Teak outdoor coffee table – Top 5 best teak coffee tables outdoor reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

Are you searching for an outdoor coffee table?

If so, you should choose a teak outdoor coffee table rather than a normal one. These are much more durable. Simultaneously, they come in all shapes and sizes as well.

The problem arises when you go through the numerous options. Such tables are available in hundreds. Instead of going through every option, you can go through my list below. I have researched all those options to compile a list of 5 best teak coffee tables. Along with that, I will also share with you a buying guide. Once you go through the list and the buying guide, buying the best teak coffee tables outdoor is easy.

1. ALATEAK Indoor Outdoor Coffee Side Round Table


The size of this outdoor coffee table is 19.5″ x 17.5″. The 100% solid teak wood construction means the durability is excellent.

The genuine teak wood also means that it is mold and mildew resistant. Consequently, it can certainly stand the test of time.

The water resistance means that you can use it indoors as well as outdoors. It is incredibly durable.

The superior design is another reason why you should go for it.

When you look at the quality of teak wood, you will realize that it consists of thick teak wood. Due to the same, it becomes easier for you to use it in any weather. Not much maintenance is needed as well.

The round shape makes it versatile as well. All these features certainly help it stand out.


  • 100% solid teak construction
  • Genuine teak wood
  • Thicker wood
  • Water-resistant
  • Long-lasting design
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


  • Packaging can be better.

2. POLYWOOD SBT18TE South Outdoor Side Table



The versatility is the highlight of this outdoor coffee table. You can use it as a coffee table, as a side table, as a dining table, and so on.

The construction is corrosion resistant. It is crack, chip, and splinter resistant.

Moreover, it does not have any painting coat. You will not have to worry about maintenance either.

The stain-resistant design means that you can use it as a coffee table day in and day out.

When you look at the dimensions, it is 15 inches wide and 19 inches deep. The height is 18 inches.

The teak finish means that it will go very well with the decor of your home.

These features makes this teak coffee table outdoor a good choice.


  • Highly versatile
  • Mildew and mold resistant
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Stain-resistant
  • Low maintenance


  • Limited instructions

3. Christopher Knight Home Catriona Outdoor Coffee Table



The Acacia wood construction, along with teak finish, makes this coffee table a good choice.

When you look at the material of the frame, that is of metal. The metal frame means that durability is excellent.

The rustic style certainly helps it stand out.

Also, the weight is 35.27 LPS. The weight ensures that moving it around is not going to be a problem.

You can use it not just as a coffee table but also as a dining table and is a storage table. The applications are plenty. Sustainable wooden construction ensures that it is environment friendly.

Thus, you should consider this option when you’re looking for an extremely durable outdoor coffee table.


  • Easy to move around
  • Metal frame
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Highly versatile
  • Sustainable construction


  • Height can be more

4. Sunnydaze Meranti Wood Outdoor Patio Coffee Table


The advantage of this teak outdoor coffee table is that the weight carrying capacity is 65 LBS. The cozy and comfortable aesthetics certainly make it perfect for outdoor spaces.

The dimensions are 17.75″ x 35.25″ x 17″. You need not worry about the wear and tear of the table either.

The teak oil finish, along with the meranti wood, ensures that durability is excellent.

The contemporary style is another reason to go for it.

Moreover, the easy to assemble design is undoubtedly an advantage. You get the hardware as well as the tools for the same.

It is suitable not just for your patio but for the yard, garden, balconies, and so on. You can use it even indoors.

The contemporary design certainly helps it stand out.


  • Meranti would
  • Teak oil finish
  • Contemporary design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Highly versatile


  • Hardware quality needs improvement.

5. Modway Marina Premium Grade A Teak Wood Table


The rectangular design of this outdoor table makes it a good choice. It goes pretty well in your backyard as well as the porch. It is perfect for the patio, also.

The grade A premium teak ensures high durability. The textured wood grain adds to the aesthetics. There is a natural resin coating as well.

The contemporary style and durable construction makes it weather resistant. You can use it as a snack table, dinner table, and so on.

It is easy to maintain and clean. The teak material in itself ensures that durability is excellent.

The exact dimensions are 23.5″ x 47″ x 17.5 inches. If you’re looking for a versatile and heavy-duty outdoor coffee table, you can buy this one.


  • Contemporary style
  • Rectangular shape
  • Textured wood grain
  • Grade A premium teak construction
  • Easy to maintain


  • Limited instructions

When you’re searching for the best teak coffee table outdoors, these are the 5 options that you should look at. Once you consider these 5 options, it is easy for you to choose the best table. The buying guide below can help you buy the best table among the 5 options.

Teak outdoor coffee table buying guide

The guide will cover the things which you should consider while comparing these tables.

Things to consider before buying a teak outdoor coffee table:

The features on which you should compare such tables are:

• Build quality:

The teak wood can be of different types as well. You have to look at the wood’s quality, and after that, you have to take a call.

• Aesthetics:

You have to find out whether the table has rustic aesthetics or contemporary aesthetics. Both of these have their advantages and disadvantages. A lot depends on the decor of the exterior of your home. Only once you can match the outdoor teak coffee table with that, you should buy the table.

• Size:

Size of the outdoor coffee table matters a lot. Since you are speaking about a coffee table, it should be compact and concise. It should not be the size of a dinner table. You have to choose accordingly.

• Stability:

While buying such tables, you have to look at the stability as well. It should be such that you can keep it on any surface.

The next time around you’re comparing the 5 best teak coffee tables outdoor above, keep these 4 parameters in mind. After comparing the coffee tables on these parameters, you can buy the best one easily. Do take a look at the answers to some of the FAQs before buying.


Why are teak outdoor coffee tables becoming more popular?

The teak outdoor coffee tables provide the perfect combination of great aesthetics along with durability. These are the reasons why they are getting more and more popular.

Thus, if you’re looking for the best outdoor coffee tables, you should go with the teak ones. My list above consists of the top 5 Best teak outdoor coffee tables. Once you choose from this list using the buying guide, you can be confident that you’re going with the best teak outdoor coffee tables available.

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