Subaru legacy car seat covers – Top 3 best car seat covers subaru legacy reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

The last time around, I was looking for car seat covers for my Subaru Legacy; I came across numerous substandard seat covers. I had to spend considerable time to search for perfect covers for my Subaru Legacy. That led me to compile a list of the three best sets of seat covers for my Subaru Legacy.

I will today share with you my carefully curated list and also a buying guide.

1. Car Seat Covers fit Sedan SUV Legacy


This cover set is on top of my list because it comes with covers for the entire five seats. Since you get the full seat covers(for five seats), you won’t have to buy covers for rear seats separately.

Not only that, it offers you five color options. That is why, if you’re very particular about the color of seat covers, you can still go with this option.

Since you get the installation guide and installation videos along with the car seat cover set, installing them is easy. Installation of these seat covers can happen quickly. The universal design eliminates the learning curve.

With such easy installation, these car seat covers can make your life easier.

When you buy substandard seat covers for your Subaru Legacy, they often interfere with the airbags. It means that your safety will be compromised. I personally never like seat covers that block airbags.

This covers set, however, won’t interfere with the airbags.

In case you need extra storage space in your car, these covers can help you with that. The front two seat covers have pockets at the back for storage. That is why keeping everything handy is undoubtedly possible.

The PVC leather material which is in use has a thickness of 0.9 MM. Also, the leather variant is such that wear and tear isn’t an issue. It is not easy to scratch that leather either.

Generally speaking, leather is a material considered to be sensitive to water. However, with these car seats covers, you won’t have that problem as well. It consists of waterproof leather.

One of the main problems with substandard seat covers is the coverage that they offer. Often, the edges of substandard covers will be such that they won’t cover the seat edges. That is why the seats are exposed, and the wear and tear increases.

With this covers set, you won’t have any such issue. The reason is it covers the edges, handrest, and so on.

With every necessary feature on offer, these car seat covers are perfect for your Subaru Legacy.


  • Consist of PVC leather
  • Covers all five seats
  • Compatible with airbags
  • Excellent coverage
  • Easy to install
  • Little to no wear and tear
  • Waterproof design
  • Scratch-resistant


  • Bit bulky

2. INCH EMPIRE Easy to Clean Universal Fit Car Seat Cover


Once again, I will highlight a cover set that provides covers for all five seats. You won’t have to buy separate covers for the rear seats when you go with this set.

Apart from that, the 0.9 MM faux leather means that you won’t have to worry about any tear. When you sit on the covers, they are incredibly soft.

If you’re not looking for monotonous seat covers and are looking for something unique, then too you have design options available in these seat covers. In total, there are three different design options.

Apart from the covers, you get a sponge layer as well. The advantage of this sponge layer is that the comfort which it provides is excellent. It also offers additional protection for the car seats. During shorter rides, you might not notice much difference due to the sponge layer. In longer rides, it will certainly keep you comfortable and reduce body fatigue.

Whether you’re looking for compatibility with seat belts or airbags, these covers can provide you with all of that and more. These covers do not compromise your safety at all.

For installation, you get a detailed video. The video is self-explanatory and highlights every step of installation. There is nothing left to guesswork. It holds your hand when it comes to the installation of these Seat covers.

Seat covers can often get dislodged. A seat cover getting dislodged repeatedly is a sign of a substandard seat cover. This set has an antiskid design. The antiskid feature keeps the covers in place.

The finer details in the design make the seat covers aesthetically pleasing.

With the help of a removable zipper for the handrest, it is easy to use the handrest in the rear seat.

The fine quality and the sturdiness of this five-seat cover set make it a good choice.


  • Covers all five seats
  • Seat belt and airbag compatible
  • Easy to install
  • Fine detailing
  • Antiskid design
  • Sponge based design
  • Low wear and tear


  • Zipper quality needs improvement

3. Aierxuan Seat Covers Full Set


The entire set of five-seat covers ensures that this set offers complete coverage. Numerous color options make it easy to choose one which goes according to your taste.

The reason why I like this set is because of the breathable construction. Even though the seat covers consist of leather but the material is breathable.

The breathable material keeps your body cool. Excessive sweating won’t occur. This is helpful during the summer months.

Despite being breathable, the covers are waterproof. They are easy to clean.

The diamond seat-based design makes them unique. Also, the design adds some color to your Subaru Legacy interiors.

Airbag compatibility isn’t an issue. The seat covers do not block airbags in any way. Behind the front seat covers, there are two pockets for storage.

When choosing seat covers, it is always necessary to select one which are easy to install. In under thirty minutes, you can install these.

The ease of use and the breathable design is why these are good seat covers for Subaru Legacy.


  • Breathable design
  • Leather construction
  • Waterproof
  • Diamond based seat cover design
  • Compatible with airbags
  • Storage space available


  • Instructions can be more detailed.

The three options above are the best car seat covers you can choose for your Subaru Legacy. To choose between them, refer to the buying guide below.

Subaru legacy car seat covers buying guide

To choose between these three seat covers, consider a few parameters.

Things to consider before buying Subaru legacy car seat covers:

To compare these seat covers, consider things like:

• Design:

Seat covers play a vital role when it comes to the aesthetics of your car interior. That is why color and design need to be taken into account while choosing seat covers.

• Material:

Seat covers will be in direct contact with your skin. That is why the material needs to be soft and should not irritate your skin.

• Installation:

Only when you can install these seat covers in under thirty minutes, they are worth buying.

• Durability:

There is no point to keep searching for new seat covers every six months. You need a set that can last for a couple of years at least.

These parameters help you to choose between the three best seat covers for your Subaru Legacy.


Are Subaru legacy car seat covers waterproof?

Yes, such seat covers are waterproof.

If you own a Subaru Legacy, my guide above can help you buy the best seat covers without spending days in research.

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