Solar stake lights – Top 7 best solar stake light reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

Are you searching for solar stake lights?

They can illuminate your surroundings easily. Moreover, solar construction means that you will not have to worry about powering them. The stake based design ensures that you don’t have to put a lot of time into installing them. On the season certainly, make them stand out.

The problem is that if you end up choosing the wrong solar stake light, you won’t gain these advantages. To help you choose the best, I have highlighted the top 7 solar stake lights below. Once you go through the top 7 options and the buying guide choosing the right one becomes easy.

1. LeiDrail Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor Garden Path Light


These solar stake lights are made of black metal enclosing a warm LED light and an extraordinary design that allows a unique pattern to form around the night pathway. These lights can function for 10 to 12 hours after receiving direct sunlight for 8 hours.

These lights are resistant to harsh weather, be it rain or snow. This is due to the state-of-the-art waterproof system as well as the anti-rust coating on the lamps. I never used to worry about regenerative erosion with these solar stake lights outdoor.

From the unique patterns to the weather-proof system, these lights are incredibly modern. They are designed to function without a wire and can thereby be placed in any part of the house. Using the switch button is enough to get them up and running.

The dimensions are 16.5 inches in height and 4.5 inches in diameter. The plethora of features are sure to grab your attention.


  • Unique patterns create a beautiful design
  • Works for longer hours
  • Resistant to changes in the weather
  • Coated with anti-rust to protect the metal surface
  • Easy to install
  • Modern design
  • Comes with six pieces


  • Packaging needs improvement

2. BEAU JARDIN Solar Lights Bright Garden Stake


With dimensions of 16.5 inches in height and 4.7 in diameter, these solar stake lights are the perfect stylish lights for my walkway. It is convenient to use as it is wireless with stainless steel auto sensor. The glamorous design increases the aesthetic appeal of your pathway exponentially.

Equipped with a diamond glass light shade, these lights are resilient to harsh weather. The quality of these solar garden stake lights is impeccable as it is a combination of textured metal and glass. You need to set up the lights and push them into the ground.

Placing these solar stake lights outdoor has an additional advantage as it automatically switches on during the night. One Solar Lumen 6 battery absorbs direct sunlight during the day to emit while LED light at night. This accounts for the high efficiency as well as the eco-friendly nature of these solar lights.

The decorative diamond-shaped lights can stay lit for almost 12 hours without interruptions. The glowing white LED lights can illuminate your garden throughout the night. These lights will not only beautify your home; they will do this without incurring the expense of additional electricity.

The glass solar stake light is waterproof and thereby resistant to harsh weather. The stainless steel can withstand snow, rain, frost, and other weather conditions without a worry.


  • Aesthetic and unique pattern
  • Stainless steel increases durability
  • Easy to transport as there are no wires
  • Switches on and off automatically
  • Waterproof and weather-resistant
  • Lights run for 8 to 12 hours


  • Batteries need to be replaced regularly.

3. Go2garden Solar Pathway Garden Lights


These glamorous solar stake lights are powerful as they are equipped with 8 Lumens. They charge under direct sunlight to provide illumination for 8 hours during the night time. These simple yet elegant lights are powered by rechargeable batteries and are therefore wireless.

The petite body of each lamp has the dimensions of 7cm diameter and 33.5cm height. They embellish my yard and walkway with a flame pattern, perfect for accentuating the space’s visual appeal. They never fail to provide a warm and aesthetic ambiance to my home.

In addition to the beautiful patterns, this solar light stake is also resilient against harsh weather. The high-quality plastic material of each lamp ensures impeccable performance even while it is raining or snowing. However, removing snow and other debris from the solar panel will increase durability.

The beautiful solar-powered lights turn on and off automatically, depending on the time of the day. The light is warm white and is perfect to set the mood for the night without wasting electricity. The lights require exposure to direct sunlight for 6 to 8 hours to function without interruptions.


  • Compact size
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable against harsh weather
  • Wireless and easy to transport
  • Flame pattern increases the visual appeal
  • High-quality plastic


  • Brightness can be higher.

4. OxyLED Solar Garden Globe Light Stakes


The best and the most stylish way to enhance my garden was to add these solar stake lights. Powered by solar energy, these lights effectively light up my driveway, patio, garden, or any other outdoor area in our home. They can also illuminate your home for up to 8 hours.

Equipped with rechargeable batteries, these lights are designed with a unique crackle glass effect. Not only do these globe-shaped lights have a glamorous design, but they are also multi-colored to increase the extent of the color palette of your home.

The stainless steel ground stakes and waterproof IP65 material ensure that these lights are long-lasting. Additionally, they work perfectly well amidst harsh weather conditions such as hail, rain, and snow. They are easy to assemble and transport as they are wireless and do not require external electricity to function.

The color-changing ball lights measure 28 inches in height and 3.15 inches in diameter. They can illuminate your lawn or garden for 8 hours after receiving direct sunlight throughout the day. These solar garden stake lights are the perfect embellishment to remove the dullness from your outdoor areas.


  • Automatic color changing
  • Unique crystal ball design
  • Battery-free and wireless
  • Eco-friendly as they require sunlight to operate
  • Waterproof system


  • Glass could be thicker.

5. Geartist Solar Decorative Garden Stakes Lights


My search for the perfect Christmas decoration came to an end with these adorable mini pine tree LED lights. Whether you are looking for ornaments for the holiday season or a unique way to garnish your pathway, driveway, or patio, these solar stake lights are exactly what you are looking for. They have a height of 28.35 inches and a diameter of 5 inches.

The solar-powered lights are packed with green leaves, each holding a multi-colored LED light switch between red, yellow, blue, and green. Along with this, the lights can operate on different modes depending on your preference, such as constant light, flicker mode, flashing mode, and bright light mode.

After exposure to direct sunlight during the day, the solar light stake can illuminate your garden for 8 to 12 hours. It is environmentally friendly as it does not require any electricity to function, avoiding additional expenditure.

The LED lights and leaves are protected by the waterproof material IP65, making it resilient to different weather conditions. The pine tree lights are also made of safe materials that are flexible and durable, generating low heat, thereby making them safe for children to be around.


  • Unique design can be used for holiday decoration
  • Multi-colored LED with different modes
  • Over 10 hours of lighting time
  • Waterproof protecting material
  • Durable and environmentally friendly material


  • Finishing can be better.

6. OxyLED 6 Pack Crystal Glass LED


These crystal glass solar stake lights are a cost-effective and artistic way to improve the visual appeal of the outdoor areas of your home. Their unique shape and pattern set them apart from other LED lights used to decorate households. The globe-shaped glass decoration can be used for the holiday season as well as a way to embellish your garden.

Equipped with color-changing LED lights, the solar garden stake light can effectively brighten up your outdoor spaces. They are functional for over 8 hours if exposed to direct sunlight throughout the day. They are also eco-friendly as they do not require electricity to function.

They are a lovely addition to my driveway as they are a sustainable yet elegant embellishment for the entire home.


  • Color changing LED lights
  • Wireless and does not require batteries
  • Waterproof and resistant to harsh weather
  • Unique crystal design
  • Automatic turn on and turn off


  • Glass ball can break easily.

7. Outdoor Garden Path Torch Stake Lights


This flickering flame LED light is as delightful as an actual fire torch without health hazards and expenses. The mini torch with a 3-inch diameter and 22.6-inch height is the perfect way to light up the outdoor areas in your home.

The solar stake lights are made of high-quality plastic with a waterproof IP44 protective material. Therefore, it can withstand harsh weather conditions. The rechargeable battery ensures that these lights keep my garden illuminated for 8 to 10 hours.

The flickering lights ensure a very realistic flame from this solar garden stake light. They are easy to install, as there are no additional wires or external electricity requirements. They serve as a reliable light source at any time.


  • Realistic flame design
  • Solar-powered
  • Wireless with a rechargeable battery
  • Safer than actual flames
  • Durable and waterproof


  • Flimsy design

Now that you are aware of the best solar stake lights, you can buy one easily. If you’re unable to decide between these 7 options, the buying guide below will help you out.

Solar stake lights buying guide

The buying guide covers the parameters on which you should compare solar stake lights.

Things to consider before buying solar stake lights:

While comparing the solar stake lights, you have to consider the following parameters:

• Battery life:

You have to find out whether you can turn them on from sunset to sunrise or whether the battery that comes with them does not last that long. Only when you are aware of the battery life you can make the right buying decision.

• Aesthetics:

You have to look at the light output as well as the design of that light output. Once you take that into account, it becomes easier for you to choose an aesthetically pleasing one.

• Construction quality:

The solar stake lights can consist of plastic material, polycarbonate, or composite construction. Construction quality matters a lot while buying the solar stake light.

• Weather resistance:

You have to find out which element of weather can the solar stake light handle.

You have to compare the top 7 best solar stake lights on these 4 parameters. Additionally, we will also share with you FAQs to cover these lights in greater detail.


How do solar stake lights work?

Solar stake lights are powered using a battery and a solar panel. After sunset, you can turn them on it. Most of them will last throughout the night. In the morning, the charging process begins once again.

The solar stake lights can not only add to the ambiance but also are useful. When you choose from my list of top 7 best solar stake lights above, you’re buying among the best. Now, it is time to give your home outdoors a completely new look with these lights’ help.

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