Stargazing tent – Top 5 best stargazing tents reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

Stargazing is one of the most entertaining hobbies which you can practice. For the same, you would need a stargazing tent. However, you cannot just buy any stargazing tent.

Comparing hundreds of stargazing tents is not possible either. Instead, you can go through my list of top 5 Best stargazing tents below. Once you go through this list, you will realize that it consists of only the best star gazer tents. Also, the buying guide below the list will help you choose between these 5 stargazer tents.

1. Hyke & Byke Zion 1 and 2 Person Backpacking Tents


The advantage of the stargazing tent is that it is suitable for up to 2 individuals. With the nylon mesh’s help, you can be sure that viewing the sky will not be a problem.

The zipper closure can keep the insects and bugs outside.

Wondering about the sturdiness?

It consists of an aluminum frame. The aluminum frame certainly increases its lifespan. Moreover, with the help of ultra-lightweight design, carrying it around is going to be easy.

You get aluminum alloy stakes, guylines as well as tension lock adjustment mechanism along with it. There is even a stake presser on offer. All these ensure that fastening the tent is going to be easier than ever.

The clip pole attachment means that installing it is not going to be an issue either. The mesh ensures proper breathability.

You can use it in 3 seasons. Consequently, using it almost around the year is certainly possible.

The PU 5000 footprint makes handling monsoons easy.

The mesh detachable ceiling loft ensures that you have proper storage space. There are numerous color options available.

Thus, when you’re looking for a sturdy stargazing tent, you should consider this option.


  • Suitable for 2 individuals
  • Nylon mesh roof
  • Aluminum frame
  • Includes accessories
  • Excellent breathability
  • Detachable storage space on offer
  • Includes footprint


  • Limited instructions

2. Gonex Tent


The option now is once again suitable for up to 2 individuals. The dark green color at the bottom certainly makes it aesthetically pleasing.

On the top, it consists of a mesh. The mesh allows you to gaze at stars easily.

When you look at the material, it consists of 210T polyester taffeta material. There is 150D oxford tent floor on offer as well. The water index rating is 2000. It means that it can handle 2000 MM of rain quite easily.

The excellent UV protection can keep you well protected inside. It is waterproof due to the same.

With the help of reinforced seams, you can be sure that wear and tear isn’t an issue.

The pre-attached poles ensure that it is easy to setup. It is easy to fold as well due to the pre-attached poles. Also, maintaining it is relatively easy.

Wondering about the size?

The size of the tent is 82.6″ x 15″ x 47.2″.

Thus, if you’re looking for an easy to install star gazing tent, you should consider this option.


  • Suitable for 2 individuals
  • Spacious design
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Reinforced seams
  • Easy to setup
  • Weatherproof


  • The finishing could be better.

3. Outbound 6-Person Festival Tent


Do you prefer a more massive tent for stargazing?

If so, this 6 Person tent is undoubtedly a good choice. When you look at its construction, apart from the bottom borders, it consists of mesh. The mesh material certainly makes it easy for you to gaze at the stars.

The D-shaped mesh door allows you to get in and out quite quickly. The mesh construction makes it a well-ventilated. It also has bug protection due to the mesh.

The fiberglass frame means that durability is excellent. The polyester mesh ensures that wear and tear is not a problem.

For storage, you get internal storage pockets as well.

The 600 MM water rating means that you will not have to worry about the monsoons. You get a rainfly along with it. The polyester floor ensures that you can install it on any surface.

The weight of just 11.46 LBS allows you to carry it around easily. You get a duffel bag to do so.

The peak height is 7 feet, and the width is 11 feet. Along with the tent, you get rain fly, guylines, assembly instructions, and tent stakes. All these features certainly make it easy to install.

If you’re looking for a big 6 Person stargazing tent, you should consider this option.


  • Polyester mesh construction
  • 600 MM waterproof rating
  • Lightweight design
  • Suitable for 6 individuals
  • Easy to setup
  • Well-ventilated design


  • Has a learning curve while installing

4. Stansport “Black Granite” Star-Light Tent


The 190T polyester construction of this tent makes it weather resistant. Also, it comes along with a rain fly for the same.

The tent is more than enough for 2 people. The interior space is 41.25 ft.².

Moreover, the mesh at the top ensures that you can view the stars in the sky easily.

The weight is 6 ounces. Lightweight design enables you to carry it with ease. Once you pack it, the dimensions are 13″ x 5″.

The fiberglass poles ensure that it is incredibly durable. The 2000 MM water-resistance rating means that you will not have to worry about monsoons. It comes with PU coated polyester floor.

In heavy rain, you can use the rain fly.

Thus, the water-resistance of this tent makes it the best stargazing tent on offer.


  • 190T polyester material
  • Suitable for 2 adults
  • Comes with rainfly
  • Mesh on top
  • Fiberglass poles
  • Excellent water resistance


  • Zippers could have been smoother.

5. Clostnature Lightweight 2 and 3 Person Backpacking Tent


The tent, which I am highlighting now once again, consists of a mesh top. The mesh top increases this visibility significantly.

The 3 season design means that you can use it around the year quite easily.

The specific variant which I’m speaking about now is suitable for one adult and one child. The other variants can accommodate 1, 2, 3, 4 persons.

With the help of 210T polyester rainfly, makes it weather resistant. The PU 5000 coating means that you will not have to worry about monsoons either.

The lightweight design of 5 LBS allows you to carry it easily. Once you pack it, the dimensions 15″ x 5.9″ x 5.9″.

The 2 aluminum poles make it extremely stable. A single person can set it up quite easily.

With the help of mesh walls, you will not have to worry about breathability. You get 2 D-shaped doors. Additionally, there are 2 vestibules for storage space.

You get ropes, aluminum stakes, an emergency repair kit, flysheet, carry bag, and the tent itself in terms of accessories. With so many accessories, setting it up is relatively easy.

The numerous variants on offer and the excellent storage space make it one of the star gazing tents available.


  • Suitable for one adult and one child
  • 3 season design
  • 210T polyester rain fly on offer
  • Lightweight design
  • Includes accessories


  • Quality of carry bag can be better.

Thus, while looking for stargazer tent, these are the 5 options to consider. When you choose between these 5 star gazing tents, you will choose among the best tents. Moreover, stargazing tent camping can be easier when using these 5 tents. The buying guide below will aid you to choose between 5 options.

Stargazing tent buying guide

The buying guide highlights how to choose between these 5 options.

Things to consider before buying stargazing tent:

The parameters you should consider while comparing the stargazing tents include:

• Compatibility:

You have to find out whether the tent is suitable for one individual or two individuals or more. The amount of space you need inside the tent, will help you choose the best option.

• Visibility:

You are explicitly buying a star gazing tent. Due to the same, it should consist of a mesh top. Only if it offers sky visibility; you should go ahead and buy it. The size and quality of the mesh, both matter a lot. Once you look at both of these, it will become easier for you to choose the right star gazer tent.

• Water resistance:

Additionally, you have to look at the water-resistance of the tent. It should have a water resistance rating of 500 MM or more. The rating applies explicitly to the tent footprint. Only when it is weather-resistant you should go ahead and buy it.

• Storage space:

You have to also look at the storage space inside. When you’re going for stargazing camping, it is essential to have proper storage space inside the tent. While choosing the tent, you have to look at the storage space and take a call after that.

Simply, compare these 5 stargazing tents on these 4 parameters. The comparison will help you choose the best one. Before you make that buying decision, take a look at the answer to some FAQs below.


Where can you use a stargazing tent?

Most stargazing tents come along with their own footprint. Consequently, you can install it on soil, grass, camping ground, and so on. Such tents are compatible with any surface.

While searching for the best star gazer tents, all you need to do is consider these 5 options. I spent over 25 hours comparing different stargazer tents. Therefore, when you’re choosing from this list, you’re going with the best star gazing tents on offer.


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