Best outdoor solar lights for signs – Top 3 best solar sign lights reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

When you want to illuminate any outdoor sign, using a solar sign light is a good idea. That way, you use renewable energy to light up the signs.

When you start searching for the best outdoor solar lights for signs, you will come across hundreds of options. To help you choose the right one, I have curated the list of the 3 best such lights available. Whether you’re looking for the light for a big sign like a billboard or a small one, the list below has them. Below this list, I will also share a buying guide to make selecting the light for you easy.

1. Solar Security Flood Light for Billboard


The advantage of this light is that it offers you 3 different illumination levels. You can choose the ideal illumination for the signs you are illuminating it with. The three illuminating levels are 1500 lm, 500 lm, and 150 lm. It can last for 2 hours on the first level, on the second for 7 hours, and on the third for 12 hours. That is why; you can also decide the level depending on the time frame you need the light to remain on.

Apart from that, if you want it to operate from dusk to dawn, you can certainly do so with the help of the inbuilt sensor.

White light ensures that the clarity it offers on the sign is excellent. That is why reading the sign isn’t going to be a problem when using this light.

This light offers high illumination because of the 180 pieces of LEDs inside.

It comes with a solar panel of Industrial grade quality which ensures that the conversion rate is excellent. Also, the light has tempered glass. That is why, when you install it outdoors, it will not break or get damaged. An anodized aluminum frame ensures that durability is excellent. The aluminum frame also acts as a heat sink. That is why it will not heat up even when using the light consistently.

When you look at the battery, it is a lithium battery. That is why; the efficiency of the battery is pretty high.

To connect the light to the cable length, you get a 16-feet cord as well. If you want to keep the solar panel away from the light, it is certainly possible.

Sunlight for 8 hours will charge the battery fully. With the help of an adjustable bracket, installing the light in such a fashion that the focus is on the signboard is undoubtedly going to be easy.

Even in the rain, the light will not get damaged with an IP65 rating. It will work appropriately.

Controlling the illumination level isn’t much of a problem with a button at the backside. Also, the memory function ensures that once you set the illumination level, you need not set it again and again.

Every feature of this outdoor solar light for signs provides it with an edge over other options.


  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • Aluminum casing
  • 1500 lm light output
  • 3 different brightness levels
  • Easy to install
  • Inbuilt lithium battery
  • Comes with this sensor
  • An excellent conversion rate of the solar panel
  • High heat dissipation capacity
  • 17 hours on a single charge


  • Cable quality can be better

2. SUN LONG 120 LED Solar Flood Lights for Billboard


I like this solar light so much because it has a run time of 12 hours on a single charge of 8 hours in the sun. Besides that, it consists of 120 LEDs which ensures that the overall illumination level is excellent.

If you’re wondering about the color of the light, it is 5500 K. All these factors ensure that the signboard or the Billboard you are trying to illuminate is extremely clear even in pitch darkness.

The light will turn on automatically after sunset with a dusk to dawn sensor. At sunrise, it will turn off on its own. That is why; manually operating it is certainly not required.

You get a 16.4 feet extension cord to connect the solar panel with the light. Due to the same, placing the solar panel where it gets you the maximum amount of sunlight will undoubtedly be easy.

With the help of metal brackets, installing the solar panel is easy. Also, the light comes with a bracket that ensures that you can do so wherever you want to install it without much of a problem.

The wide-angle reflector of the light ensures that it is highly focused on the signboard, and therefore the illumination is excellent.

Another feature of this light is the humidity seal. Leaving out the jargon simply means that water won’t impact the light. The thick casing of the light also helps with the same.

Whether you want to install or remove it takes a few minutes. Also, it comes with all the accessories to install. That is why; buying the accessories separately is not required.

If you’re wondering about the exact light output, it is 1200 lm.

With 50,000 hours of life span, once you install this light, you will not have to replace it anytime soon.

The polycrystalline solar panel ensures that the conversion efficiency is great, and therefore the battery charger is pretty quick.

The battery capacity is 4000 mAh. That is why it will last for many hours, even on a single charge.

Thus, this one certainly meets the requirement when looking for a highly durable outdoor solar light for signs.


  • Run time of 17 hours
  • Highly efficient solar panel
  • Includes accessories
  • Consists of easy to install screws and bolts
  • Wide-angle reflectors
  • Bright white light on offer
  • Consists of 120 LEDs


  • Limited installation instructions

3. Touch Of ECO LITEAGENT PRO – Solar Dual-Sided LED Post Light


The sign you want to illuminate often might be pretty small. In that case, the large spotlights that I have highlighted above might not be a good option. That is why; the light I am highlighting now is perfect for the smaller signs.

It uses LEDs inside, which ensures that the light is pretty bright. Apart from that, the adjustable mounting bracket means that you can focus it on the sign quite easily.

The installation is easy since it comes with the bracket and all the accessories you will need for installation. Apart from that, it is weather resistant. Because of the same, even in snow or monsoons, it will work perfectly well.

The auto turn-on mechanism at dusk and auto turnoff mechanism at dawn ensures that the light’s manual operation is not required.

In the package, you get two such rectangle lights, mounting brackets for each of them, and all the hardware you need. You also get detailed instructions. If you haven’t installed such a light before now, you will be able to install this one.

Whether you want to illuminate a real estate sign or business or the name of your restaurant, it is suitable for all of that and more.

Inside each light are six ultra-bright LEDs. That is why; the level of illumination is excellent.

The inbuilt battery is 800 mAh. Since LEDs consume little power, the light will easily last from dusk to dawn on a single charge.

Thus, go with this one if you’re looking for solar sign lights for smaller signs.


  • Pack of two
  • Dusk to dawn sensor
  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Consists of bright white LEDs


  • Finishing can be better.

It is time to look at the buying guide to choose between these lights.

Outdoor solar lights for signs buying guide

Things to consider before buying outdoor solar lights for signs:
There are a few parameters to consider when choosing such outdoor solar lights for signs. I will cover them below.

• Application:

First, decide whether you want to illuminate a large sign like a billboard or a small sign like ‘for sale’ or house number. For the Billboard, you would, of course, need a spotlight. Accordingly, you have to choose the light. Fortunately, the article above has both these types of lights, and therefore choosing one is easy.

• Installation:

Installation of such lights is usually easy. However, if you haven’t installed these lights previously, choosing one with all the installation hardware and accessories is better. That way, there is no need to buy anything separately.

• Solar panel positioning:

In some lights, the solar panel is inbuilt. In some others, it is separate. You have to decide and choose from the one in which the solar panel is inbuilt or one with a separate solar panel. Accordingly, the choice of light becomes easy.

• Light color:

Ideally, since you’re looking to illuminate the light, it should provide bright white light. You have to double-check this before choosing the light.

Now, I will answer some FAQs regarding such lights to better understand how they work and how you can install them.


Can solar sign lights stay out in the rain?
Yes, solar sign lights can stay out in the rain since they are weatherproof. You can keep them installed throughout the year.

Do outdoor solar sign lights work?
Yes, solar sign lights work if you choose the best ones. If you go with the substandard ones, they might have low battery capacity and might or might not provide proper illumination.

Do solar sign lights need the sun or just light?
Solar sign lights can be charged with artificial light; however, the efficiency is less. It is best to expose them to sunlight for better charging.

Illuminating any sign is no longer going to be an issue. You need to merely go with any of the above lights highlighted above, as these are the best outdoor solar lights for signs. Therefore, you are essentially going with the best in the category when choosing from them.

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