Best solar deck lights – Top 3 best solar patio lights reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

When looking for lights for your deck or patio, it is best to go with solar lights. That way, you can use renewable energy to illuminate the exteriors of your premises.

The question is, which are the best solar deck lights?

My list below will highlight the best options in this category. Once you go through the solar deck lights mentioned below, you will also find a buying guide below the list. That will help you choose between these options.

1. ROSHWEY Solar Deck Lights


The set of ten lights I am highlighting now is suitable for the deck and the patio, the fence, etc. Consequently, these are the most versatile pieces of light you can buy.

It is available in different light color options. The light variant I am highlighting now offers warm white light. There is another variant that offers cool white light. That way, you can easily create the ambiance which you want.

The casing of these lights consists of 304 stainless steel and ABS plastic material. The combination of these materials ensures that water won’t impact these lights. Also, stainless steel construction means that corrosion isn’t an issue. That is why these lights can last for years together.

Every light comes with a 1600 mAh battery. Also, the dusk to dawn sensor ensures that they will automatically turn on at sunset and turn off at sunrise. The light can offer illumination for up to 10 hours on a single charge. Manual operation isn’t required in this mode.

The reason why you can use them on any surface is that they have two installation mechanisms. You can either use two screws or a double-sided adhesive to install them. That is why, whether you want to install them on the fence, wall, deck, stairs, or pathway, it is easy to do so.

Above I spoke about the fact that water does not impact these lights. That is because it has IP 65 waterproof rating. They are not only water-resistant but also heat-resistant. That is why, even if they remain outside throughout the year, they will function properly.

Every light consists of 30 LEDs. That is why each light offers you 60 lm. Consequently, illumination is excellent.

If you notice the image of this light, you will realize that there is a solar panel on top. The conversion rate is 21%. The lights can charge quickly.

Charging time is six hours in the daytime. Also, even in the winter, the solar panel converts the sun’s rays into charge easily. You won’t have to worry about the lights not working in the winter season.

Dimensions of 5.1″ x 3.1″ ensure that they won’t occupy much space.

You cannot go wrong with these solar deck lights due to their numerous features.


  • Set of ten
  • Run time of ten hours
  • Charging time of six hours
  • 21% conversion rate of solar panel
  • Easy to install
  • Water-resistant
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Available in three light color options


  • Packaging needs improvement

2. CHINLY Solar Deck Lights


The solar deck lights I am highlighting now come in a pack of 10 and 8. That is why it is easy to cover a large deck. If you want to use them on the patio, that is certainly possible. In a nutshell, these lights are pretty versatile.

There are two different lighting modes on offer. The light can offer you warm white light. In this case, the level of illumination you will get is excellent. Apart from this, it can offer color-changing lights as well. Creating the right ambiance is easy using these color-changing lights.

Also, since these are solar-powered, you won’t have to worry about electricity consumption.

They come with a dusk to dawn sensor. If you want them to light up after sunset and turn off after sunrise, they will do so independently. That way, there is no need to operate these lights manually. In a way, they are entirely automated.

On the outer side, polycarbonate material is used. This material can handle any weather, including the rains. Apart from the rain, the lights can handle wind, ice, snow, etc. That is the reason why this light has IP sixty-five waterproof rating.

The lights come with an inbuilt battery of 800 mAh. They can easily last for up to 25 hours on a single charge.

The two working modes and the numerous features on offer certainly make this set a good choice.


  • Run time of 25 hours
  • Set of eight or ten
  • Two different color modes on offer
  • IP sixty-five weather resistance
  • Incorporates dusk to dawn sensor


  • Charging can be faster

3. SUNFACESolar Deck Lights


If you’re looking for lights in smaller quantities, this set of six will undoubtedly meet your requirements. The design is such that they are suitable for the deck and patio.

The number one difference between these lights and others is that they provide an Amber glow with excellent illumination. They consist of a bright crystal, and therefore if you need lights that create an appropriate ambiance, these fulfill that requirement.

In the first mode, they offer you warm white light. In the second mode, they offer you RGB color. That is why it is easy to get the light color you want without changing the lights.

Dusk to dawn sensor ensures that they will turn on after sunset. Also, at sunrise, they will turn off. They can easily last on a single charge throughout the night, which ensures that you will have proper illumination.

They consist of polysilicon solar panel. Solar panel efficiency is 19.5%. That is why the charging time is pretty quick.

In terms of weather resistance, these have a rating of IP sixty-five. That is why water or heat won’t impact them in any way.

Whether you want to install them with the help of screws or want to use adhesive, the choice is yours. You can install them in both the fashions.

Thus, go with this set when looking for an easy-to-install solar deck light.


  • Set of six
  • IP sixty-five waterproof rating
  • Extremely versatile
  • Offers two light color options
  • Dusk to dawn sensor incorporated


  • Packaging can be better.

Let us now look at the buying guide to understand better how to choose among these lights.

Solar deck lights buying guide

Things to take into account before buying solar deck lights:

You should compare these lights on parameters like:

• Light color and output:

You have to look at the amount of illumination these lights offer. Only then will you gain an idea regarding visibility.

Not only the amount of light but the color of the light matters a lot as well.

Only when you consider these two parameters can you determine whether the light will be helpful or not.

• Way of installing:

Ideally, you need something you can easily install with adhesive. If the light uses screws, make sure that it uses only 2 to 3 screws. In a nutshell, go with one which is easy to install.

• Weather handling capacity:

You do not want to buy a light that malfunctions after the first rain. That is why it is a good idea to get water-resistant lights that can handle other seasons.

• Aesthetics:

Lastly, the size of the light and the aesthetics also matter.

Once you consider these parameters, choosing the best lights for your deck is easy.

I will now answer some FAQs associated with such lights.


Where should solar lights be placed on a deck?

You can install the solar lights on the fence, on the steps, on the exterior wall, or on the posts of the staircase. In a nutshell, you can install them in many ways on a deck.

How do you install solar lights on a deck?

You can use screws or adhesive to install the lights on the deck. The exact method you use depends on the type of lights you’re buying.

How long do solar deck lights Last?

Usually, the solar deck lights can last for 4 to 5 years. However, if you do not experience extreme weather in your area, the life span can be even longer.

When looking for the best solar deck lights, there is no need to compare hundreds of options. Choose from the list of the best options above, and you can illuminate your deck and go with lights that can last for years together.

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