Patio sets – Top 3 best patio furniture sets reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

Patio sets can make it easy for you to use the entire patio. You can have a great time with your family and friends. However, when you compare the different patio furniture sets, you will realize that it is not that easy to choose the right one.

To help you out, I have shortlisted the three best patio sets below so you can choose between the best. In case of any confusion, you can also refer to my buying guide below to compare these patio sets and choose the right one.

1. XIZZI Outdoor Swivel Rocking Chairs Patio Furniture Set



The advantage of this 7 piece set is that it offers everything necessary to have a comfortable time outdoors.

The 7 pieces include 3 seater sofa, a couple of swivel rocking chairs, 2 ottomans, a gas fire pit (up to 50k BTU), a side table, 5 seat cushions, 5 back cushions, and a couple of ottoman cushions.

Numerous color options ensure you can buy it according to the patio decor.

Most sitting options provide a high backrest and ergonomic design. The sitting space is wide, making it comfortable for everyone.

The sofa has a sitting capacity of 660 lbs, and the chairs have a capacity of 250 lbs. The side table has a rattan edge design, which makes it versatile.

Handwoven, durable construction makes it long-lasting. It is water resistant, which makes it perfect for outdoor use. Easy installation with soft sponge sitting makes it an excellent choice.

All in all, it is not only stylish but extremely durable patio furniture set.


  • 7 piece set
  • Water resistant
  • Handwoven design
  • High weight carrying capacity
  • Easy to install
  • 50k BTU heat fire pit
  • Numerous color options available


  • Takes time to assemble

2. Tangkula 9 Pieces Patio Rattan Furniture Set


In case you’re looking for a smaller set, this nine-piece set will certainly meet your requirements. It is available in six different color options, and therefore it becomes really easy for you to choose one according to your aesthetic preference.

When you look at the construction of this set, it consists of a steel frame. That certainly increases the weight handling capacity and the durability of this set. However, to ensure that the set can handle humidity pretty well, it consists of powder coated steel frame.

Apart from that, the outer surface consists of rattan wicker material. The wicker material is made from polyethylene. That is why it is extremely lightweight, but it can handle any weather as well. This is why you can place it outdoors without any worry.

Most furniture pieces come with adjustable foot pads. That way, even if you’re keeping it on any surface, you won’t have to worry about the same.

The center of attraction of this furniture set is the fire pit table. That also comes with adjustable feet. The fire pit produces 60,000 Btu of heat. Because of the same, you can use it in autumn as well as winter easily. It comes with free lava rocks, which certainly add to the aesthetics.

If you’re wondering about the fuel, that is propane. It comes with a 20 lbs propane tank which you need to fill up before using the fire pit.

If you look at the comfort level, the set consists of padded seats, and you also get back cushions along with the same. That way, if you want to sit on the sofa, the chairs and pets use it for long hours, you will not feel any discomfort.

The fire pit table measures 42 inches. That is why; it is quite lengthy for everyone around to use it. It comes with a matching lid, and therefore you can use it like a normal table quite easily.

You get a waterproof storage bag which ensures that whenever you want to store the cushions and other accessories, you can do that with ease.

The tempered glass s used on top of the table ensures that wear and tear aren’t going to be a problem.

Along with the five-seat cushions for the sofa set, you get an additional pillow as well for proper support. That way, it becomes easier to remain comfortable on this patio furniture.

In total, you get four armless sofas, one storage box, one coffee table, one fire pit table, and two corners sofas. That is why a large family can sit on the patio set easily.

Thus, when looking for a versatile patio furniture set, you can consider this option.


  • 9p set
  • Tempered glass table on offer
  • Comes with a storage box
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Available in multiple color options


  • Color representation is not accurate.

3. Ovios Outdoor Furniture Set


The advantage of this patio furniture set is that it consists of only 6 pieces. That is why, if you have a limited amount of space on your patio, you should get this one. Before I go into the details of the various pieces, it is time to look at the construction quality of this set.

To start with, it consists of powder coated metal frame. The metal frame increases the weight handling capacity of this furniture set. The powder-coated design means that you will no longer have to worry about humidity or any other weather element. However, from the outside, you cannot see the powder-coated metal frame. That is because the outside has rattan material. The hand-woven wicker on top ensures that it is aesthetically pleasing as well.

The wicker is the reason why despite having such a sturdy frame, the furniture is not bulky at all. You can move it around easily. However, the design of the pieces is such that once you set them up, accidental movement will not occur due to high stability.

Along with the furniture pieces, you also get high back cushions. That is why; you won’t have to worry about lumbar support at all when getting this set. For proper support, you get armrests. That way, you are completely at ease.

The entire design of the furniture is such that it can handle UV rays easily. Whether you’re speaking about the cushions or furniture, UV rays won’t be a problem.

Another feature of the cushions is that most of them come with a removable cover. You can open the zip, remove the cover, wash it up and install the covers back again. That is why maintaining this furniture set is not going to be much of a problem.

These are not ordinary cushions. They consist of high-density sponge. Due to this, the level of support which they offer is excellent. Along with cushions, you get 2 free pillows. That is why, if you need additional support, it is certainly possible.

The sloping backrest ensures that you will always be at ease even if you sit for hours on the furniture pieces on offer.

If you look at the images of the furniture pieces carefully, you will realize that they consist of high-density plastic feet. These are extremely sturdy and therefore even if you keep the furniture on some uneven ground, they will stabilize the furniture. That is why I mentioned that the furniture will not move accidentally.

The furniture set is available in 4 different color options. Because of that, aesthetics isn’t going to be an issue when going with this set.

Whichever feature you can ask for from a patio furniture set, is present in this one. That is why it is such an excellent option.


  • 6 piece design
  • Weather resistant
  • Comes with cushions and pillows
  • Can handle UV rays
  • Available in 4 different color options


  • Packaging needs improvement

These patio furniture sets can help you populate your patio quite easily. Not only that, they are the best in that category. In case of any confusion, refer to the buying guide below so that you can choose between these patio furniture sets easily.

Patio sets buying guide

Things to consider before buying patio sets:

The factors below will help you choose between the above-mentioned patio sets easily.

• Number of pieces:

The size of the patio set can vary from 150 ft² to 400 ft².

The exact set of patio furniture you buy will be dependent on the size of your patio. If it is upwards of 300 ft², you can even go with the 15p set. Otherwise going with the smaller option like 8p set or 9p set is a good idea.

• Construction quality:

Most people just think about rain when it comes to the impact of weather on the patio furniture. However, apart from that you have to think about UV rays, snow, winds, and underestimated factor is the mold and mildew growth.

The patio furniture should be such that it should be able to handle all of that.

Apart from that, the UV stability of the patio furniture needs to be higher. That way, it can handle windy conditions as well.

That is why, you have to judge the construction quality of the patio furniture on these few parameters and then take a call.

• Accessories:

The set will also come with the accessories. Usually, the accessories are the cushions and pillows. You have to look at the quality of the same. Just because they are accessories, doesn’t mean they can be of substandard quality. You should get a set which comes with memory foam pillows and cushions. That way, comfort isn’t going to be an issue.

Additionally, accessory should also include the installation tools you need to assemble the entire set. Only when the set consists of these accessories, you should get that patio furniture set.

• Capacity:

I’m referring to the number of people which this patio set can seat. Ideally, even after it seats your entire family, it should have a spare seat or two. That way, your pets can accommodate.

Now that you are aware of the parameters to consider while buying such patio furniture sets, I will answer some FAQs below to inform you more about such furniture.


What kind of patio furniture is most durable?

Furniture with wicker on the outside and metal on the inner side is extremely durable. When buying patio furniture, you should get such furniture.

What type of patio furniture can be left outside in the winter?

Wicker patio furniture can be easily kept outside in the winter. It is usually made from polyethylene or PVC material. Both these can handle UV rays and slow.

Should you cover patio furniture when it rains?

Even though, most of the patio furniture can handle rain very well but it is a good idea to cover it when it rains. That way, you will increase the lifespan of the patio furniture and you won’t have to worry about rust.

Is it OK to leave wicker furniture outside?

Yes, you can leave wicker furniture outside without any worry. It can handle UV rays, winds, rain, and even snow.

Thus, when you’re looking for a reliable patio sets, these are the best options available. Simply refer to the buying guide above and you need to worry about any confusion while comparing these patio sets.

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