Best outdoor lights for beach house – Top 3 Best outdoor lights for beach house reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

Want to illuminate your beach house?

If so, getting outdoor lights made explicitly for beach houses is a good idea. There are numerous such lights available, but you need to go with a reliable one that can provide illumination and proper aesthetics.

I have compiled a list of such lights below so you can choose one easily. Below the list, I have also included a buying guide to help you understand how to choose between these options.

1. Acclaim 7501BC Lanai Wall Mount Outdoor Light Fixture


When you’re looking for a light for your beach house, you need something with a tropical theme. This light exactly fits that requirement. The unique aesthetics of that light will undoubtedly help you create the proper tropical ambiance. Besides the aesthetics, the light has many different features on offer.

To start with, the light offers you textured glass but lets most of the light pass through. That is why; the illumination which you get is excellent. The unique pineapple shape will undoubtedly add to the aesthetics.

Moreover, if you look at the installation mechanism, it has a wall-mounted design. It comes with a back plate for the same. It means that when you want to mount it on the wall, it is easy to do so.

You can buy this light in a set of one or a set of two.

Since it is wet listed, it is easy for you to install it outdoors in the beach house.

It comes with a 60W medium base. That is why, even if you want to replace the bulb, you will not face any issues with that.

In case you’re looking for a color option, it is available in bronze and black color options. The choice is yours.

The heavy-duty frame, along with the sturdy glass, ensures that wear and tear aren’t going to be a problem with this light.

Want to know which material is the frame made from?

It uses a cast aluminum frame. Because of the same, you won’t have to worry about rust no matter how high the humidity is.

Every feature of outdoor light for your beach house provides it with an edge over other options.


  • Pineapple-shaped design
  • Cast aluminum construction
  • Wall mountable
  • Available in single or double quantity
  • Wet rated construction
  • Compatible with most bulbs


  • Finishing can be better.

2. Cerdeco Aureole-Series Stainless Steel Modern Porch Light


Some people prefer a modern-looking light for their beach house. If you’re one of them, this light will meet your requirement.

The contemporary streamlined design makes it quite slim. Besides that, it consists of heavy-duty stainless steel construction. The heavy-duty stainless steel construction prevents rust. It makes the light suitable for any weather.

However, that’s not all! The construction goes further by providing a satin nickel finish to the light. It is because of this finish that it looks pretty elegant.

Due to the stainless steel construction and the finish, it is weatherproof and rust-resistant. If you look at the waterproof rating, it is IP64. Because of the same, even if it is installed for years outdoors, it won’t malfunction.

It is hard-wired and, therefore, effortless to install. It can work anywhere from 100V to 220V.

The response time of the light is excellent. The moment you turn it on, you will notice the illumination. There is no need to wait.

The design of the light is such that you can install it indoors and outdoors. It means that whichever way you want to use this light, you can do so quite easily.

The design of the light is such that you can use it with any bulb under 60W. It will save a lot on electricity. That way, if you want to use efficient LED bulbs, you can certainly do so.

Apart from the nickel finish, it is available in black and white finishes. Because of the same, you can choose one which fits the aesthetics of your beach house perfectly.

The overall height of this light is 13 inches. That is why it is pretty compact. The excellent skills Manship ?? ensure that you won’t have to worry about any kind of deformity with this light. Once you receive it, you can install it right away.

You can go with this one when you’re looking for modern outdoor light for your beach house.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Different finish options are available
  • Hardware design
  • Compatible with any bulb below 60W
  • IP64 waterproof rating


  • The screws included can be better designed

3. EERU Waterproof Outdoor Wall Sconces


The sturdy metal construction is one of the main reasons this beach light is on my list. Such a construction ensures that whether the light experiences rain or any other weather element, it can handle all of that well. Apart from the construction, it is you will ?? listed as well. It means that the quality is pretty superior. The superior quality means that it is entirely safe to use consistently. The weather resistance of this light is one of the main reasons you should buy it.

The seeded glass provides an excellent glow to this light. Because of the same, the ambiance that it creates is perfect for the beach house. The point is that even though it is designed for a beach house, you can use it on any premises. Besides the beach house, you can install it on the balcony, corridor, patio, etc.

The hard-wired design means that installation is not going to be a problem. Along with the hardware design, it also comes with all the hardware. That is why you won’t have to buy anything separately if you want to install it.

The wall-mountable design means that wherever you want to install it, you can do so quite easily. Also, you get the back plate with the hardware and instructions.

Of course, when buying outdoor light, it is essential to look at the bulb compatibility. That is why you can easily use a CFL, halogen, dimmable, LED, or any other bulb. This one has an E26 base.

An additional feature of this light is its dusk to dawn sensor. That is why, if you do not want to operate it manually, you can do so as well.

With the help of two color options, you can choose the one which is aesthetically pleasing according to the exterior of your beach house. That is why it will blend into any exterior quite nicely.

Up until now, I’ve only highlighted the lights with metal construction. However, you would be happy to know that it consists of galvanized if I ?? run housing. The galvanized design means that rust will not impact it. Besides that, it has a high-temperature paint layer on top. Because of the same, it is easy as well.

Even though the glass is seeded, the transmittance is pretty high. Because of the same, the level of illumination is excellent.

With all these features, you cannot go wrong with this outdoor light for beach house.


  • Available in 2 color options
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Rust resistant
  • E26 base


  • Installation takes time

You can easily decorate and illuminate your beach house with these lights. If you’re wondering how to choose between them, refer to the buying guide below.

Outdoor lights for beach house buying guide

Things to consider before buying outdoor lights for beach house:

While comparing these outdoor lights for beach house, you should consider things like:

• Construction quality:

The frame or the housing of the light matters a lot. The material should be able to handle humidity and UV rays. It should be made from materials like metal or polycarbonate. If it has a coating that can resist rust, it is perfect for your beach house.

• Bulb compatibility:

These days, no one likes to buy outdoor light compatible with only a single type of bulb. You can change the bulb type if it has something like an E26 base. However, you cannot ignore bulb compatibility before choosing the outdoor light.

• Aesthetics:

Since you are buying it for the beach house, it is essential to look at the aesthetics of the light. Aesthetics include the color, finish, and shape of the light. Only once you consider these three aspects can you decide whether it goes well with the exterior of your beach house or not.

• Installation:

It is better to buy a light which is wall mounted. Also, buy one that comes with the hardware so you do not need to buy it separately.

After comparing these lights on these parameters, choosing the right one becomes easy. I will now answer some queries about outdoor lights for beach house.


How to illuminate the exterior of a beach house?

The best way is to use exterior wall-mounted lights designed for beach houses.

Why do people light up the exteriors of their beach house?

One of the main reasons to illuminate the exterior of the beach house is to provide better security. Also, with lights, you can improve the aesthetics of the exterior of your beach house as well. Thus, for safety and aesthetics, it is best to illuminate the outside of your beach house.

Are LED lights good for the outside?

Yes, LED lights are good for the outdoors because they consume little power and produce little heat. Since they are compact, they can be cased inside an exterior frame that can protect them from weather elements.

No longer you have to compare hundreds of lights to choose the ones for the exterior of your beach house. Simply go through my list above, and you can buy the best one easily.

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