Ram 3500 dually bed cover – Top 3 best dodge ram 3500 dually bed cover reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

If you use a pickup truck, you might have to cover its bed from time to time. However, instead of buying any bed cover, it is a good idea to purchase one compatible with your pickup truck. For example, if you have a ram 3500 dually truck, it is good to buy the bed covers that are the best for this truck.

I have gone through numerous such bedcovers to compile a list of the three best Ram 3500 dually bed covers. Along with the buying guide below, you can easily find the best bed cover once you go through the list below.

1. BAK Hard Folding Truck Bed Cover


The advantage of this cover is that it comes with aluminum panels. The aluminum panels latch the cover either fully or partially. It means that you can mount it as you want. Once you close the tailgate, the truck’s bed is entirely closed and protected. That is why gaining proper protection using this cover is easy.

The matte finish of the aluminum panels ensures that they look good on your pickup truck. Not only that, they are resistant to scratches and UV damage. That is why the bed cover will certainly last for an extended period.

The hardware is of premium quality. Due to the same, there is no need to replace the hardware either.

You can easily use the truck’s bed in a closed fashion, folded fashion, or the cover flipped up fashion. The choice is yours. Also, it does not cover the brake light, which means there are no safety compromises.

The bed cover design is such that it can handle 400 LBS. The only requirement is that the weight should be distributed. It is certainly easy to install.

The UV-resistant seal, along with the fact that you can access the bed of the truck as and when you want, certainly makes it a good choice.


  • Proper protection against any weather
  • High weight carrying capacity
  • Matte finish
  • Easy to access the bed
  • Does not cover the taillight
  • Aluminum panels
  • Easy to mount
  • Long-lasting


  • Limited instructions

2. Extang Encore Truck Bed Cover


Another excellent option for your ram 3500 dually is this three-panel cover. The hard design ensures that it is quite sturdy. You can use the front opening or fold it up from the rear. The choice is yours.

With the help of a proper bolt lock, keeping it in place is easy.

Not only is the cover sturdy, but also the hinges are robust. That is why there will be no replacement or maintenance needed even after using it for an extended period. The cover is water-resistant.

The proper alignment with the Ram 3500 dually truck ensures no modification is needed. It is also easy to install due to the same.

The lightweight design means that you will need no additional help to handle it.

The thermoplastic construction ensures that the cover can handle any weather. You won’t have to worry about UV rays either.

The powder-coated design means that corrosion isn’t an issue.

The rear latches mean that the cover will remain in place.

Thus, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use and lightweight bed cover for your ram 3500 dually, this one is a good choice.


  • Thermoplastic construction
  • Can handle any weather
  • Powder-coated design
  • Easy to install
  • Three-panel design
  • Locking mechanism on offer


  • Packaging needs improvement

3. DNA Motoring TTC-HARD-019 Truck Bed Top


This bed cover is such a good choice for your ram 3500 dually because it has a tension adjusting mechanism. That is why it is easy to install. Apart from this truck, it is compatible with various other trucks.

The plug-and-play design means that installation is easy. The weight of the cover itself is less than 70 LBS. That is why it will not increase the weight of your truck. It will not have an impact on the mileage of your truck either.

The aerodynamic design is such that it reduces the Drag. It allows you to drive faster without producing any drag.

When you look at the edges, those are rubberized edges. Due to the same, the water will not go inside. Any other weather element will not impact the contents inside.

When you look at the construction quality, it consists of aluminum plates. These are, however, powder-coated. On top of these aluminum plates, you will find double-layer PVC material. This material can handle UV rays. Apart from this, the layered construction means that the stability which it has on offer is excellent.

With the weight carrying capacity of 350 LBS, you certainly cannot go wrong with it.

When you check the features of this cover, it is snowproof and dustproof; this one certainly qualifies.

You get clamps along with it which means that installation isn’t an issue.

You cannot go wrong with this bed cover for your ram 3500 dually with so many features.


  • Excellent compatibility
  • Easy to install
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Multi-layer construction
  • Can handle any weather
  • High weight handling capacity


  • Packaging needs improvement

Thus, when you’re looking for a bed cover of your ram 3500 dually, there is no point in searching for any other cover besides these three. I have already done extensive research to compile a list of these three bedcovers, and therefore once you choose between them, you’re going with the best. You can also refer to the bed cover buying guide below to choose between these three.

Ram 3500 dually bed cover buying guide

Things to consider before buying ram 3500 dually bed cover:

When you’re comparing the different bedcovers for your ram 3500 dually, you should consider things like:

• Installation:

If the covers come along with clamps or other such installation mechanisms, they will be easier to install. It is essential to consider the installation mechanism and, after that, decide on the bed cover.

• Materials in use:

PVC, aluminum panels are the common materials used in making such a bed cover. If the bed cover you are choosing consists of the same, you can be sure that it will be sturdy.

• Weather protection:

Not only the bed cover should be able to handle any weather, but it should be able to protect the contents inside. Only when it offers weather protection should you go ahead with it.

• Weight handling capacity:

The bed cover should handle at least 100 LBS of weight, if not more.

• Accessibility:

It should be easy to remove and install. If it consists of multiple panels, accessing the bed also becomes easy. You have to take this into account while buying such a bed cover.

Once you compare the bed covers for your ram 3500 dually on these handfuls of parameters, choosing the right one becomes easy.


Can you close the tailgate with ram 3500 dually bed cover on?

Yes, you can easily close the tailgate when you’re using such a cover.

Thus, while looking for a suitable bed cover for your ram 3500 dually, these are the three covers to consider. These are the best in the category, and therefore you can save hours on research and pick between these three.

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