Best solar uplighting for trees – Top 3 best solar uplighting for trees reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

Uplighting can really make the trees in your backyard aesthetically pleasing. However, instead of adding it to your utility bill, it is good to get solar uplighting for trees.

There are quite a few substandard ones and a few high-quality ones among such lights. I have compared them all to compile a list of the best solar uplighting for trees. Being an engineer in electronics and telecommunication field, I know at least a few things about lights. Therefore, these are indeed the best lights in the category.

1. Nekteck Outdoor Solar Landscape Lights


There are many features of these lights, due to which, it is on top of my list. To start with, it offers 260 lm of light output. This is possible only because of the highly efficient solar panel that it comes with.

I understand that not everyone will need the same level of brightness. This is another aspect in which this light excels. It offers you two different brightness levels. Depending on the brightness levels, it can provide illumination for 6 to 10 hours.

The dusk to dawn sensor in these lights ensures that it is not always necessary to turn on the light manually. Once you activate this mode, it will automatically turn on at sunset and turn off at sunrise.

The uplight needs the angle to be adjustable. Only then will you be able to point it at an appropriate angle towards the trees.

The good news is, these lights are adjustable by 180°. That is why, whichever angle you need, you can set that. Not only that, the solar panel which comes with that is also adjustable up to 90°. That way, exposing it to sunlight is undoubtedly going to be easy.

These lights are available are in a set of two, four, six, or ten pack. If you want to buy them in bulk or get a couple of them, both options are available.

Buying any uplight without looking at the installation mechanism is a mistake. If the installation is difficult, such lights will not serve you well. These lights offer you 2 in 1 installation mechanism. You can fix and stick them into the ground or install them on the wall if you want to do so.

IP66 waterproof rating ensures that the lights will work seamlessly no matter the weather outside.

If you observe the images of these lights, you will realize that they consist of a reflector cup. Consequently, all the light is reflected towards the trees, which ensures that the overall appearance of the trees is undoubtedly enhanced much better than other lights you can opt for.

Above I spoke about the water-resistance of these lights. However, they are heat resistant and frost resistant as well. Because of the same, even if you leave them installed throughout the year, you need not bother about excessive wear and tear or any other problem.

If you’re wondering about the casing, that is premium quality plastic. That is why it can handle frost, snow, and anything else the weather throws at it.

Since you’re looking for uplight for trees, you’re likely to install them. For the same, you get a pretty long spike as well. The long spike ensures that once you put it into the ground, it will not move around and remain in its place. That way, you need not worry about adjusting the position of these lights again and again.

With the numerous features on offer, these solar uplights are certainly one of the best options you have.


  • Available in different quantities
  • 260 lm light output
  • 2 in 1 installation mechanism
  • Weather-resistant
  • Run time of 6 to 10 hours
  • Two brightness levels
  • Adjustable design
  • Extremely stable once installed


  • Control buttons could be better designed

2. LKF Solar Spot Lights


The best is that these lights are available with the cool light illumination color and warm white light. You can pick between both variants easily. These uplights come in a pack of six, so illuminating various trees will be easy when you go with this set.

Every light consists of 40 LEDs. That is why; the level of illumination is excellent. Besides that, it offers a 360° lighting angle. It means that you can direct the light pretty efficiently.

The solar panel that comes along is movable by 120°. Because of the same, it becomes easy to direct it towards the sunlight. That way, the efficiency of the solar panel can be increased even further.

These lights can work anywhere between 8 hours to 25 hours. You need not worry about the lights turning off midway through the night.

Primarily, the lights are solar-powered. However, if you want to charge them, there is a USB port. It means that they can work with socket power as well. When you do not want to rely on sunlight, you can also use these lights.

As I highlighted above, lights can last anywhere from 8 hours to 25 hours on a single charge. The range is because these lights offer you three different brightness levels. In the high mode, the lights can last for 8 hours. At the medium brightness mode, the lights will run for 12 hours, and in the low light mode, the lights can last for 25 hours. If you choose the low brightness level, you won’t have to worry about charging at all.

There are light sensors incorporated into the set. The sensors detect dusk. After the sun sets, they will turn on the lights. Also, at sunrise, the lights will turn off on their own. Manual operation of the lights is not required.

Not only that, there is even a switch for motion detection. If there is any movement around the lights, they will illuminate themselves. Because of the same, you can also use them as emergency lights.

When choosing such lights, it is essential to look at the construction quality. These are made from ABS material. The advantage of ABS material is that it is lightweight but extremely sturdy. The lights have a rating of IP65 as well. Because of the same, water, frost, and snow won’t impact these lights. You can keep them installed outdoors throughout the year.

You can use the spike at the bottom of these lights for installation or remove the same and install them into the wall. Of course, since you’re installing them as uplight for trees, you will be using the spike.

If you want to operate them manually, there is a power button behind the light. That way, you can choose the mode of operation quite easily.

Vertical adjustability by 120° ensures that you can use them without worry.

Not only that, horizontal adjustability is on offer as well. In whichever direction you want to direct the light, you can do so.

These lights can be powered through the integrated solar panel or the USB charger certainly makes them better than many other lights.


  • Set of six
  • Dual charging mechanism
  • 40 LEDs present in each light
  • Weather-resistant
  • Heavy-duty ABS construction
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with motion and dusk to dawn sensor
  • Adjustable design


  • Power button placement could have been better

3. Xibolar Solar Landscape Spot Lights


With 32 LEDs in each of these lights, you will not have to worry about the level of illumination that they have on offer. Since they are LED lights, they are incredibly bright. Consequently, the level of illumination you get after sunset is great.

The lights are available in different quantities. You can buy these uplights in packs of six, ten, and even in smaller sets. That way, you can buy as many lights as you want or as little lights as you want.

With two different brightness levels, you can control illumination in a much better way as well. Switching between the brightness levels is easy. There is a single button to do so.

With the help of stakes, you can easily put it into the ground; when you want to use it as a light, the installation will be easy. If, for some reason, you want to install it as a wall light, those accessories come along with these lights as well. So, you can use these lights without any problem.

The IP65 waterproof technology ensures that there will be no wear and tear when you keep them installed outdoors. Besides the rain, they can handle heat, frost, and snow. That is why there will be no breakdown, whichever type of weather the lights experience.

If you’re wondering what accessories come with it, these come with 6 stakes, 12 screws, and 1 manual. That way, everything you need for installation is included.

The dusk to dawn sensor ensures that if you want the lights to work independently, that is also a possibility. Manual operation is not always needed.

With 320 lm of light output, you can ensure excellent clarity, even in complete darkness.

In the low brightness mode, the lights can last for 12 hours. In the high brightness mode, the lights can last for 8 hours.

Whichever type of feature you’re looking for in a solar uplight is present in these. That is why you won’t be disappointed once you get the lights.


  • Available in multiple quantities
  • Two different brightness levels
  • Two installation methods
  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • Comes with installation accessories
  • Dusk to dawn sensor incorporated


  • The length of the stake could have been more.

Now that you know the best options in this category, it is time to look at the buying guide to make it easier to choose between these options.

Solar uplighting for trees buying guide

Things to consider before buying solar uplighting for trees:
When choosing between such lights, there are a few things to keep in mind:

• Brightness level:

Not everyone likes the trees to be equally bright. Some consumers might prefer mild lighting, whereas others might prefer heavy lighting. Hence, always go with uplights with multiple brightness levels.

• Weather resistance:

It is good to choose lights that can handle any weather. Of course, since you’re buying them for illuminating the trees, you can install them outdoors. To ensure that they can work for a long time, you have to look at the weather resistance with respect to monsoons, snow, and summer.

• Installation:

Uplights need stakes to be installed. You can directly put them into the ground and illuminate the trees. That is why; you have to look at the installation method before choosing the lights.

• Adjustability:

The trees are pretty large. That is why you might need to vary the focus of such a light. When it is adjustable vertically and horizontally, you focus the light in the right direction.

Compare the different solar uplights on these few parameters and after that, choosing one becomes easy.

I will now answer some FAQs regarding such lights to help you know more about them.


Where do you put uplighting?

It is a good idea to install uplights on the ground. Also, they are great for illuminating any landscape, house, or tree.

Is solar uplighting worth it?

Yes, solar uplights are certainly worth it. It helps you save on electricity bills; it is easier to install and can last for years together.

What lights are used for uplighting?

LED lights are usually used for up lighting. LEDs are highly efficient and do not produce any heat either.

How long do solar landscape lights last?

Solar landscape lights can last for 4 to 5 years. If you do not face any inclement weather, they can last for seven years as well.

No longer you need to worry when looking to buy the best solar up lighting for trees. My article above can help you choose between the best in the category.

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