Red outside chairs – Top 7 best red outdoor chairs reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

When you’re looking for outside chairs, it is always better to have red chairs. Red outdoor chairs are aesthetically pleasing.

In outdoor chairs as well, the options which are available are plenty. I have shortlisted the best 7 options for you. Along with that, I will share with you a buying guide as well. Once you go through the list below and the buying guide, it will be easier for you to pick the buying decision.

1. Grand patio Premium Bistro Set


Do you prefer minimalistic red outside chairs?

If so, you should consider this set.

These consist of a coated steel frame. The powder coating keeps rust away.

The chairs are suitable for humid conditions as well. Not only that, the portable design means that you can carry it around easily.

With wide steel tubes, you can be sure that proper support is on offer. Moreover, the seats are comfortably large as well.

The plastic pieces at the bottom ensure that you need not worry about scratches on the surface. Moreover, since you will be keeping them outdoors, there will be no scratches on the surface either.

With 300 lbs weight carrying capacity, it is sturdy. The lightweight chairs allow you to move it around easily.

You need not assemble it at all. These come in the ready form.

Cleaning the entire set is easy. You need only a wet cloth to clean the chairs and table.

The size of the table is 23.6″ x 28″. The size of the chair is 19.7″ x 16.5″ x 32″.

With these features on offer, you cannot go wrong with this red outside chairs set.


  • Consist of 2 chairs and a table
  • Steel construction
  • Powder coating on offer
  • Scratch-resistant
  • High weight carrying capacity
  • No assembly needed
  • Lightweight chairs


  • Packaging can be better.

2. Sundown Treasure Outdoor Adirondack Chair


Are you looking for only a single red outside chair?

If so, you should consider this set. The dimensions of this chair are 34″ x 31″ x 38″.

The construction consists of virgin high-density polyethylene plastic. The hard plastic means that it is highly durable.

The plastic material also means that it is a weather-resistant chair. Irrespective of monsoons, summer, or winter, you can use it outdoors quite easily.

With the help of a shell-shaped back, you can be sure that gaining proper support is undoubtedly possible.

The rainwater draining design makes it easy to use.

The textured grain finish ensures that it is aesthetically pleasing.

The striking red color is another reason to go for it.

Moreover, you can keep it in the deck, porch as well as the patio.

The assembling is easy. You get detailed instructions for the same. You also get hardware as well as tools. These inclusions ensure that assembling it is not going to be a problem.

Thus, if you’re looking for a single red outside chair, it cannot get any better than this.


  • Heavy-duty hard plastic construction
  • Textured grain finish
  • Multipurpose design
  • Weather-resistant
  • Excellent support
  • Easy to assemble


  • Quality can be better.

3. Metal Dining Chairs Set of 4


The red outside chairs at which we are speaking about now consist of 4 chairs. The comfortable and industrial design means that durability is not going to be a problem.

The lightweight design ensures that moving it around is going to be easy. The metal construction adds to the durability.

Another advantage is that they are stackable. The stackable design makes storage easy.

The anti-slip plastic mats at the bottom ensure that these are incredibly stable. Moreover, they will not cause any scratches on the floor.

The high-quality paint maintains the aesthetics. It also works as an extra layer between the weather and metal frame.

The easy to clean design reduces maintenance significantly.

The ergonomic backrest means that individuals can sit on it for long hours.

The red outdoor chair comes with a detachable backrest. These ensure that you can use the chairs as per your requirement.

The metal construction minimizes the wear and tear either.

Thus, if you’re looking for a bigger set of red outdoor chairs, you should consider this option.


  • Set of 4 metal construction
  • Ergonomic backrest
  • Lightweight design
  • Stackable design
  • Anti-slip plastic mats on offer
  • Heavy-duty paint


  • Bit narrow

4. Devoko 3 Piece Rocking Bistro Set


The set that I am highlighting now consists of 3 pieces in total. Out of these, two are rocking chairs, and one is a tempered glass coffee table. The tempered glass design means that durability is excellent.

All three pieces are UV resistant and weather resistant.

Moreover, the durable construction means that you can use it in summer, autumn as well as monsoons.

The rocking design of the chairs can keep you comfortable as well.

Moreover, you get a manual that ensures that you can assemble it in no time. Also, the chair can carry up to 330 lbs.

The dimensions of the chair are 28.5″ x 23″ x 36″. The dimensions of the table are 17″ x 17″ x 19″.

The polyester fabric of the cushion makes it comfortable. The padded design means that it is comfortable as well.

You can use it in the garden, lawn, balcony, and various other areas of your home.

Moreover, the sturdy steel frame does not disappoint. All these features combined, certainly make it a good choice.


  • 3p set
  • UV resistant and weather resistant
  • Soft and comfortable fabric
  • Highly versatile
  • High weight carrying capacity
  • Tempered glass tabletop


  • Packaging can be better.

5. PHI VILLA Outdoor Springs Motion Chairs and Round Table


The set of red outside chairs which we are speaking about now consists of 3 pieces. There are two chairs in total and also a small table. The chair’s design is such that you can use it for a variety of purposes.

The E-coating on offer ensures that it is wear and tear resistant as well. It is also rust-resistant.

Not only that, the thickened tubes ensure that you can use it consistently for years together.

The visual design is excellent due to the upper and lower frame design.

The spring elastic buffer makes it extremely comfortable.

The PVC top and the metal frame construction is another reason to go for it.

You might be thinking since the chairs consist of cushions, how are they water-resistant?

The advantage is that the cushions are water-resistant in design. They are stain-resistant and fade-resistant as well.

The easy cleaning ensures that you will not have to worry about spills are blemishes as well.

The weight carrying capacity of the chairs is of 350 LBS. Owing to this very reason, they are suitable for everyone.

Table dimensions are 19″ x 19″ x 18.3″. The dimensions of the chair are 30″ x 24″ x 35″.

The heavy-duty construction and aesthetically pleasing is the reason is on the list.


  • Three piece design
  • Chair weight carrying capacity of 350 LPS
  • Thickened pipe construction
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Water-resistant construction
  • Fade-resistant


  • The finishing of the table can be better.

6. Bali Outdoor 2 Piece Modern Outdoor Patio Rocking Chairs

Do you prefer a couple of red outside chairs?

If yes, it is an option worth buying. The design means that it is for couples and individuals. The rocking design can keep you comfortable, as well.

The ergonomic design ensures that you will be comfortable while sitting in it.

The integrated design means that durability is excellent.

The red thick cushion provides you with proper support. The lumbar pillow ensures that you get back support as well.

You can use it on the patio, porch as well as garden. The elegant design does not disappoint either.

Moreover, when you look at the frame, it consists of black steel frame. The black steel frame is rust resistant. The rust resistant construction makes it weather resistant.

The galvanized steel frame is another reason to go for it.

Also, the material is polyester. The softer material makes it comfortable.

It is UV resistant. Maintenance and cleaning is quite easy.

The weight carrying capacity is 250 lbs.

The easy to assemble design adds to the convenience. You get step-by-step instructions for the same. The hardware tool that comes with it means that it is easy to assemble.

The lightweight design is another reason why you should go for it.

Thus, if you’re looking for rocking red outside chairs, these chairs fit your requirements perfectly.


  • Rocking design
  • Set of 2 heavy-duty metal construction
  • Red thick cushioning on offer
  • The polyester fabric on offer
  • UV resistant
  • 250 lbs. weight carrying capacity


  • The armrest can be thicker.

7. SUNCROWN Patio Padded Folding 3 Pieces Chair Set


The gorgeous design of this red outside chair is the reason why you should buy it. Also, you get a set of 2 along with a small table as well.

The 0 gravity recliner means that it is incredibly comfortable. The thick cushioning is another reason why you should go for it.

The metal frame does not disappoint either. Moreover, the extra support which it provides keeps you comfortable. The balance is excellent as well.

Moreover, the thick cushions keep you comfortable as well.

Two reclining positions ensure that you can customize it according to your requirement. You get proper backrest and leg rest.

Moreover, when you look at the table, you get the glass tabletop. You can use it to keep magazines, books as well as drinks.

The stylish design ensures that it is aesthetically pleasing. The table is corrosion resistant as well.

The thick cushioning and the table which it comes with make it stand out from others.


  • Heavy-duty table
  • Consist of 2 chairs
  • Two different reclining positions
  • Thick cushioning
  • Stylish design
  • Zero gravity recliner


  • The table can be more stable.

Now that you know about seven best red outside chairs, it is time to look at the buying guide. It will help you know how to choose between these seven options.

Red outside chairs buying guide

The buying guide will inform you the parameters which you should compare these red outside chairs on.

Things to consider before buying red outside chairs:

The things to keep in mind include:

• Number of chairs:

Not every chair comes as a solo piece. Some of them might be available in a set of 2, whereas others might be available along with the table as well. You have to check the number of pieces, and then only you will be able to take a call.

• Construction quality:

The chairs can be made from metal, plastic, or even wicker. You have to decide which material you prefer. All these materials can handle the weather. It is the reason why choosing between these three materials is easy and suitable.

• Aesthetics:

Apart from the red color, you have to look at the aesthetics of the red outside chairs. Once you look at the aesthetics, you can decide whether these chairs will go well with the exteriors of your home or the exteriors of your premises or not. Only after taking this factor into account can you make that buying decision.

• Weight carrying capacity:

Since I’m mainly speaking about red outside chairs, it is essential to look at the chairs’ weight carrying capacity. Only when they can carry 200 lbs or more per chair, you should think of going ahead and buying that red outside chair. Generally speaking, reclining chairs have lower weight capacity in comparison with fixed ones. If you prefer the chair with the highest weight carrying capacity, it is a good idea to choose a fixed red outside chair rather than an outdoor recliner chair.

Now that you are aware of the parameters to consider, choosing the best red outside chair will be easy. I will now share answers to some of the questions to help you pick the best of the lot.


Why should you buy red outside chairs?

The red outside chairs are aesthetically pleasing. They are pretty vibrant as well. These are the two reasons to buy them.

Are red outside chairs suitable for personal premises?

The red outside chairs are suitable for personal and commercial premises. The color is highly versatile.

While searching for the best red outside chairs, you should look at the seven options. Once you look at the seven options, it will become easy for you to choose the best one. I have ensured that only the best red outside chairs have made it to this list. In a nutshell, picking from this list is the best way to find the most durable and elegant ones.

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