Best solar path lights for shade – Top 3 best solar path lights for shade reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

Illuminating the pathways in the right way can increase the aesthetic appearance of your premises. It is a good idea to use solar path lights to reduce the cost. Rather than using any lights, go with solar path lights for shade. That way, you can get proper illumination and lights which are aesthetically pleasing.
I will today highlight the best solar path lights for shade so that it becomes easy to choose such a light.

1. Bell + Howell Smart Solar XL Pathway Lights


You can buy these lights in a pack of two, four, and eight. That is why buying them in the exact quantity you need is possible.

Today, I will shed light on the set of eight. It is easy for you to illuminate the entire pathway with these eight lights. If you want to use it in the garden, yard, or backyard, that is also possible.

Another functionality is that it has 2 in 1 usage. You can use it as warm light output, flickering, or as white light. The choice is yours. Flickering flame helps you create the right ambiance, making it easy for you to improve the aesthetics of your premises.

Since these lights are solar-powered, it is easy to install them. You will not have to worry about wiring or attaching batteries, and so on. Additionally, it has a sensor inbuilt. That is why it can turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn. You will not have to worry about operating it manually.

It is essential to also look at the size of the pathway lights and, after that take a call. When you measure it from the bottom to the top, the height is around 23.5 feet. That is why; digging it into the ground is easy. If you’re wondering about the lantern, it is 7 inches. The stake is 16.5 inches. The dimensions are such that you can put the light into the ground in a stable fashion. That way, you will not have to worry about the light coming out.

Of course, since you are buying them for the path, these will be installed outdoors. Fortunately, these are waterproof. Irrespective of the weather you face, these will keep on working appropriately. That is because of the IP65 waterproof rating. They can handle the heat, garden spring drills, rain, snow, and so on. That is another reason to go with these lights.

It is essential to look at the light output when choosing such path lights. The light output of these lights is 23 lm. For path lights, this level of illumination is excellent.

While I’m speaking about path lights, another advantage of these lights is simply using the lantern. Stakes are removable. Once you remove it, the bottom of the lantern is entirely flat. That is why, if you want to use these lights on the table, that is certainly possible. Since the lantern’s height is just 7 inches, you won’t struggle to set aside a lot of space merely for these path lights.

The battery inside is 1200 mAh. Due to the same, once it is fully charged, it will run throughout the night. Not only that, the drain current of the battery is pretty low. Due to the same, the battery will not drain even if you’re not using the lights. You won’t have to worry about replacing the battery or thinking about another power source to ensure that the path lights are appropriately powered.

With so many different features and availability in different quantities, you cannot go wrong with these solar path lights for shade.


  • Availability in a set of 2/4/8
  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • 2 in 1 light output
  • 1200 mAh battery
  • Easy to install in-ground
  • Removable stake
  • Extremely versatile
  • 23 lm light output
  • Easy to install


  • Finishing can be better.

2. LeiDrail Solar Pathway Lights


These path lights come in a pack of 6. This makes them pretty handy for illuminating the entire path.

If you’re serious about buying solar pathway lights, it is essential to look at the amount of light they have on offer as well. Fortunately, these offer you 18 lm of light. That is only possible because they consist of numerous LEDs.

Also, since they have a run time of six hours on a single charge, you can be sure that they will illuminate for most of the evening and the night.

The reason they are so efficient is because of the solar panel included. Firstly, it has a laminated solar panel. That is why durability is better. Illumination also means that dirt and other contamination will not impact the solar panel, which is why the efficiency is on the higher side. If you’re wondering about the size of solar panels, that is 2.5″ x 2.5″.

Merely by looking at the light output, choosing the solar path lights for shade is a mistake. You have to be very particular regarding the construction quality of such lights. After all, they will remain outdoors always. If the construction quality is not up to the mark, there is no point in buying such lights.

Fortunately, these consist of high-grade material. Metal is stainless steel. When you look at the top, it consists of a metal cover. Apart from that, there is stainless steel tube as well. Stainless steel construction means that corrosion isn’t a problem when the light will handle most of the weather as well. Glass used is equally sturdy. Due to the same, you won’t have to worry about snow, rain, and high temperature.

If you observe the images of this light, you will notice that it does not have the usual beam pattern. It has an artistic beam pattern that can make the light aesthetically pleasing. That is why, apart from the pathway, it is good enough for the yard, lawn, patio, and so on.

With an automatic sensor on offer, you can be sure that it will turn off at sunrise and turn on after sunset. You will not have to worry about operating them manually.

In case you’re wondering about the dimensions, each one is 18.9″ in height and 7.5″ in width at the top. Since you get the stake along with it, putting them into the ground will be easy. You won’t struggle with applying force or the solar path light coming off. Additionally, it is entirely waterproof. That is why, even if you leave it outdoors for a year, you will not have to worry about the light not working.

If you are very particular regarding the battery inside, it consists of a 1000 mAh rechargeable battery. The battery is directly powered with the help of the integrated solar panel.

White light output ensures that it creates the right ambiance as well. In terms of waterproof rating, it is rated IP65.

You cannot go wrong with the solar path lights with all the necessary features.


  • Stainless steel and premium glass construction
  • Set of six
  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • Easy to install
  • Aesthetic beam pattern
  • 18 lm light output
  • 1000 mAh battery


  • Limited instructions

3. Solar Pathway Garden Lights Oyye


Most pathways will need multiple lights for illuminating. This one has a set of 8. That is why it is easy for you to illuminate the entire path by buying a single set. Apart from this as well, these pathway lights have many different features.

Firstly, you get to choose between two color options. You can opt for the setting where there will be an automatic color change. Another option which you have is warm white light. That way, you will be able to create the kind of ambiance. In the fade mode, the light will vary between seven different colors. In the on mode, there will be warm white light. That is why operating it is easy.

Light also consists of solid crystal glass. In addition to crystal glass, it also uses ABS plastic. Both these materials make it durable and ensure that they can last for years together. Due to the same, wear and tear isn’t going to be a problem.

Wondering about the output?

It has an output of 25 lm. That is more than enough to illuminate the pathway.

If you’re wondering about the battery, that is 600 mAh. On a single charge, it can last for 10 hours. Charging requires just 6 to 8 hours. That is possible because of the comparatively large solar panels. There are proper safeguards built into it as well. That is why over-discharge and overcharge are not possible.

Easy to assemble design ensures that you will not struggle with the installation part. Since they come with stakes, you can easily dig them into the ground.

IP65 waterproof rating ensures that these path lights will be properly illuminated irrespective of the weather.

Thus, if you’re looking for long-lasting solar path lights, you should consider these.


  • IP65 rating
  • Run time of 10 hours
  • 25 lm light output
  • Set of 8
  • Two different light color output options
  • Easy to assemble
  • Inbuilt safety mechanism


  • Stake design could be better.

If you’re looking for solar path lights for shade, these are the options to look at. Without looking at the buying guide below, choosing such lights will be a mistake.

Solar path lights for shade buying guide

Things to consider before buying solar path lights for shade:

When you’re comparing the above options, consider parameters like:

• Design:

It is essential to look at the form factor of the solar path lights. After all, they add to the aesthetics of your exterior as well. That is why it is essential to look at the design of the light in itself.

• Light output:

It is crucial to consider the light output as well. Firstly, you have to look at the light output of a single light. After that, you have to look at the color of the light output. Once you consider both these parameters, you can decide whether a particular path light will meet your requirements or not.

• Runtime on a single charge:

All these lights are powered by solar energy. However, the solar panel stores this energy in the battery. The capacity of the battery will determine the runtime of these lights. That is why; you have to find out what the runtime is on a single charge and after that choose the light.

It should have a run time of at least 6 hours, if not more. Additionally, if it has a sensor that turns the light after sunset, that is an added positive.

• Installation:

Most such lights come with stakes. That is why; you can easily push them into the ground or the soil. Rather than taking this for granted, it is good to look at the installation mechanism and after that decide whether you want to buy the light or not.


Are solar path lights easy to install?

Most solar path lights come with stakes. That is why; you have to simply push them into the ground. Once you push them, they will remain in their place.

Can you use path lights anywhere else?

Yes, you can use these path lights in your patio, garden as well as backyard. In many of these lights, the stakes are removable, which ensures that you can install them on the wall or keep them on any flat surface once you remove the stakes.

Are all solar path lights weatherproof?

Yes, almost all the solar path lights you can buy are weatherproof. They will work in any weather. Once you install them outdoors, there will be no need to remove them.

Can you buy solar path lights in a single quantity?

Yes, once you go through the list below, you will also find path lights which you can buy in a single quantity. That way, buying in bulk is not always a necessity.

Do solar path lights have dusk to dawn sensors?

Yes, most path lights have a sensor. That is why; you need not operate them manually. The sensor will turn them on after sunset, and the sensor will turn it off when the sun rises. Automated operation is possible because of the same.

Thus, if you want to illuminate the outdoor premises, these are the solar path lights you can go with. Only after analyzing these lights from various aspects have I compiled this list.

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