Plug in outdoor security light – Top 3 best outdoor plug in security light reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

Illumination plays a vital role in the security of your property. Specially, you need to illuminate the surroundings outdoors. That way, you can not only supervise the surroundings better, but lighting serves as a deterrent for miscreants.

To facilitate the same, you need to get plug in outdoor Security lights. These are easy to install and illuminate a vast area. I can help you choose the best plug in outdoor security light below. I have compiled a list of 3 best outdoor plug in Security lights below. Along with that, I will share with you a buying guide which will help you choose among these 3 lights.

1. DIMGOGO 400W LED Flood Light


The first option is a 400 W LED Floodlight. In total, it consists of 398 LEDs.

In total, it offers you 40,000 lm of light. The 5000 K daylight output means that the level of illumination is excellent.

Another reason why it is a great outdoor light is because of its 120° beam angle. That is why illuminating larger areas is undoubtedly possible.

The design of the light is such that it works as a heat sink. It consists of aluminum material which protects it against weather and also distributes heat. Due to this reason, it can last for 50,000 hours or more.

The IP 66 waterproof rating makes it easy for you to install it outdoors. Irrespective of the weather outdoors, you will not have to worry about excessive maintenance. The design is such that you can install it on the rooftop, yard, park, or on the street.

The plug and plate design means that you won’t have to worry about installation. On the front side, there is tempered glass which protects LEDs from getting damaged. Neither will you have to worry about corrosion or impact.

The adjustable metal bracket allows you to mount it on the ground, wall, or ceiling. That is why you can install it in no time.

The UL-certified plug means that it is entirely safe to use outdoors.

With so many different features and such a reliable design, you certainly cannot go wrong with it.


  • Consist of 398 LEDs
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • Corrosion and impact resistant
  • Weather-resistant
  • Highly versatile
  • Wide beam angle
  • Long lifespan
  • 40,000 lumens output
  • 5000k daylight on offer


  • Limited instructions

2. FLOODOOR 150W LED Flood Light Outdoor


Want a couple of outdoor Security lights?

If so, this set of 2 is a good option for you. The power requirement of each light is 150 W.

The light output of 15,000 lm per light means that it can illuminate a vast area. The LED chips inside are long-lasting.

The beam angle of 120° ensures that it can cover a large area.

If you observe the light pictures closely, you will find that there is a groove shape. The groove shape maximizes the surface area and the air contact. That is why the light temperature remains on the lower side due to heat dissipation.

The IP 66 waterproof function means that installing it outdoors isn’t an issue.

Each light comes with a 3 pin plug. You can power it with voltage from 85 V to 265 V AC. There is an on-off switch which allows you to control it easily.

The adjustable metal bracket helps you in installing it on the ceiling, floor, and wall. You can adjust it to different angles, which allows you to direct the light as you want. It is adjustable by 180°.

Besides being waterproof, it is shock and vibration-resistant. That is why it can handle windy conditions.

With almost endless features on offer, modern design, and availability in a pack of 2, you cannot go wrong with this plug in outdoor security light.


  • 15,000 lm output
  • Water-resistant
  • Completely adjustable
  • High heat dissipation
  • Wide beam angle
  • Easy to install


  • Bit bulky

3. MORSEN 400W LED Flood Light Outdoor


Want a light with an even higher output?

If so, this light offers an output of 48,000 lm. The light is 5000 K. That is why you get daylight when you’re using this one.

The power requirement is 400 W. However, as compared to a halogen light, it consumes 85% less electricity. Due to this very reason, you can use it frequently.

It is suitable for residential premises and soccer fields, tennis courts, basketball courts and so on.

The IP 65 rating makes it easy to install outdoors. It will last for years together irrespective of the weather.

In total, it consists of 384 LEDs. All LEDs have a life span of 50,000 hours.

The aluminum casing works as a heat sink. It will dissipate the heat consistently. Due to the same, heating of the light will not happen.

The light consists of a bracket. The bracket makes installation easy and is also adjustable.

The beam angle of 120° is as per the industry standards. That is why you won’t need to buy many such lights to cover a large area.

The washer-sealed design on the back ensures that the water will not percolate through. Irrespective of how heavy the monsoon you experience, this light will not break down.

In terms of reliability and excellent illumination, this light will not disappoint you.


  • Excellent light output
  • Daylight on offer
  • IP 65 waterproof rating
  • Easy to install
  • High heat dissipation
  • Long lifespan


  • The bracket can be better designed

Once you go through my list of top 3 outdoor plug in Security lights above, choosing among the best is not difficult. To help you further, I will share with you a buying guide.

Plug in outdoor security light buying guide

The buying guide lets you know what you should consider while comparing plug in outdoor Security lights.

Things to consider before buying plug in outdoor security light:

You should compare such lights on:

• Illumination:

If you have a smaller area, light with 15,000 lm is more than enough. If you have a vast area or it is pitch dark after sunset in your area, you should choose a light with over 30,000 lm output.

• Construction quality:

Such lights are installed outdoors. You can experience inclement weather multiple times throughout the year. Only when they are constructed sturdily, can such lights last.

• Heat dissipation:

Of course, once you turn them on, they will be on for hours together. If the heat does not dissipate properly, the light can get damaged. You have to choose the outdoor Security lights which have excellent heat dissipation.

• Installation:

The reason why you’re going for plug in outdoor Security lights is that they are easy to install. On the contrary, however, if you find them difficult to install, it will become cumbersome to use them. That is why they should come with an adjustable bracket as well.

Compare the 3 options above on these 4 parameters. Before you buy one, look at answers to FAQs regarding such Security lights below.


Is hard wiring of plug in outdoor security lights possible?

Yes, if you know how to hardwire a light, you can undoubtedly hardwire these lights as well. Usually, they come with plugs which makes them easy to install.

Are plug in outdoor security lights easy to install?

Yes, due to the adjustable brackets and the plugs, they are easy to install.

You won’t have to spend hours comparing different plug in outdoor Security lights. My list will help you buy the best one right away.

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