Outdoor light with usb port – Top 3 best outdoor light fixture with usb port reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

There are many different types of rechargeable outdoor lights available these days. However, instead of going with any light, it is a good idea to choose one which has a USB port. That way, you can charge those lights pretty quickly.

To help you buy such lights, I’ve gone through the numerous lights in the category to pick the 3 best outdoor light fixtures with USB ports. I will highlight those below and couple them with the buying guide to make choosing between these 3 lights easier.

1. Solar Lights Outdoor Super-Bright 418 LEDs Lights


The lights we are speaking about now come in a set of 2. You can charge them with the micro USB port on offer and with the help of solar energy.

Each of these lights consists of 418 LEDs. That is why they can provide 3500 lm of illumination. There are 3 different lighting modes on offer.

When you speak of the battery, it is 4400 mAh.

Also, the field of view is 120° which means it can cover a reasonably large area. The sensor can detect any movement up to 16 feet. If you want to use it for illuminating your premises whenever someone is around, you can certainly do so.

The solar panel included is laminated. That is why it is pretty efficient.

When you look at the casing, that is of ABS material. Owing to this reason, it can handle rain pretty easily. The IP 65 rating means that it is entirely waterproof.

The installation process is pretty simple, which is another reason to go for it.

The weight of the light is 890 g. That is why it is easier to handle and install.

With such different features on offer, you certainly cannot go wrong with this outdoor light with a USB port for charging.


  • Wide field of view
  • Efficient solar panel
  • Waterproof design
  • Set of 2
  • High illumination
  • Dual charging mechanism
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Lightweight design


  • Finishing can be better

2. Wasserstein 4-in-1 Wired Floodlight


Firstly, this light is compatible with a camera. However, it does not come with a camera. You can buy it separately.

The light I’m speaking about now can serve four in one functionality. It is a floodlight that can illuminate a large area.

It offers 2000 lm, which ensures that covering a large area is possible. If you’re installing the camera, it can also illuminate the camera properly.

The case on the outer side is waterproof. Owing to this reason, charging it and using it for years together isn’t a problem.

Since it comes with a USB charging cable, you will not have to buy the charging cable separately.

The light intensity sensor and the Motion sensor range of 33 feet. That is why detecting the motion and the light is certainly possible and easy.

The IP 65 waterproof rating makes it sturdy. Also, the charging cable comes with a silicon layer, which makes it waterproof.

Since it is hardwired, installing it is undoubtedly easy.

On the backplate is of EVA gasket. This further provides strength once you install it.

It is worth choosing this outdoor light which has a USB port.


  • Two types of sensors are on offer
  • Heavy-duty casing
  • 2000 lm light output
  • Comes with a USB charging cable
  • IP 65 waterproof rating
  • Easy to install


  • Limited instructions to install

3. B BOCHAMTEC 8 Pack Solar Flame Lights


If you’re looking for lights that you can install on the ground or on the wall, this one is a good choice. These come with stakes, and therefore installing them into the ground is easy. You can easily modify or fold the stakes to install on the wall.

The remote-controlled design means that controlling the lighting and the colors of the LED is possible.

On a single charge, these can last for 12 hours. There are 13 different color choices on offer.

The IP 65 rating means that they are waterproof. That is why once you install them, there is no need to change them for years together. The double plastic layer is the reason why they can withstand any weather.

With the help of the remote control, you can set a specific time for which they will remain on. After that, they will turn off on their own.

For installation, you do not require any wires or any cable.

5 different installation methods ensure that you can install them wherever you like. Of course, you can keep them on the ground or dig them deeper into the ground or even install them on the walls. The choice is yours.

The flame effect adds to the aesthetics.

A USB port is offered if the sunlight is weak to charge these lights. This happens only in the winter months.

When you’re looking for versatile outdoor lights with a USB port, do consider this option.


  • 5 methods to install
  • Dual charging mechanism
  • Flame effect
  • Comes with a remote control
  • IP 65 waterproof rating


  • Installation takes some time.

Numerous outdoor lights have USB ports. However, the 3 above are the best ones in the category. You can check out the buying guide below if you need some help choosing between these 3 outdoor lights.

Outdoor light with usb port buying guide

Things to consider before choosing and buying outdoor light with usb port:

While comparing the outdoor lights, consider things like:

• Illumination:

You have to look at the color of the light and the amount of light they have on offer. Only then can you determine how large an area the lights cover.

• Installation mechanism:

You can install it such that it is on the ground or on the wall. You have to decide where to install them and after that, you can buy the lights.

• Weather resistance:

Such lights should be able to handle any weather. Only, in that case, they will last for years.

• Ambience:

You cannot ignore the ambience which the lights offer and the aesthetics of the light.

Once you compare the lights which come with USB ports on these parameters, choosing the best from the three is easy.


Can USB outlets be used outdoors?

Yes, USB outlets can be used outdoors. Today, many outdoor lights consist of USB outlets through which you can power them. There are outdoor lights available with weather-resistant USB outlets as well. The point is, yes, USB outlets can be used outdoors.

Can LED lights be powered by USB?

Yes, you can power LED lights through USB ports. They are pretty versatile and compatible with many LED lights. Instead of using the traditional socket to power an LED light, you can use USB cables and ports.

Is USB cable included with outdoor light with usb ports?

Yes, these lights come with a USB cable

While searching for outdoor light with USB port, these 3 options will not disappoint you. I have also included a buying guide in case you aren’t able to decide between these 3.

It is understandable that there are many different types of lights and you might be looking for something else. In that case, read my post on best outdoor light with GFCI outlet, Best solar barn light, or Best purple floodlight outdoor to choose any other.

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