Portable cd player with headphones – Top 3 best cd player portable with headphones reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

Portable CD players can certainly serve as an excellent source of entertainment. However, you cannot disturb others while listening to your favorite music tracks on the CD players. Because of the same, it is a good idea to buy CD players which come with headphones.

I’ve gone through numerous such options to compile a list of the best cd players, which are portable and come with headphones. Some of them might also have inbuilt speakers, which means that if you aren’t using headphones, you can listen to most music. However, an option in the list below does not have such speakers and works only with headphones. You can go through the three options below to choose the one which meets your requirements.

1. Sony DEJ017CK Walkman Portable CD Player w/ Car Accessories


The option which I am highlighting now does not have speakers. It works only with headphones. If you’re looking for a portable CD player which consists of speakers, you can check out the two options below this one.

With a weight of only 0.85 lbs, handling this CD player is undoubtedly easy. The lightweight and compact design is the primary reason why it is considered to be portable. Whether you want to take it with you on car trips or somewhere else, you can do so easily.

The clip-on headphones which come along with it make it suitable for listening to music for long hours. These headphones won’t come off accidentally. That is why, once you place them over your ears, you can enjoy uninterrupted music.

The skip-free technology ensures that it won’t skip any tracks even when you’re in the car.

The excellent bass ensures that the audio frequency reproduction is up to the mark. You will be able to enjoy every note of the track which you are playing. That is why the experience which the cd player provides is excellent.

The single-line LCD allows you to know the name of the track and other such details as well.

In total, it offers eight different playback modes. That is why, if you want to customize the audio output, you can do that easily.

Wondering about the battery life?

It offers a battery life of sixteen hours. It needs 2 AA batteries. You can easily replace the batteries once they get exhausted as well.

Apart from the headphones, it consists of other accessories as well. It day includes an entire car accessory kit.

Also, it supports AM/FM radio. You can preset the stations as well.

The digital volume control makes it easy to control the audio output.

With so many features on offer, you cannot go wrong with this portable CD player.


  • Anti-skip technology on offer
  • Excellent headphones
  • Comes with car accessories
  • AM/FM radio on offer
  • Easy to control volume
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Single line LCD display
  • Eight different playback modes


  • Does not consist of speakers (works only with headphones)

2. HOTT CD903TF Portable CD Player

The advantage of this CD player is that it works with headphones and consists of speakers as well. That is why; you can decide the source of the audio output.

Apart from this as well, it has quite a few features. Firstly, it offers Bluetooth 5.0 transmitter. With the help of Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, you can connect it to any Bluetooth speaker as well as Bluetooth headphones.

You can pair it with any headphones or earphones as well. That is why, if you do not want to use the wired headphones which come along with that, you can do so.

For the wired headphones, it offers a 3.5 MM slot.

The anti-skip protection makes it easy for you to listen to every track. It offers anti-shock protection as well. Both these features make the cd player reliable.

When you look at the CD compatibility, it is compatible with various CD formats. You won’t have to worry about converting the file format from one option to another.

There are five different sound effects as well, like jazz, rock, and so on. Customizing the audio output is easy due to the same.

Wondering about the battery life?

It offers 1800mAh battery life. With this battery, you get a run time of 13 hours.

It consists of a backlit display. That allows you to look at the track’s duration, the name of the track, and so on. Around the LCD screen, there are touch controls as well. Touch controls are extremely responsive.

The backlit display ensures that it becomes easier for you to use the cd player even when using it in darkness.

Along with the cd player, you get wired headphones. That is why, if you do not want to use the speakers, you can easily use the wired headphones.

The numerous features on offer certainly help it stand out.


  • Comes with headphones and also offers speakers
  • FM transmitter on offer
  • 5 different sound effects on offer
  • Excellent battery life
  • Easy to control


  • Does not support FM radio

3. ARAFUNA CD Player Portable

The reason why this portable CD player is on my list is because of its excellent battery life. That is why, if you need one which has a long playback time on a single charge, this is the one that you should get.

The CD player also comes with a Bluetooth transmitter. That is why connecting it to wireless headphones or speakers is certainly possible.

As for the battery, it has a battery of 2000 mAh. The battery can provide you with a run time of 19 hours. That is why, if you’re going on a long trip or want to just charge it once during the day, you can certainly do so.

It has a slot for connecting the aux cable. That is why, if you want to use wired headphones, you can do so. It has two headphone jacks which ensure that a couple of people can listen to music simultaneously. This is another feature of this CD player which I like.

The anti-shock protection ensures that you won’t have to worry about the CD players keeping track of music. It is quite sturdy due to the same.

The A-B repeat feature ensures that if you want to play the track, again and again, you can certainly do so.

When you look at the display, it consists of a backlit display. Consequently, using it in complete darkness becomes easy.

Since it is compatible with most CD formats, you won’t struggle with any file format or converting the files. Also, it works with TF card files as well.

You can charge it in just 4 hours which ensures that you won’t have to wait for a long time to charge it either.

Along with the cd player, you get a USB charging cable, aux cable, as well as headphones. That is why; you won’t have to worry about buying the headphones separately. The detailed user manual ensures that you can understand the controls of the CD player easily.

It is the complete package, especially when you’re looking for a portable one.


  • Comes with necessary accessories
  • Excellent battery life
  • FM transmitter on offer
  • Compatible with various file formats
  • Consist of two headphone jacks (comes with a headphone)


  • Controls have a bit of a learning curve

Rather than buying headphones separately and a CD player separately, it is a good idea to go with any of these options. The cd players come with their own headphones, so there is no need to buy one separately. You can also refer to the buying guide below to choose between these three CD players.

Portable cd player with headphones buying guide

I understand that it is not easy to go through all the technical specifications of such cd players to choose one. That is why; I will let you know what you should consider.

Things to consider before buying a portable cd player with headphones:

When you’re comparing such cd players, consider things like:

• Power source:

The CD player can run on two AA batteries or consist of a rechargeable battery. You have to look at the source of power and the duration which it can last on those batteries. Only when you’re certain that the power source is good enough for the cd player can you go ahead and choose it.

• Control mechanism:

Ideally, the cd player should have a backlit display to monitor the track’s duration and name. Apart from that, the control should be easy to understand as well. If there are too many controls, it should come with a user manual. Only then is it worth buying the cd player.

• Compatibility:

Firstly, you have to find out if the cd player has a Bluetooth transmitter or not. If it has a Bluetooth transmitter, you can pair it with wireless headphones and wired headphones.

After that, you have to look at the compatibility with the wired headphones as well. The three options above have wired headphones. That is why; you won’t have to buy such headphones separately.

Lastly, you have to look at the file compatibility as well. It should be compatible with all the audio formats, and only then can you play music easily without converting files from one format to another.

• Form factor:

It is a good idea to go with the cd player which is easy to carry. It should be lightweight as well.

Only when the cd player which you are buying has these few features can you choose it confidently. I will also answer a few questions regarding such cd players below.


Do portable cd player with headphones come with detailed instructions?

Yes, all such cd players come with detailed instructions. The instructions help you understand the various functions and controls.

Now, there is no need to go through confusing specifications to choose portable CD players with headphones. I have researched for you and compiled a list of the three best options above. If you’re serious about buying such a cd player which comes with headphones and is portable, the three options above will meet all your requirements.

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