Truck dvd player – Top 3 best dvd players for truck reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

Are you looking for a DVD player for your truck?

If yes, you need to go through a lot of options to pick the right one. You not only have numerous options but also you have to choose from 2 types as well. The first one is the portable one, and the other one is the flip-down one. I have gone through numerous such options to compile this list of top 3 best DVD players for truck.

This list consists of not only the portable ones but also the flip-top ones. When you choose from this list of best options, you can be sure that buying the right one will be easy. I will also share a buying guide to make it easy for you to pick between these three options.

1. Rockville RVD14BGB Black/Grey/Tan 14″ Flip Down DVD Monitor



The first DVD plater on my list is a flip-down DVD player. It consists of a 14 inch flip down car monitor. You can play any DVD using it. It also offers HDMI connectivity and even USB ports.

The dual-channel wireless headphones ensure that listening to the audio is not a problem. It offers volume control as well.

Are you wondering about the resolution?

It supports a resolution of 1080p. As a result, viewing movies in full HD is undoubtedly possible. The anti-skip mechanism of the DVD player makes it easy to view your favorite movie.

There is an SD card slot on offer as well. Along with that, it consists of 2 AV inputs and one AV output.

The 300 in-built games ensure that you can use it for gaming as well. Additionally, it comes along with a multifunction game controller as well. With the help of 2 super bright LED domes, it is easy to get some illumination when you open the door.

The built-in speakers ensure that listening to audio without headphones is not a problem. It has an FM transmitter as well, which increases the entertainment options further.

With excellent compatibility with audio and DVD video formats, playing any CD or DVD is not going to be a problem.

The foldable design means that storing it is not going to be a problem when not using it. The lightweight design of the headphones makes them easy to use. There are two such headphones on offer.

You can control everything with remote control. You get three different color choices as well. When you look at all of these features, it is easy to understand what makes this truck DVD player such a perfect choice.


  • 1080p resolution
  • 14-inch flip down monitor
  • Dual-channel wireless headphones
  • Anti-skip mechanism
  • USB connectivity and is the card slot on offer
  • Inbuilt 300 games
  • Built-in speakers
  • Excellent compatibility with DVD and CD formats
  • Available in 3 color options


  • Limited instructions

2. PUMPKIN 10.1 Inch Car Headrest DVD Player with Headphone


Do you prefer a portable truck DVD player instead?

If yes, you should go with this one. You can install it on the headrest as well. Also, the 10.1 inches screen means that playing your favorite movie is not going to be a problem.

The resolution of 1080p ensures that viewing movies in HD quality is possible.

The AV in/out port means that connecting it with other devices is easy. It has a resume play function. The SD card and USB card connectivity ensures that playing files from various storage cards is possible.

The bottom speakers ensure that you need not worry about sound interference. Also, it consists of a flip disc, which makes it easy to operate for kids.

Also, the display quality is such that you can get an excellent viewing angle. With the help of remote control, controlling every function is easy. You get headphones as well, which means that you can listen to the audio quite easily.

You get mounting brackets along with it. As a result, installing it on the headrest will not be a problem.

With so many features and free headphones, it is undoubtedly an excellent choice.


  • 10.1-inch screen
  • 1080p resolution
  • SD card and USB connectivity options
  • Various connectivity ports on offer
  • Consists of bottom speakers
  • Comes with free headphones
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a remote control


  • Vertical viewing angles can be better

3. Rockville RVD10HD-BK 10.1″ Flip Down Monitor DVD Player


The option that I am highlighting now is a flip-down DVD player. It consists of a 10.1-inch flip down monitor.

The good thing about this DVD player is that it has an HDMI port and USB port on offer. Also, inbuilt games ensure that you can use it for gaming as well.

With the help of 2 different color options, you have some choice when going with it.

In terms of compatibility, it is compatible with various audio and video formats, which make it a worthy contender. The resolution of 102 0 x 600 ensures that you get excellent clarity.

The LED mode setting light ensures that it can create the proper ambiance as well. The anti-skip mechanism allows you to resume the movie from where you left quickly.

With the help of remote control, it is easy to control every function of this truck DVD player.

This one is undoubtedly a good truck DVD player to go with all the necessary features.


  • Available in 2 color options
  • 10.1-inch screen
  • Proper clarity
  • Inbuilt games
  • Various connectivity options
  • Excellent compatibility
  • LED mode lighting on offer
  • Anti-skip mechanism


  • Installation takes time

When looking for the best truck DVD players, these three options are the ones that you should consider. If you’re confused between these three truck DVD players, you can refer to the buying guide below.

Truck DVD player buying guide

My buying guide below will let you know the parameters to consider before choosing one.

Things to consider before buying Truck DVD player:

The parameters which you should consider are:

• Type:

You have to first and foremost decide if you want to go for the headrest type portable DVD player or whether you should go for the overhead one. Depending on your requirement, you can quickly narrow down the options.

• Screen size:

You have to determine whether the screen size is 10.1 inches or whether the screen size 14 inches. Some consumers prefer larger screen sizes.

• Resolution:

You have to find out whether it offers HD resolution. At the minimum, it should provide a resolution of 1020 x 600. You have to decide which resolution you prefer and then take a call.

• Versatility:

You also have to find out whether the entertainment option is just the DVD player or other options are available. If it has games or FM radio, it is a definite advantage. You have to decide which additional entertainment sources which you prefer and then make the decision.

Comparing the top 3 best truck DVD players for trucks on these four parameters will help you choose the right one. I will now answer FAQs to help you more.


Which truck DVD player should you buy?

The decision between the headrest/portable DVD player for truck or the overhead one will depend on whether you want to use the DVD player in a stationary way. If you’re going to use it in a fixed way, going with the overhead one is advisable. Otherwise, you should go with the portable/headrest one.

While searching for the best truck DVD players, you need to follow my list above. When you go through the list in conjunction with the buying guide, choosing the best truck DVD player will be easy. My list above can help you select the best truck DVD player and save you hours in the process since I’ve already done all the research for you.

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