Best shed for riding lawn mower – Top 3 best shed for riding lawn mower reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

Storing a riding lawnmower is not an easy task. Instead of making makeshift arrangements, it is a much better idea to get the shed for storing your riding lawnmower.

The question is, which shed is suitable for riding lawn mower?

We compared hundreds of sheds to choose the best ones to answer this question. The list below consists of such sheds. I will also share a buying guide so that it becomes effortless for you to choose between these sheds.

1. Rubbermaid Outdoor Storage Shed


The advantage of this outdoor storage shed is that it is a storage space of 467 ft³. Such storage space means storing a riding lawnmower and many different accessories. If you’re wondering about the dimensions of this shed, it measures 7′ x 10′. Due to the same, the overall amount of space is excellent.

Also, there are two color options available. If you’re particular about the aesthetics, you can choose between these two color choices.

When you look at construction, it has double-walled construction. That way, you can be sure that rain won’t go inside. Not only that, the double-wall construction makes it sturdy. The resin construction means that it is leak-resistant, dent-resistant, and weather resistant.

If you’re wondering about the maintenance, it is almost maintenance-free. Consequently, it is easy to use it for years together without much input.

Another advantage of resin material is that it does not suffer from rust. Due to the same, the shed will last for years together, but you do not have to worry about the rust impacting the lawnmower that you are storing inside.

To facilitate proper light, it consists of two skylights and two windows. When you want to extract or put the riding lawnmower into the shade, you want to use an artificial light source.

Whenever you’re buying a shed, it is necessary to choose one that is easy to assemble. Fortunately, this one comes along with all the hardware which you need. Assembling it is not going to be a problem either. You would be happy to know that it comes along with its flow. The floor can handle a significant weight. Not only that, it is impact resistant. When you try the riding lawnmower over the floor, it will not crack or suffer from extended wear and tear.

Of course, when you place the riding lawnmower inside, you need to make sure that the riding lawnmower is safe. For the same, you get lockable doors. It means it becomes easy to keep the lawnmower inside for days without worrying.

Since you get the detailed instructions along with the shed, installing the floor on any surface is easy. There are instructions available for entering it to any surface. That is why irrespective of the surface you want to install it on; you will be able to install the shed without any worry. Installation merely requires 2 to 3 hours, and since you get all the instructions, hiring a professional is not needed.

Thus, consider this option when looking for a spacious stand to store the riding lawnmower.


  • Measures 7′ x 10′
  • Available in two color options
  • Double-walled resin construction
  • Allows ample light
  • Lockable doors on offer
  • Comes with a detailed assembling instructions
  • Rust and weather-resistant


  • Color representation can be better

2. Lifetime 60079 Outdoor Storage Dual Entry Shed


Do you prefer an even larger shed?

If so, consider this option. The dimensions of this shed are 15′ x 8′. Not only that, it consists of dual entry points. These features make it easy to store the lawnmower inside the shed. In addition to the lawnmower, you can keep some bikes and much more inside the storage shed. If you’re looking for a multipurpose shed, it does not get any better than this.

It is essential to look at the material from which the shed is made. Only once you do so can you truly decide whether the shed is worth buying or not.

The material in use is high-density polyethylene material. The dual voltage design means that the sturdiness of the shed is excellent. On a stand-alone basis as well, polyethylene is quite durable. However, the shed goes a step further. It consists of steel-reinforced construction. That speaks volumes regarding the structural integrity of this set.

If you’re wondering about the door size, it is 56.4″ x 75.6″. That is why; getting the riding lawnmower in and out is certainly going to be easy.

In case you live in a windy area, this shed is rated for when it is up to 65 mph. Even in inclement conditions, the shed will remain in its place. Not only that, the shed will protect the contents inside as well. That way, you’re riding a lawnmower and will remain safe.

If you’re wondering about the height, that is 18.4 inches. That provides you with plenty of space to walk around inside the shed. Extracting or putting the riding lawnmower inside indeed becomes easy because of the same.

When you look at the floor is also made from high-density polyethylene material. This material is resistant to solvents, stains, and oil. Because of the same, the maintenance is minimal. Also, there is another property of this flower. It is slip-resistant. Because of the same, it is entirely safe to use.

When you look at the roof, it consists of a steep angle. The steep angle certainly facilitates the drainage. Due to the same, you will not have to worry about the drainage of snow or rain.

Of course, since you will be installing the shed outdoors, it will experience UV rays. However, it is UV resistant and does not suffer from cracking or fading because of the same. The entire exterior is designed so that it does not suffer from stains. It means that it does not require frequent cleaning.

The lockable doors ensure that the riding lawnmower inside is well protected. Also, there are screened vents as well, which ventilate the shed. Because of the same, the odor isn’t going to be a problem.

You would be happy to know that it consists of a shelf system inside. It means that if you need efficient storage space, that is possible.

The shatter-resistant windows ensure that you will not have to worry about someone breaking into the shed or stealing from inside once you lock the doors.

There is space available inside to keep the riding lawnmower; its accessories, a leaf blower, and various other gardening tools simultaneously inside the storage shed. Once you install the shed, there will be no need to opt for any other storage space.

Thus, go with this one when looking for a multipurpose shed that can store your riding lawnmower.


  • Measures 15′ x 8′
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Shatterproof windows
  • Facilitates ventilation
  • Weather-resistant
  • Lockable doors on offer
  • UV resistant


  • Assembling takes 4 to 6 hours

3. Keter Factor 8×11 Foot Large Resin Outdoor Shed


This shed on my list is another one that consists of ample storage space. When you look at the storage space inside, that is 550 ft³. That is more than enough to store the riding lawnmower and various other accessories.

Many of you might be curious about the exact dimensions of the shed. The exact dimensions are 8′ x 11′. Along with the riding lawnmower, you can store bikes, furniture, and much more. Once you opt for the shed, there is no need to go with any other storage solution.

The shed’s quality is always dependent on the construction quality and the materials in use. This shed uses resin plastic. The polypropylene resin ensures that with will not impact the contents inside the shed. Also, to further strengthen the shed, the structure is reinforced with steel. It certainly increases the durability multifold.

It is rust-resistant, rot-resistant, and even peel-resistant.

Polypropylene construction means that UV rays and water won’t impact the structure of the shade. Consequently, there is not much maintenance needed once you install the shed.

At first glance, it might seem like it is a wooden texture. However, if you observe closely, it uses resin material.

There is a skylight to allow the natural light. Besides that, it consists of vents for proper air circulation.

Since the shed consists of large doors, it is easy for you to put in the riding lawnmower and pull it out whenever you want. The doors come with a lockable latch as well. That way, securing the contents inside the shed isn’t a problem.

Two shelves and brackets come along with it; creating additional storage space will be easy.

The shed’s structure is such that it is peel-resistant, rot-resistant, and rust-resistant. Consequently, you will not have to worry about repainting the shed every few months.

With so many features, this shed for storing riding lawnmowers is worth buying.


  • Dimensions of 8′ x 11′
  • Polypropylene resin construction
  • Weather-resistant
  • Skylight and window on offer
  • Lockable doors
  • Heavy-duty floor


  • Limited instructions

Now that you are aware of the best sheds that can store a lawnmower, it is time to look at the buying guide to make it easier for you to choose between the sheds for riding lawnmowers.

Shed for riding lawn mower buying guide

Things to consider before buying shed for riding lawn mower:
You should compare the sheds on:

• Dimensions:

The size of the outdoor shed will let you know whether you can only store the riding lawnmower or various other accessories along with the same. The dimensions also determine how much space it will take in your backyard.

• Construction materials:

The shed should be constructed from such materials that they can handle any weather. Whether you’re experiencing rain, snow, or UV rays, the shed should be able to handle all of those and more.

Also, if the shed is reinforced, that is an additional advantage.

• Locking mechanism:

Once you place the riding lawnmower inside, you would have to lock the entry and exit points. That is why; you have to prefer a shed with lockable doors.

• Shed properties:

It is essential to buy a shed consisting of a skylight or a window. That way, it will let light inside. If it consists of ventilation vents, that is an advantage.

Moreover, if the shed comes with reinforced panels or double-wall construction, it is another advantage. These properties will help you pick the right shed.

It is time to look at the answers to the FAQs.


How do you store lawn equipment?

The best way to store lawn equipment, including the riding lawnmower, is in the shed. There are weather-resistant sheds available that can protect the equipment and the lawnmower pretty well.

Can you store a lawnmower in a shed?

Yes, you can store a lawnmower in the shed. Just ensure that the shed is big enough for the same, and also, the entry and exit points can easily facilitate the movement of the lawnmower.

You no longer need to leave the riding lawnmower outdoors without any protection. Get any one of the sheds, and you will no longer have to worry about storing the riding lawnmower. Since I have only covered the best sheds for riding lawn mowers, once you are choosing from the list above, you’re going with the best.

If you’re looking for any other type of shed, you can refer to my post on the best bike storage shed (covered here).

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