Best vacuum for car detailing – Top 3 best vacuum for car detailing reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

For car detailing, you cannot just use any car vacuum. You have to go with a specialized vacuum that has many accessories.

Among so many options, I have compiled a list of the best vacuum for car detailing below. Along with that, I will share a buying guide to choose between these vacuum cleaners.

1. BISSELL Garage Pro Wall-Mounted Wet Dry Car Vacuum



Versatility is one of the primary reasons why I like this vacuum. It can tackle wet and dry elements in the car, garage, workshop, and other such premises.

If you want to use it as a blower merely, you can do that too.

In terms of attachments, you get 7 different options, which means you can use it for cleaning carpets, upholstery, tight corners, and more.

With 2-stage filtration, you can be sure that the debris that goes in will remain inside. The 4-gallon tank capacity ensures you need not empty the tank every few minutes.

With a 32-foot hose, wall mounting kit, extension wand, and cord length of 5′, using and storing it is very easy.

Moreover, the tank is semi-translucent, which means you can view the level of debris and clean it when it is full.

It is a 12 amp vacuum powered through the standard outlet, which means there is sufficient power.

All in all, it can handle whatever debris your car throws at it.


  • 7 attachments for car detailing
  • Versatile
  • Powerful suction and blowing capacity
  • Wall mount kit included
  • Suitable for wet and dry debris
  • 4-gallon tank capacity
  • 2 stage filtration


  • The instruction manual provides limited information

2. Vacmaster Professional – Professional Wet/Dry Vac


For professional applications, including car detailing, an even larger tank is often required. In that case, you can certainly go with this car vacuum. The capacity of the tank is 5 gallons. That is why you will not have to worry about emptying it again and again. Even if you want to use it for commercial detailing applications, it is a good choice.

It has a high-power 5.5 HP motor. That is why, even for the most strenuous applications, this car vacuum can serve you well.

Not only does it come with a long hose with 18 feet cord but it has proper storage space for that hose as well. That way, when you’re storing it, doing so is easy. If the power outlet is far away or you’re working in a commercial garage for car detailing, it is certainly possible to do so.

When you want to convert it into a blower, you can do that as well.

There is a dust seal on/off switch. It comes in handy when you’re working in dusty environments. Turning it on will ensure that the dust does not come out of the vacuum.

Above, I have highlighted that it consists of a polypropylene tank. The advantage of such a tank is that it is impact-resistant and corrosion-resistant. It minimizes wear and tear, and therefore the vacuum will last for a long time.

With 9 different extensions available which can help you with car detailing, you cannot go wrong with it. Some of the extensions include air and noise diffuser, utility nozzle, crevice tool, car nozzle, extension wand, and so on. These many accessories ensure that you will not have to worry about buying any accessories separately for car detailing.

It has high water lift motor as well. That is why, if you want to remove debris from the water, you can do that as well. This functionality is available in very few vacuum cleaners.

With 7 feet hose and 18 feet power cord, the overall range of 25 feet is another feature that makes it perfect for car detailing. Since it is a wet and dry vac, the efficiency is second to none.

Thus, when looking for a multipurpose vacuum suitable for car detailing and various other functions, consider this one.


  • 9 different extensions available
  • 5-gallon tank capacity
  • 5.5 HP motor
  • Dust seal on offer
  • Heavy-duty tank
  • High water lift capability


  • Could be more portable

3. Bissell, Red, MultiClean Garage and Auto Vacuum Cleaner


The highlight of this vacuum cleaner is that it consists of 11 amp motor. Such a high power motor makes it perfect for car detailing. Also, it offers wet and dry cleaning, which makes it perfect for car detailing and garage use.

Choosing a vacuum for car detailing is a mistake without looking at the tank capacity. This one has a tank capacity of 6 gallons. That is why, whether you’re dealing with the car or an SUV, this one can serve you well.

When you look at its functions, it offers you air blowing function. That is why, when you want to clear any debris from your car, it can help you with that. Apart from that, even if you’re going to blow up an inflatable mattress, it can also help you with that.

To ensure that the dust and debris do not come out once again, it has a 2 stage filtration. That way, it will keep your car clean quite easily.

With a detailed auto tool kit, it is undoubtedly a perfect option when it comes to car detailing. It consists of various accessories which make it easy to clean your car and decorate it. The dirt cup capacity which it has is of 23L, which ensures that emptying it again and again is not needed.

There is a storage bag on offer. That way, whether you want to keep it in your car or transport it, you can do so easily.

You cannot go wrong with this vacuum for car detailing with all these features.


  • Powerful 11 AMP motor
  • Lasting capacity
  • Suitable for any car or SUV
  • Includes various accessories
  • 2 stage filtration procedure


  • Quality of storage bag can be better

I understand that it is not easy to choose between these vacuums. That is why; you can refer to my buying guide below, which will help you select one among these options.

Vacuum for car detailing buying guide

Things to consider before buying vacuum for car detailing:
Compare these vacuums on parameters like:

• Accessories:

For car detailing, you require quite a few accessories. That is why; you have to choose a vacuum which comes with such set of accessories. Only then, you can clean every nook and cranny and your car will look and smell great.

• Tank capacity:

Tank capacity should be large enough so that you do not have to empty it again and again. That way, using the vacuum in a seamless fashion is possible.

• Motor:

The suction power will be large enough to remove most dust and debris only when the motor is powerful.

• Type of vacuuming:

The vacuum cleaner should be suitable for wet and dry vacuuming. In that case, it becomes easy for you to clean your car.

Compare the above vacuum cleaners on these parameters and you will not have an issue in choosing the right one.


Are such vacuums suitable for wet and dry use?

Yes, such vacuums are suitable for wet and dry use. That is why, you can use them not only for car detailing but in your car ride as well.

Do all such vacuums come with car accessories?

Most of them come with accessories which help you in cleaning every nook and cranny of your car. That is why; you don’t have to buy these accessories separately.

Are such vacuums easy to use?

While they aren’t as easy as using an ordinary vacuum but with a bit of effort, you can understand their functions and use such vacuum cleaners easily. Since most of them come with a detailed manual, in case you’re stuck anywhere you can refer to the manual.

With any of these vacuums, you can opt for car detailing easily. Since I have taken great care to include only the best vacuums, once you go with them you shouldn’t have an issue.

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