Pop up tent – Top 10 best pop up tents reviews & Buying Guide, FAQ

Whenever heading outdoors, tents are the perfect way to gain some shelter. Whether it is the camping ground or whether you’re in the countryside or whether you’re at the beach. However, erecting the tent is not that much of an easy task. Due to this very reason, it is better to choose popup tents rather than any tent. The pop up tents are easier to install. Moreover, they require minimal effort on your part which means that you will not have to spend a lot of time installing the tents.

The problem is that when looking for pop up tents, if you do not choose the best pop up tent, chances are you will have a substandard tent. It will be not easy to install. Moreover, it will not provide you with proper shelter as well. That is why, it is a better idea to go through my list of top 10 Best pop up tents before making your decision. But not least, I will also share with you a buying guide and the FAQs which will make it easy for you to choose the popup tent.

1. LETHMIK Backpacking Tent



The tent on top of my list can accommodate 3 persons. The advantage of this tent is that it is entirely waterproof. Since it is a popup tent, the installation procedure is automatic as well. The double layering means that you can erect this tent quite easily. The material in use is polyester. The waterproof 190D Oxford fabric floor allows you to be at complete ease in any season. The edges are seam taped which means that it is impenetrable. You need not worry about any leakage. In terms of construction quality, it is second to none.

The weight of the tent is just 8.38 lbs which allows you to move it around. You can use it for camping, climbing, hiking and hunting. The tent can be set up within 30 seconds which can save you a lot of time. You can easily relocate the tent without disassembling it as well. The double layer camping tent provides you with a mesh wall which facilitates proper ventilation. It comes along with the carry bag, alloy stakes and windproof ropes. As a result, all things which you would need to use the pop-up tent are available in this one. That is why; it is such a great option.


  • Comes with accessories
  • Double layer design
  • Setup requires just 30 seconds
  • Easy to relocate
  • Weight is just 8.38 lbs
  • Waterproof
  • Provides proper ventilation


  • Netting quality could have been better

2. LETHMIK Camping Tent



The next option on my list is again a pop-up tent from LETHMIK. The one which I am discussing now is available in 2 color options and can accommodate up to 3 people. It offers instant setup which requires just 30 seconds. With the help of polyester construction, it is entirely waterproof. The floor is made from 190D Oxford fabric along with taped seams. It means that you can use it in the rainy season as well. The reason why it is so easy to set up is that it uses hydraulic technology. Using this technology, the setup requires just 30 seconds.

Moreover, the tent is lightweight and weighs just 8.38 lbs. With the help of fiberglass pools, you can be sure that it is pretty sturdy without being bulky. You can use it for camping, hiking as well as a variety of other purposes. It comes along with windproof ropes, packing bag, 4 stakes. You will not have to buy any accessories separately. If you’re looking for a pop-up tent which you can use in any season, you can definitely consider this option.


  • Available in 2 colors
  • Can accommodate up to 3 persons
  • Set up within 30 seconds
  • Waterproof construction
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy


  • Stake quality could have been better

3. CORE 9P Instant Cabin Tent



The tent which I am going to discuss now is probably the biggest on this list. It can accommodate up to 9 people and is an instant cabin tent which means that you will not have to struggle to set it up. The set-up time is just 60 seconds. The area under the tent is such that it can easily accommodate 2 queen mattresses. The height at the center is 78 inches. With the help of adjustable ground vent, you can be sure that you can sleep comfortably in this tent.

It has a room divider as well which is a definite advantage. Along with that, you will find wall storage pockets which provide you with plenty of storage space. It consists of a rain fly, tent stakes and the carry bag. If you’re looking for a bigger pop-up tent, it does not get any better than this.


  • Can accommodate 9 people
  • Setup time of just 60 seconds
  • Incorporates 2 queen mattresses
  • Centre-height of 78 inches


  • The floor material is on the thinner side

4. Arcshell Premium Extra Large Pop Up Beach Tent



The best thing about the pop-up tent which I’m going to highlight now is that it has a rating of UPF 50+. That is because; it is a beach pop-up tent. You can use it in different places as well. The tent comes along with the carry bag, heavy duty stakes, stake bag. It means that it is easy to carry along with the accessories. It can fit in two regular beach chairs quite easily. The weight of the tent in itself is just 6.55 lbs. It is lightweight and you can use it not only on the beach but also during camping.

The material in use is 190T polyester for the walls and 210D Oxford for the flooring. Additionally, it consists of a coating of 3000 mm PU material. That is why; it is highly waterproof as well. With the help of mesh windows, you can get plenty of light into not only the tent but also plenty of air. It means the tent is highly comfortable. It offers 5 extra-large sandbags to make it stable. You can use it in any kind of weather due to the same reason. It can tackle winds of up to 25 mph. It also offers 8.5 MM fiberglass pole. You can set it up within 60 seconds which means that the durability is not a problem at all. Once you consider all of these features, it does not come as a surprise why it is so popular.


  • UPF 50+
  • Plenty of space inside
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to setup
  • Comes along with sandbags for stability


  • Storage space is limited

5. ZOMAKE Pop Up Tent 4 Person



The 4 person tent which I am highlighting now comes in 3 color options. It is instant and which means that you will not have to struggle with the installation part. It can accommodate up to 4 people which is another advantage. All you have to do is to just un-strap the tent and throw it in the air and it will set it up within seconds. You will not have to worry about following cumbersome instructions. It consists of 2 mesh doors along with 2 mesh windows. There is also a sky window. There is no dearth of light or air when using this tent.

The material in use is 190 T PU coated polyester material. It is anti-UV and has a UPF rating of 50+. It allows you to use it on beach as well. The ease of use and the UPF 50+ rating makes it a good option.


  • UPF 50+ rating
  • 3 color options available
  • Can accommodate up to 4 people
  • Plenty of ventilation


  • The packaging is not up to the mark

6. WolfWise UPF 50+ Easy Pop Up Tent



With a capacity of 4 persons, this tent is certainly easy to use. It is an instant tent which means that installing it is not a problem as well. Primarily, it uses polyester material which means that it is lightweight as well. You can pop it up and fold it down within seconds. There is no extra need of any assembling tools. The weight of the tent in itself is just 4.6 lbs. The mesh windows facilitate proper ventilation. With the help of water repellent polyester material, you can use it in the rainy season as well.

It has a UPF rating of 50+ which means that it can block UV rays up to 98%. That is why; it is suitable for beach use as well. It offers 190 T polyester material which is another advantage. The frame consists of galvanized steel which can last for a long time. Additionally, it is corrosion resistant. With the help of fiberglass material for the frame along with steel, it is not only lightweight but pretty sturdy. The creative design is another reason why it is aesthetically appealing. I personally like it due to its unique design and UPF rating of 50+.


  • Can accommodate 4 people
  • UPF 50+ rating
  • 190 T polyester material
  • Galvanized steel frame


  • Unfolding it is a bit difficult

7. OutdoorMaster Pop Up Beach Tent



The next tent on my list now can accommodate up to 4 people. It is a pop-up Beach tent however you can use it for camping and a variety of other applications as well. It offers UPF 50+ which means that blocking the sunlight and UV rays is not a problem at all. It is lightweight but instead of that, it can easily handle sun, wind and rain. That is why; it is suitable for any kind of outdoor activity. Along with it, you will get the stakes and also sandbags. It means that you can make it highly stable.

You can use it as changing room since it consists of a zippered door. It can provide privacy to couples. Along with it, you get a carry bag which makes it easy to use. The UPF 50+ rating and the privacy feature helps it stand out.


  • Can accommodate 4 people
  • Highly versatile
  • Consist of zippered door
  • UPF 50+ rating


  • Flooring of the tent could have been better

8. Night Cat Waterproof Camping Tent



If you’re looking for a smaller tent, this one is a good choice. It can accommodate up to 2 people. It is available in a couple of different color options. The measurement of the tents is 200 cm x 180 cm x 120 cm. With the help of hydraulic pressure mechanism, it offers instant setup. You can install it within 1 minute. It also takes just a couple of minutes to unfold it. That is why; you will not have to put in a lot of effort for the same.

With the help of 210D oxford fabric, construction quality is up to the mark. It also consist of 3000 PU material which makes it waterproof. You can use it in the rainy season easily. The poles are made from fiberglass which is another advantage. With the help of a double layer design, installation and durability is not a problem at all. There is a door on each side which can offer you plenty of ventilation. If required, you can fit in one kid as well. It has enough space for a queen sized air mattress. Alternatively, you can also accommodate 2 sleeping bags if required. All in all, it has a small footprint but is efficiently designed and that is why, it is so popular.


  • Can accommodate 2 people
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Fiberglass Poles
  • Double layer design


  • Bit on the smaller side

9. Toogh 3-4 Person Camping Tent



With 3 different colors, there are plenty of choices when looking to purchase this camping tent. With the help of easy setup, you can install it in just 60 seconds. It offers automatic installation which makes it easy for you to use the camping tent. It also has dual doors which is another advantage. They not only provide ventilation but plenty of light as well. With the help of six angle design, it is highly stable and can handle inclement weather as well. It accommodates up to 4 people which makes it perfect for family use.

The material in use is 210D oxford fabric along with silicone coating. It is waterproof which allows you to use it in the rainy season. With the help of aluminum ground nails, rain fly, and anti-wind ropes and door poles, you will not have to buy any extra accessory when using this tent. All in all, if you’re looking for a tent which features automatic pop-up capability, it is certainly a pretty good option. I personally think that with 3000 MM 210D oxford fabric, it is a great option.


  • Waterproof
  • Dual doors
  • 6 single design
  • Comes along with accessories


  • Zipper quality of the door is not that great

10. Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent



The 4 person tent which I am highlighting now offers instant setup. It comes along with preassembled poles. That is why; there is no extra time to set up the poles as well. With the help of taped floor, you can keep the tent entirely dry. It offers a rain fly as well which allows you to get proper ventilation. When not using the tent, it is pretty compact and you can store it in a small space.

With the help of 2 storage pockets, you can easily store your gear. The measurements of the tent are 9’2” x 6’6”. At the center, the height is 3’4”. The zipper protection makes it perfect for monsoon use. The protected seams increase the water resistance further. It is a bit more spacious than the other 4 Person tents and that is why, I have included it in my list.


  • 4 person tent
  • Easy to setup
  • Water resistant
  • Storage space available


  • Quality could have been better

In my opinion, when you’re looking for the best pop up tents these are the 10 options which you should consider. I have curated this list after going through hundreds of options. In fact, I have tried most of these options first and that is why, it was comparatively easy for me to compile this list. Before however, you proceed any further you can go through my buying guide below to know the factors which you should consider while buying one.

Buying Guide:

Things to consider while buying pop up tent:

There are only a handful of parameters which you should consider when buying the pop up tents. These include:

• Setup time:

The name pop up implies that setup time should be 30 seconds to 1 minute. Only when that is the case, the pop-up tent is worth buying. If it takes 5 to 7 minutes, it is better to skip that pop-up tent. The pop-up name also refers to the installation mechanism where you have to just open the tent and throw in the air and it would install by itself. You have to look at both of these things when choosing the pop-up tent.

• Capacity:

It is also important to take into account the capacity of the tent. If you’re just going solo, you can easily go with a small tent. If you’re going along with your family, it is important to look at the capacity of the tent and then take a call.

• Usability:

Nobody likes to buy different tents for different seasons. You should ideally choose one which is usable during the rainy season as well. When that is the case, it is easy for you to use the same tent all the year around. Due to this very reason, it is important to choose the one which has proper doors and has superior seams that can resist water.

• Ventilation:

When camping, it is important to get proper ventilation and light in the tent. That is why; it should either have mesh windows or door. When that is the case, it is easy to use the tent consistently. You have to take into account this factor as well before making your final decision.

Once you compare different pop up tents based on these few factors, it is easy to pick the right one. I will now go into the details of some of the FAQs to make it easy for you to buy the best pop up tent.


What is the best pop up tent?

The LETHMIK Backpacking Tent is the best pop up tent since it can accommodate 3 people comfortably. Moreover, it offers a plenty of ventilation and true pop-up installation which makes it highly convenient. It is durable as well. All these factors make it the best pop up tent.

What is a pop-up tent?

The pop-up tent is one which offers automatic installation. You have to just open it and throw it in the air and it would install by itself.

How big is a pop-up tent?

The size of the pop-up tent can vary from one option to another. It all depends on the capacity of the pop-up tent. Certain pop-up tents can accommodate just a single sleeping bag whereas some others can accommodate even a couple of queen beds.

Are pop up tents any good?

Pop-up tents are brilliant because they are not only easy to install but also waterproof and highly compact when folded. You couldn’t ask for more. Due to this very reason, they are becoming more popular than the traditional tents.

How do pop up tents work?

Most of the pop-up tents have sewn poles. Once you open them up, the polls get into place due to the force of the tent itself. That is why; they are pretty easy to install. Once the poles get into place, the fabric on the poles takes the desired shape which is what makes them extremely convenient and easy to use.

So, if you’re looking for the best pop up tents, my list above will certainly help you out. You can use my guide to choose from the top 10 options above. It is time to make your camping experience much more comfortable rather than cumbersome due to tent installation. The list above aims to help you achieve the same.

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