Outdoor prep station – Top 5 best outdoor food prep station reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

Outdoor prep stations can make your life easier if you like to cook outdoors. They are perfect for events and parties as well.

The question, however, is which outdoor food prep station should you choose?

I will today help you out with the same. I will share with you the 5 best outdoor food prep station so that you can make the buying decision easier. Along with it, I will share a buying guide so that you can choose between these five options. I have compiled this list of 5 options after spending weeks in research. Therefore, when you’re choosing from this list, you are buying the best.

1. Titan Great Outdoors Barbecue Prep Station


The outdoor prep station which I am highlighting now can work as a grill accessory or a stand-alone prep station. You can use it in place of serving cart as well, which is the reason why it is on top of my list.

With the help of 2 shelves, you have plenty of prep space available as well.

The heavy-duty steel construction means that you will not have to worry about wear and tear. Despite that, it is lightweight. It has four wheels, our of which, it ls lockable. Consequently, stabilizing it is not a problem.

The height of the cart is 36 inches. The overall footprint is of 24” x 14.5”.

The upper shelf is at the height of 32 inches. The middle shelf is at a height of 16 inches. You have some storage space at the bottom as well. That can come in handy when you want to store pots, pans, and other such utensils.

The two shelf design of this outdoor food prep station is what helps it stand out.


  • Consist of 2 shelves
  • Highly versatile
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Extremely portable
  • Height of 36 inches
  • Stable design
  • Ample storage space


  • Packaging can be better.

2. Giantex Folding Camping Kitchen Table


The USP of this outdoor prep station is that it comes along with the windscreen. The advantage of the windscreen is that wind will not hamper even when you’re using a portable stovetop on it.

Another advantage of this outdoor prep station is that you can use it for picnics, backyard, tailgating parties, and so on.

The frame is extremely stable. You get a sturdy X-shaped frame. Owing to this very reason, it can handle wind as well. The heavy-duty Oxford fabric does not disappoint.

Are you wondering its load carrying capacity?

It can carry up to 55 LBS of weight. It consists of the tabletop as well as side tables.

The rounded corners ensure that it is safe to use. The rubber sleeve ensures that you will not have to worry about it slipping as well. It is extremely stable.

In total, you get a large tabletop and two side tables. There are lower side shelves on offer as well. The two side table consists of 2 additional shelves as well. With so much storage space available, you cannot go wrong with it.

The tabletop is heat resistant, which is another reason why you should go for it.

When not using it, you can fold and take it with you wherever you go. There is a carry bag for the same.

The tool-free assembly certainly makes it easy to use.

The large storage space is what makes this outdoor prep station such a good choice.


  • Consist of the tabletop and side tables
  • Ample storage space
  • Wind resistance
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Portable design
  • Highly versatile


  • Bit bulky

3. Best Choice Products Portable Outdoor Grilling Table


The USP of this outdoor prep station is that it consists of a water-resistant aluminum tabletop. Along with that, you get a sturdy steel frame as well. Both of these materials make them highly durable.

As for the storage space, you get three spacious tabletops. There is a wire rack on offer. You get for hanging hooks and paper towel holder as well.

What more could you ask for?

With so much storage space and fixtures available, it is one of the versatile outdoor prep stations you can go with.

The weight is just 16 LBS. Also, the foldable design allows you to fold it and carry it around easily. It comes along with a carry bag for the same.

You can use it for backyard parties, tailgating parties, sporting events, beach, and so on.

You can assemble it in less than a minute. You will not have to opt for the elaborate tools or elaborate procedures to assemble it.

The weight carrying capacity is 66 LBS.

Are you wondering about the size?

The exact dimensions of table are 56” x 19” x 32”.

With such a storage space available and heavy-duty construction, you cannot go wrong with it.


  • High weight carrying capacity
  • Portable design
  • Ample storage space
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Portable design


  • Carrybag can be better.

4. Giantex Portable Camping Kitchen Table


The next option, which I am highlighting now, is not an ordinary outdoor prep table. In fact, it is a portable kitchen in itself.

The large cooking table comes along with the windscreen. The portable cooking station ensures that you can cook anywhere.

It is suitable for barbecues, tailgate parties, picnics, and so on.

It consists of a sturdy steel frame. Along with that, you get heavy-duty Oxford fabric.

The weight carrying capacity is 55 LBS. You get a tabletop along with side tables on both sides.

The protected corners ensure that it is completely safe to use around children as well. There is a sleeve for the same.

Moreover, it consists of space for a gas canister as well. There is a connection hole at the back. Owing to this very reason, powering the stovetop is not going to be a problem.

The two storage shelves below the tabletop ensure that you can keep utensils and various other things easily.

The weight carrying capacity of 55 LBS certainly makes it much better than many other options.

Want to carry it around?

No issues! It is lightweight and design and foldable. You get a carry bag to carry it around. The weight is just 23 LBS. Consequently, it will be easy for you to take it with you wherever you go.

You get the installation manual along with it. The tool-free assembly makes it easy to use.

The unique combination of these features certainly makes it a good choice.


  • Multifunctional design
  • High weight carrying capacity
  • Sturdy frame
  • Portable design
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Separate space for gas canister


  • Limited instructions

5. Suncast DCP2000DTD Portable Outdoor BBQ Station


The USP of this outdoor prep station is that it consists of 2 drop-leaf extensions. Both these can provide you with extra prep space.

The aesthetically pleasing design means that it will complement the exterior decor of your home quite easily.

The sturdy resin construction means that it can handle any weather. Moreover, the durability is excellent due to the resin construction.

When you look at the storage space, you can use it to store cups, napkins, trays, and various other things. The bottom cabinet is suitable for grilling accessories and other such large things as well.

With wheels at the bottom, moving it is not going to be a problem.

The dimensions of the outdoor prep station are 23” x 22” x 34”.

Thus, if you’re looking for a resin outdoor prep station, you can certainly go with this option.


  • Consist of 2 drop-leaf extensions
  • Ample storage space
  • Resin construction
  • Long lifespan
  • Highly versatile
  • Portable design


  • The finishing could be better.

Now that you know the five best outdoor food prep stations, I will share with you the buying guide. Thu buying guide will let you know the parameters that you should consider while choosing such an outdoor prep station.

Outdoor prep station buying guide

The buying guide will help you learn about the parameters to consider while comparing these.

Things to consider before buying an outdoor prep station:

The things to consider include:

• Storage space:

You have to look at the tabletop space. Additionally, you have to look at the storage space as well. The higher the storage space, the better it is. On the tabletop, you will be prepping the ingredients. In the storage space, you will store pots, utensils, and so on. Therefore, it is crucial to look at both of these and then only make that buying decision.

• Construction quality:

Additionally, you have to find out if the outdoor prep station uses steel, aluminum, or resin. All these three materials are durable. However, it is important to look at the exact material in use and then make the buying decision.

• Portability:

Portability can refer to the foldable design. If it is foldable, it will be easy for you to carry around. Additionally, portability also means that it can have wheels at the bottom. You have to decide whether you prefer the one with wheels with the foldable design. Only when you are sure about that, you can make the buying decision.

• Versatility:

You have to also choose an outdoor prep station suitable for a variety of different applications. It can be suitable for storage, prepping, or even for cooking. You have to decide on which application you want to use the outdoor prep station, and then only you can make the buying decision.

Comparing the five best outdoor food prep stations on these four parameters will help you choose the right one easily. I will answer some of the FAQs to help you know more about such outdoor prep stations.


What can you use an outdoor prep station for?

You can use an outdoor prep station for cooking, storage, prepping ingredients. The applications are virtually endless. The list above consists of such versatile outdoor food prep stations. Once you go through the list above, you will be able to understand which outdoor prep table is suitable for which application.

How long can an outdoor prep station last?

In outdoor prep, the station can easily last for 3 to 5 years. If you maintain it well, it can even last for seven years. It all depends on the type of outdoor prep station which you are choosing. My list above consists of outdoor prep stations that can last for seven years.

The search for the best outdoor prep station ends here. I have already done the research for you. Therefore, when you choose from the best outdoor food prep stations above, buying the best one is easy. You can also use my buying guide to make things easier for you. In a nutshell, this list can make things easier for you to search for the best outdoor prep stations.

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