Outdoor planters – Top 3 best large outdoor planters reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

Outdoor planters can make it easy for you to manage plants outdoors. However, you need them to be sturdy as well. Instead of buying the smaller ones, it is better to get large outdoor planters so that you can plant multiple plants.

To help you buy sturdy large outdoor planters, I have gone through hundreds of such planters to make a list of the best planter options below. I will not only highlight these best planters but also share a buying guide so that you can choose between these planters.

1. Veradek Metallic Series Outdoor Span Planter


The advantage of this large outdoor planter is that it is available in two size options. The first size is 24”x 12” x 30”. If you need a bigger planter, it is available as 30” x 10” x 38”. You can buy any of the variants you want. Today, I will speak about the smaller variant.

The good news is that there are three different color options in both these variants. That way, you can choose one that perfectly matches your home’s exterior.

When buying an outdoor planter, it is essential to consider the construction quality. To start with, it uses galvanized steel. It means that sturdiness isn’t going to be a problem. Apart from that, it is seam-welded as well. That way, even at the edges or the joints, there will not be much wear and tear. Additionally, it has a powder-coated design. It means that rust won’t be a problem.

With these construction aspects, you will not have to worry when keeping this planter outdoors. It will last for years together even after handling various elements of weather.

There is, however, another advantage of this planter. It has a unique finish which makes it scratch-resistant. That way, the aesthetics are maintained for years together.

Instead of looking at the exterior of the planter, it is also essential to look at the interior. This removable shelf is interchangeable. You can use this shelf to keep the pots or everything organized. If you want to remove this shelf, you can do so in no time.

To make it easy to grow the plants inside this planter, it also consists of drainage holes. Riser feet at the bottom ensure that you will be able to keep it on the uneven surface easily as well.

I have highlighted numerous aspects of this outdoor planter that help you understand why it is so sturdy. However, it is crack resistant. Because of the same, even if there is a direct impact, this planter can handle it.

Another unique feature of this planter is the Styrofoam insulation. That is another way to insulate the plans from the harsh elements of the weather outside. It also prevents moisture loss from the soil inside.

Whether you judge the planter based on aesthetics, usability, or sturdiness, this one meets all of those requirements. That is why; it is on top of my list.


  • Available in different color and size options
  • Heavy-duty powder-coated galvanized steel construction
  • Comes with a removable interior shelf
  • Provides insulation
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Small feet incorporated at the bottom
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


  • Need to be packaged better

2. Worth Garden 9 Gallon Tall Round Planters Set of 2


In case you need outdoor planters but ten different shapes, you can go with these. These planters come in a pair and a capacity of 9 gallons each. If you look at the dimensions, they are 14 inches in diameter and 21 inches in height. That is why; they are certainly categorized as large outdoor planters.

Also, there are three color options available. You can buy them in peach, black, and white color option. That is why; you can go with the one which matches the aesthetics of the exterior of your home.

When you look at the shape, it consists of a curved shape. The solid matte finish ensures that the planter is aesthetically pleasing.

The material and design of the planter allow you to create as many drainage holes as you want. Because of the same, draining water from the planter will undoubtedly be easy.

Apart from this, the planter is weather-resistant as well. It can handle UV rays, rain, snow, and so on.

Since you know so many properties of this planter by now, you would want to know the material from which it is made as well.

The best thing about this planter is that it is made from polypropylene plastic. This material can handle almost anything. When you compare the weight of polypropylene plastic with ceramic, you will realize that this one is 30% lighter. Because of the same, moving it around is undoubtedly easy.

Plastic is wear and tear-resistant. Due to the same, this one can last for years together without much damage.

Tall planters are undoubtedly good when you want to plant tall plants. These are not only tall but highly durable, and that is why these outdoor planters are such a good choice.


  • Set of two
  • Polypropylene construction
  • Lightweight design
  • Weather-resistant
  • Available in 3 color options
  • Aesthetically pleasing design


  • Color representation can be better.

3. PurePino 28 Inch Tall Outdoor Planters Set of 2

The advantage of these planters is that they have a height of 28 inches. Because of the same, they are pretty large. They come in a set of two. Consequently, planting in two different planters is possible once you get the set.

The modern aesthetics ensure that they go with any exterior.

Apart from the exteriors, it is also important to look at the material from which the planters are made. These are made from recyclable resin. The advantage of resin or plastic is that it is resistant to fall. That way, even if you accidentally drop this planter, there will be no cracks or other damage. Besides that, the resin is highly durable as well.

Apart from resin, there is another advantage as well. The resin is recyclable. Consequently, when buying this planter, there is hardly any footprint. That is because they are Eco friendly.

To make planting easy, it comes with a built-in tray as well. The tray’s design is such that you can easily plant larger plants. The planter will not require any modification even when going with larger plants.

At the bottom, you get drainage holes. Because of the same, excess water can drain out without much trouble.

If you’re wondering about the overall capacity of the planter, that is 13 gallons. That makes it arguably one of the largest outdoor planters you can go with.

With so many features, you simple cannot go wrong with these planters.


  • Set of two
  • Recyclable resin construction
  • Built-in tray on offer
  • Set of two
  • Weather-resistant


  • Finishing can be better.

While these are the best large outdoor planters, if you cannot choose between them, refer to the buying guide below.

Outdoor planters buying guide

Things to consider before buying outdoor planters:
You should compare the above large outdoor planters on aspects like:

• Shape:

The shape can vary from one option to another. There is no best one to go with. You have to decide which planter shape you prefer and choose accordingly.

• Size:

Just saying large planters don’t specify a size. That is why to choose the right planter; you need to look at the exact dimensions of one and then take a call.

• Construction material:

The material of the planter matters the most. If you need ones you can keep outdoors, you can go with plastic, resin, or polypropylene. All these are extremely sturdy and can handle any weather.

• Drainage:

The planter needs to have a drainage valve well. That way, you can easily eliminate excessive water. It should have ready-made holes, or it should be made from a material such that you can make the holes yourself. Only then planter is worth buying.

I will now answer some FAQs regarding such planters.


What makes a good outdoor planter?

A good outdoor planter is one that is durable and has proper drainage provisions as well.

How tall should an outdoor planter be?

The outdoor planter should be half as tall as the plant. If the plant is 12 inches, the planter should be at least 6 inches.

When searching for the best outdoor planters, these are the options you can go with. They are the best in this category, extremely durable, and facilitate proper drainage. Instead of spending hours comparing different planters, choose between these.

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