Outdoor post light with GFCI outlet- Top 3 Outdoor post lights with GFCI outlet reviews, buying guide & FAQ

An outdoor post light can provide illumination and help you power appliances like lawnmowers, CCTVs, BBQ grills, and more. To do that, choose the best outdoor post light with a GFCI outlet.

Below, I have curated a list of 3 such lights to make it easy for you to purchase. I have analyzed the specifications of these lights and their functionality to select the 3 best options.

1. PARTPHONER Outdoor Lamp Post Light with GFCI Outlet


The advantage of this post is that apart from the 3 light sources, it offers 2 GFCI receptacles. It means you can power further gadgets or lights from it. It’s easy to power security cameras, Christmas lights, etc.

Of Course, for that to happen, the post needs to be sturdy to last long. It’s made from die-cast aluminum material and has clear glass to facilitate this. The waterproof IP65 rating is another reason to go for it. With the E26 base included, using any bulb is possible.

A corded electric design ensures, there won’t be any glitches while using it. Rustic 3 head design further adds to the aesthetics.

Whether looking for reliability, aesthetics or plenty of light, this post fulfills all those requirements.


  • IP65 rating
  • 3 light sources
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Season variant available
  • 2 GFCI outlets on offer


  • Hardware included isn’t upto the mark

2. PARTPHONER Dusk to Dawn Outdoor Lamp Post Light with GFCI Outlet


This light post also comes with 2 GFCI outlets, but there is a difference from the above option. It’s available in the black finish and bronze finish option. Consequently, it becomes easy to choose one that goes with your home’s exterior.

Apart from that there is a dusk to dawn sensor. Therefore, you can choose that mode if you want it to operate without any intervention.

The GFCI outlets can power heavy-duty appliances like lawn mowers, etc.

With a 3 head design it certainly propagates light in all directions. Since it is hardwired you can use it round the year without much damage.

Installation is possible in concrete or the hole dug in the ground. Almost all the accessories that you need for installation are included. With clear glass on offer you can be sure that there will be maximum light dispersal, making it easy to gain proper visibility.

Aluminum construction and clear glass certainly make it a good light post option. All in all it’s certainly a reliable option.


  • 2 GFCI outlets
  • Easy to install
  • Clear glass
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Dusk to dawn sensor incorporated


  • Bare minimum instructions

3. Apoto Dusk to Dawn Outdoor Lamp Post Lights with GFCI Outlet


The advantage of this light post is that the GFCI outlet on offer is suitable for 2 or 3 pronged plugs. Since it’s aGFCI plug, there’s no need to worry about short circuits, power surges, or any such issues.

With a dusk to dawn sensor, you need not worry about operating it manually although it is possible.

As for the construction, it uses aluminum. Since die-cast aluminum is used you need not worry about wear and tear. On top there is a black finish and the light shades have copper interior, which accentuates the light emitted from the light post. In a nutshell, it’s a light post that appears vintage. You can choose between black finish or the matte black finish.

Since it’s specially designed for outdoor use, it has an anti-rust and anti-corrosion coating. It can also handle snow, wind, frost, and rain. The weatherproof design for the outlet means that you can power any gadget through the outlet very easily.

If you are wondering about the light source, it offers an E26 socket. It means you can do that easily if you want to use an LED CFL or some other light source. Since it can handle a maximum load of 1740W, you need not worry while connecting BBQ grills, lawnmowers, or other gadgets.

For easier installation you get things like the mounting base, accessory kit, installation instructions, and 2 headed light post.

All in all, it’s a reliable option when looking for outdoor post light with gfci outlet.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Can handle any weather elements
  • Dusk to dawn sensor included
  • Easy to install


  • Has only 1 outlet

If you want a post with gfci outlet, check these 3 options and choose between them using the buying guide below. If you are looking for any other type of lights check my post on outdoor light with gfci outlet, or outdoor light for steps.

Outdoor post light with gfci outlet buying guide

Things to consider while buying outdoor post light with gfci outlet

When comparing these light posts, consider things like:

  • Construction quality:

Light posts must be sturdy; otherwise, you might have to replace them soon. That’s why look at the material in use and after that take a call.

  • Number of outlets:

Certain light posts offer 2 outlets, whereas others offer 1. Decide the number of outlets you need and choose accordingly.

  • Light sources:

The posts themselves are light sources as well. Therefore, check the socket and compatibility of those light sources before buying.

  • Aesthetics:

Lastly, the aesthetic of the light post matters a lot. It should go well with the exterior of your home.


Can you put lights on a GFCI circuit?

Yes, you can put lights on a GFCI circuit. You should proactively do so, as that eliminates the probability of short circuits or any other faults occurring within your home’s lighting system.

Does a lamp post need to be GFCI protected?

According to NEC, only light fixtures to be installed outdoors must be GFCI protected. That’s because they are at a great risk of developing electrical faults due to the weather.

Is GFCI required for outdoor lights?

According to NEC, outdoor lights require a GFCI outlet to ensure they do not suffer from short circuits or other such electrical faults.


Don’t spend hours going through the confusing specifications of outdoor post light with GFCI outlet. Simply check the 3 options above, and choosing the right outdoor post light won’t be an issue.

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