RV leveling blocks – Top 10 Best RV leveling blocks reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

Many times, when you’re out there in the wilderness or the camping site, the land can be uneven. That is why, while parking the RV, you will face a problem due to the uneven land surface. Also, the rough terrain can impact the performance of the appliances like the refrigerator. I personally always like to keep RV leveling blocks at hand to ensure that I can level the RV quite easily.

Over the last few months, I’ve gone researched many different RV leveling blocks and tried out quite a few of them. So; I will today share with you my list of best RV leveling blocks which will help you out. I will also share with you a buying guide to make it easy to choose the right one.

1. Ultra-Fab Ultra Leveling Block



The blocks which I’m speaking about are interlocking. You can stack them one upon another. As a result, the number of configurations which you can create using these blocks is virtually unlimited. That is why; it is easy to use these blocks on any terrain.

Additionally, they will help you attain the perfect level for all the four tires of the RV. The measurement of each block is 8.3125″ x 8.3125″. That is why interlocking them or stacking them one upon another is not a problem. Each block can carry 30,000 LBS, which makes them perfect for RV use.

The pack consists of 8 blocks in total. The thickness of each block is 0.75 inches. The lightweight but durable design means that you can carry them with you wherever you go. Also, you can pack them up in a single bag, which means that there will be no problem at all in carrying them with you. All in all, when looking for easy to use self-leveling blocks that can carry a significant amount of weight, you can consider this option.


  • Interlocking blocks
  • Pack of 8
  • Thickness is just 0.75 inches
  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight


  • The packaging could have been better

2. Camco Leveling Blocks


The self-leveling blocks which I am highlighting now come in 5 color options. The pack consists of 10 interlocking blocks. You can stack them up one upon another as well. Also, you can adjust the height with the help of these smaller blocks. That is why; leveling is not a problem at all. The thickness of each block is 1-inch, which makes these blocks easy to maintain.

You can use them not just for your RV but to change tires and support the axle of any vehicle. With the help of easy to use mechanism, you can store them in a small amount of space. A T-handle comes with the pack, which makes it easy for you to maintain the blocks.

The resin construction is UV stabilized. It means that you will not have to worry about its durability at all. The color choices are such that they are visible from a larger distance. Due to this very reason, it becomes easy to use. Also, the wear and tear is limited, which means that you will not have to worry about replacing them anytime soon. The versatility, as well as the various color options, makes it an excellent choice.


  • Highly versatile
  • UV stabilized
  • Resin construction
  • Available in 5 different color options


  • Could have been wider

3. RV Leveling Blocks Wheel Chocks


The advantage of these leveling chocks is that they can lift your trailer at any of the three levels offered. The levels are 1.2 inches, 2.5 inches, and 4.3 inches. At any of these positions, they can quickly stabilize your RV or your motor home. It means that leveling your RV is not a problem with the help of these wheel chocks.

The design is such that it is entirely non-slip. Due to this very reason, once you use it to lift your RV or level it, you will not have to worry at all. With the help of these chocks, you can level your RV in no time. It also means that all your appliances inside will perform efficiently.

The durable and lightweight rubber material ensures that it can not only bear a heavy load, but it is easy to carry as well. The dimensions of each block are 20.7″ x 6.8″ x 4.3″. The chock can raise the RV by 4.3 inches. Each piece of ramp and block can carry up to 10,000 LBS, which means that you can lift your RV easily even when it is fully loaded. These features combined make these wheel chocks an excellent choice.


  • Comes in a twin pack
  • Can raise RV at three different levels
  • Each chock can carry 10,000 LBS
  • Non-slip surface


  • Requires a bit of learning curve to use

4. Stylish Camping Large Stabilizing Jack Pads


The stabilizing pads which I’m speaking about now come in a pack of 4. They can help you in leveling your RV. Once you do that, using the appliances inside is quite easy.

The flat side of the jack pads should be on the ground. It will provide you with excellent traction. The side of the Jack Pack consisting of design or grids should be on the upper side. The design ensures that grip is on the higher side. The construction of the jack pad is such that it consists of a handle. It means that you can carry it around comfortably.

The design is stackable in nature. You can put them one on top of others. Due to UV stabilized resin design, you can be sure that you can use them outdoors without any problem. The pack consists of 4 different Jack pads. The unique design prevents any sinking, which is why wear and tear is not a problem. If you’re looking for a solution to level your RV, you should definitely consider this option.


  • Pack of 4
  • Excellent traction
  • Resin construction
  • Low wear and tear


  • The pads are thin

5. OxGord RV Leveler Ramps


The leveling block which I am highlighting now has dimensions of 22″ x 8″ x 5″. The maximum height which it can attain is 3.8 inches. Also, the blocks can easily carry 11,000 LBS of weight. It means that it is perfect for RVs.

When you look at the surface, you will realize that it is non-slip in nature. That is why; the level of traction which you can get is on the higher side. With the help of 3 different levels where you can park your RV, it is easy to get the height which you want. You can drive onto the leveling block.

Also, it can handle any terrain, which means that you can use it for campsites; wilderness as well as any other surrounding. It comes in a twin pack, which means that you will not have to worry about buying multiple backs. That is why, when looking for multilevel leveling blocks, you can consider this option.


  • Can carry 11,000 LBS of weight
  • Offers three different levels
  • Comes in a twin pack
  • Non-slip surface


  • Bulky

6. Hopkins RV Leveling System with Chock


The leveling system which i am highlighting now consists of a rigid and durable structure. As a result, leveling the RV is not a problem at all. It consists of wood and reinforced plastic. Reinforced plastic aids to minimize the wear and tear. Additionally, the wooden structure means that stability is not a problem.

When you look at the construction, it is heavy-duty and durable, which means that the leveling system will always remain in its place. Irrespective of the weight of the RV, it will remain stable. When not in use, the mat works as a carrying strap. It means that you can quickly move around the leveling system. The role of the mat is multipurpose. It not only provides it with a non-skid surface but also ensures that you can carry the system around easily. When you look at these features, it is not difficult to understand why it is so versatile.

In a single pack, there two docks and one chock are present. There are four ramps in total. Also, the assembling hardware comes along with it. It consists of an instruction manual as well, which makes it easy for you to assemble the entire setup. When you’re looking for something more than just a plastic to level your RV, you can go with this option.


  • Combination of Wood and Plastic
  • Easy to assemble
  • Non-skid mat on offer
  • Highly portable


  • Limited Instructions

7. Valterra Red Stackers Leveler


The main advantage of this leveler is that it consists of Jack pads. It means that you can stack them up easily. You can carry it with the handle included. With the help of tongue wheel support, you can be sure that RV be highly stable.

These RV leveling blocks consist of a comfortable grip handle. The handle also ensures that you can easily place them together. It helps the blocks in forming a proper ramp. The advantage is that you can move them around easily with the help of this handle. The self-fastening strap means that when you’re storing it, you do not require strapping them separately.

It can handle the weight of 40,000 LBS. The measurement of each block is 8″ x 10″ x 1.5″. When looking for heavy-duty self-leveling blocks that can be used for an RV, you can go with this one.


  • Pack of 10
  • Easy to carry around
  • Can handle 40,000 LBS
  • Easy to grip handle


  • Not suitable for gravel surface

8. Camp’N – RV Leveling Blocks


If you’re looking for RV leveling set which consists of a higher number of bocks, you can go with this option. In total, it has 12 different blocks on offer. Also, it can handle the weight of 2 axles quite easily. Additionally, the design is such that creating the ramp is quite easy. You can drive on it without having to worry. The extra-large design with the block size of 10.5 inches in a square shape makes it easy to get the friction which you want.

This self-leveling block aims to not only provide you with the leveling mechanism but to be highly durable. It consists of thick, and high-density plastic blocks. Additionally, it can handle the wear and tear quite easily as well. Irrespective of the weather, you can use it outdoors.

When it comes to the accessories which come along with it, it consists of a storage strap and a carrying case. It means that you can carry it with you wherever you go. When you take into account the durability and the accessories which come along with it, you will not have to worry about choosing another set of leveling blocks.


  • Set of 12
  • Highly durable
  • Consist of thick and high-density plastic
  • Weather-resistant


  • Stackable till level 2

9. BUNKERWALL Tandem Axle Leveler


The self-leveling RAM which I’m speaking about now is suitable for campers; RV’s as well as travel trailers. The pack consists of 2 ramps in total. They can handle the weight of any heavy-duty vehicle. They are suitable for stabilizing the RV over any uneven ground surface. It means that you can use the appliances inside the RV as well as the fluid tanks quite easily.

The Ramps are pretty lightweight. However, they use durable material, which is high-density polyethylene material. The material can not only handle the high weight but, it is wear and tear-resistant. It means that once you get these ramps, you will not have to worry about replacing them anytime soon.

With the help of different stable levels, you can easily raise the RV as per your requirement. The width of the ramp is 10 inches, and it can lift the wheels to 4 inches. It means that you can put in the position of the RV which you want. The weight handling capacity per axle is 10,000 LBS. As a result, you can use it for your RV quite easily. When looking for a versatile and durable RV leveling blocks, you should not ignore this option.


  • Consist of 2 ramps
  • Utilizes high-density polyethylene
  • Can raise RV to 4 inches
  • Easy to use


  • The packaging needs improvement

10. Ultra-Fab Products Ultra Leveling Block


The last option on my list consists of interlocking blocks. These are stackable as well. As a result, you can use them in the way which you want.

You can achieve the height which you want to buy stacking of these blocks. The blocks are square-shaped and measure 8.3125″ x 8.3125″. The weight carrying capacity of each block is 30,000 lbs. That is why; you will have no problems at all in mounting RV on these.

They come with a storage bag, which means that carrying them around is easy. When you look at the surface design, it is such that the traction is on the higher side. As a result, when driving your RV on these blocks, you will not have to worry about the RV tires slipping off. The interlocking blocks mean that you can use them in any shape. So, if you’re looking for a set of interlocking blocks which are stackable in a variety of different configurations, you can go with this option.


  • Interlocking
  • Dimensions are 8.3125″ x 8.3125″
  • The weight carrying capacity is 30,000 lbs
  • Comes with a carrying case


  • Susceptible to wear and tear

Leveling the RV is quite essential. Without doing so, you will not be able to use the appliances as well as the water tanks inside. With the help of my list above, you can easily find the right leveling blocks for your RV. I have compiled a list of only the best RV leveling blocks on offer, and therefore, you can be sure that they all serve the purpose. Before you make your buying decision, I will share with you a buying guide to help you out.
RV leveling blocks Buying Guide:
This buying guide aims to help you understand the parameters to consider while comparing different RV leveling blocks.

RV leveling blocks buying guide

When you compare the different leveling blocks on these few factors, it becomes easy to pick the right one. The factors include:

• Number of blocks:

You have to first look at the number of blocks. It will help you understand in which configuration you can use the blocks. If they already come in the form of the ramp, you have to look at the size of the ramp to decide whether it is suitable for you or not.

• Materials in use:

Ultimately, the wear and tear, as well as the durability of the RV self-leveling blocks, will depend on the materials in use. Only when they are high-density, they can handle the weight. Also, it is not necessary that the heavier the blocks, the better they are The lightweight blocks can also be highly durable.

• Configurations:

You have to figure out whether the blocks are interlocking. Only then you can use them in different configurations. If it is a ramp, you have to look at the height to which you can raise the RV. You have to figure out whether it offers multiple height options or a single height option. When you’re sure about the configuration in which you can use them, then only you can decide on the RV leveling blocks.

• Portability:

Lastly, you have to keep in mind that the leveling blocks are not needed when you’re in an urban environment. That is why; you need highly portable RV leveling blocks. When these blocks come with a carrying case or some carrying strap which makes it easy for you to take them with you wherever you go, then that is a definite advantage. Without proper portability, there is no point in buying the leveling blocks.

These are the parameters on which you should compare the different RV leveling blocks to pick the right one. I will now go into some of the FAQs which consumers usually have while buying these blocks.


What are the best RV leveling blocks?

The Ultra-Fab Products 48-979052 Ultra Leveling Block is the best RV leveling Block as it can carry 30,000 LBS per block. The thickness is just 0.75 inches. You can stack this block to get the configuration which you want. It comes in a pack of 8, which makes it easy for you to use it.

Why do you have to level an RV?

An RV consists of things like the refrigerator, flow tanks. When the RV is not in a level, the gravity will work against these appliances. That is why, neither you will be able to use the appliances like refrigerators, nor you will be able to get proper water supply. That is why it is necessary to level RV if you want the appliances and the plumbing systems to work seamlessly.

Does RV have to be level for the fridge to work?

Yes, an RV needs to be level for the fridge to work. Without it, the movement of the coolant hampers and therefore, your refrigerator will not work seamlessly.

Instead of using your RV on uneven terrain without leveling it, it is a good idea to choose between these top 10 RV leveling blocks. With any of these blocks, you can level your RV to enjoy your trip comfortably rather than having to worry about the tanks, plumping systems, and refrigerator in the RV.

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