Wheeleez beach cart – Top 3 best wheeleez beach carts reviews & buying guide

Very few companies offer sturdy beach carts. Unfortunately, the only time you come to know of substandard quality is when you get stuck with it on the beach.

Instead of falling into that trap, go with trusted Wheeleez beach carts. The list below consists of the best 3 wheeleez beach carts.

1. Wheeleez Folding Beach Cart


The first cart on our list toby Wheeleez has a carrying capacity of 165 lbs. The advantage of this cart is that it consists of pneumatic tires which ensure that it can carry heavy loads quite quickly. Moreover, you can use it on grass, sand, as well as any other surface.

The weight of the cart in itself is 18 lbs. You can fold and store it in a small space when not in use. The material used is tubular steel. It consists of epoxy coating, which means that it can handle the elements of weather quite easily.

The telescopic handle on offer is 49 inches, and you can adjust the height of the handle as per your requirement. Moreover, if you’re carrying a heavy load to the beach, you can easily use the cargo straps which come along with it. The dimensions of the platform are 14 inches in width and 14.5 inches deep. It means that carrying coolers and other stuff is also possible. The versatility and the folding nature of this wheeleez beach cart make it a great option.


  • Telescopic handle
  • The weight carrying capacity is 161 lbs
  • Tubular steel frame
  • Comes along with cargo straps
  • Foldable


  • Not entirely rust resistant

2. Wheeleez Heavy Duty Beach Cart


The second beach cart which I’m going to highlight has even higher weight carrying capacity. The weight bearing capacity is 220 lbs, which is a definite advantage. You can pull it or push it as per your requirement. It can negotiate any terrain. Another advantage is that kids can also move it around, which means that you can delegate the work of the cart to your family. You can use it on the beach and for your hunting trips and other outdoor activities.

The collapsible cart means that when not using it, you can fold it and keep it in a corner. The balloon wheels ensure that you can run it over any terrain quite smoothly. The cart uses high-density polyethylene for construction, which makes it highly durable.

The basic frame uses marine-grade anodized aluminum. It consists of stainless steel hardware. The choice of the materials is such that not only it can carry a significant amount of weight but can also stand the test of time. Once you buy this cart, you will not have to worry about replacing it anytime soon. It comes along with the beach bag as well, which is a definite advantage. The combination of these features is the reason why I have listed on the second position on our list.


  • The weight carrying capacity is 220 lbs
  • Easy to move around
  • Balloon wheels
  • Foldable
  • Heavy duty construction


  • Handle design could have been better

3. Wheeleez Mini Folding Beach Cart


If you’re looking for a mini cart rather than a full-fledged one, the next item on my list will certainly satisfy your requirements. The weight carrying capacity is 99 lbs. The design of the cart is such that it can fit into smaller spaces quite easily. You can fold it when required.

It is suitable for not just the beach but can also work with any other terrain. It means that when going for camping as well, you can use it. With the help of balloon wheels measuring 9.4” x 4.8”, it is easy to move. The wheels use polyurethane, which makes them quite sturdy.

The frame consists of tubular steel along with the epoxy coating. The epoxy finish ensures that it can handle any weather. With the help of straps and elastic tie down, you can be sure that the gear which you are carrying is entirely secure. The weight of the cart in itself is just 11 lbs, which makes it quite a good option. If you’re looking for a mini cart, rather than a full-fledged, this wheeleez Beach cart is the option to buy.


  • Mini Cart
  • The weight carrying capacity is 99 lbs
  • Tubular steel frame
  • Can handle any terrain


  • The handle could have been longer

If you are specifically looking for the wheeleez Beach cart, you can consider the three options above. I have curated this list with great care to include only the best options available. Instead of going through hundreds of reviews, you can go through my list above and choose the one which is perfect for you. I will also share with you a buying guide below to make your buying decision easier.

Buying guide

Things to consider while buying wheeleez beach cart:

One of the main things which you should consider is the brand of the beach cart. Since I am speaking about the wheeleez beach cart, there is no doubt on the brand. However, there are a handful of other factors to consider:

• Weight carrying capacity:

The weight carrying capacity will ultimately determine how useful the beach cart is to you. Only when it satisfies your weight carrying capacity, you can go and then think about buying that Beach cart.

• Construction quality:

You have to also look at the construction quality before making the buying decision. If it consists of heavy-duty materials, it can easily last for a long time. Also, in such a case, it can handle the elements of weather as well, which is a definite advantage.

• Wheels:

It is essential to look at the quality of the tires as well. They should be able to negotiate any terrain. If they can handle any terrain, that is a huge advantage.

• Foldable:

It is not always that you will be using the beach cart. At times, when you’re not using it if it is foldable, you can store it in a small amount of space. If it is foldable, you can put it into the trunk of your car while going to the beach and use it there. Hence; it is essential to choose a foldable beach cart.

These four parameters will make it easy for you to choose the wheeleez Beach cart.

Since wheeleez is a trusted brand, you can directly go with it. If you’re confused between the different options, I have compiled a list of the top 3 options above which will make your buying decision easier.

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