features help it stand out.


  • 50′ length
  • App controller and remote-based controlled
  • Ability to customize color
  • Music synchronization available
  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to cut
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


  • Installation takes comparatively longer.

2. RSN LED Wall Washer Outdoor Light


If you want a solid outdoor light strip, go with this. It offers RGB lighting mode along with various other color options. LED lights ensure that illumination is excellent.

A remote control range of 20 meters means you can control the light from a distance.

Built-in memory mode means you won’t have to modify the light settings repeatedly.

Light strips can handle elements of weather, and therefore, installation on outdoor walls, billboards, and advertisements is possible.

With a 180-degree adjustable bracket, it is possible to direct the light in the proper direction. IP65 waterproof rating is another reason to go for it. The light strip comes with a 47″ cable, which allows you to power it easily.

50k hours of life means once you install it, you won’t need to replace it soon. With all these features incorporated into the light, this is certainly an outdoor light strip you can’t go wrong with.


  • Numerous modes
  • Reliable remote on offer
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable brackets
  • Weather resistant


  • The fade function can be better.

3. Novostella 105ft (52.5×2) Smart LED Outdoor Rope Light



For many applications, you might need a longer light strip. Since the length of this light strip is 105′, it is easy to cover a fairly large area. Also, the IP65 rating makes it perfect for outdoor settings.

In total, the strip consists of 960 LEDs. In addition to the remote control, the light strip comes with app-based control. The app allows you to customize the exact color, which means that creating the right type of ambiance is possible.

Even when installed outdoors, the light strip won’t face any discoloration. Also, the waterproof rating means the light will perform reliably over time. As for the construction of the strip, there are double copper plates which do not reduce the brightness over time.

The light strip consists of a mic as well. That’s why music synchronization is on offer as well. For installation, you get various accessories like cable ties, glue, buckles, etc. Apart from that, it has a timer mode. That’s why you can use this light strip if you don’t want to operate it manually.

A lifespan of 50k hours ensures that it’s easy to use this light for long. In total, the strip consists of 5050 LEDs. Since it can operate over a large temperature range, you don’t need to remove it in any season.

With so many features, you can’t go wrong with this outdoor light strip with remote control.


  • Large operating temperature range
  • Extremely durable
  • IP65 rating
  • Multiple control mechanisms
  • 105′ length


  • Can’t work with Alexa

Best outdoor light strips with remote control buying guide

Things to consider while buying outdoor light strips with remote control

When choosing such a light strip, consider things like:

  1. First, decide whether you want a flexible or solid light strip. Accordingly, you can shortlist the right option.
  2. The length of the strip matters a lot. That determines the overall area that can be illuminated.
  3. Weather resistance is another factor to consider. The light should be waterproof. It should be able to handle a wide range of temperatures.
  4. Installation accessories should come with the light strip. It should offer necessary things like brackets, screws, etc.
  5. Apart from remote control, if the light strip offers some other control mechanism, you should prefer that light strip.


Are LED strip lights good for outdoor use?

Yes, most LED light strips are waterproof and can be installed outdoors.

Is it OK to leave LED light strips on all night?

Yes, they can be left on all night as they don’t produce much heat. Besides, they don’t consume much electricity either. Therefore, you can safely leave the light strips ON.

What is the average lifecycle of LED strip lights?

Such light strips can easily last for over 20,000 hours. Therefore, there is no need to replace them anytime soon.

Do LED strip lights overheat?

LED strip lights produce little heat. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t produce heat at all. Without a heat dissipation mechanism, there is always a risk of them overheating.

When looking for the best outdoor light strips with remote control, these are the 3 options you can choose from. They are reliable, can handle weather elements, and last for years together.

If you are wondering how to power these lights, check out my post on outdoor lights with gfci outlet to get a reliable power source.

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