White hoverboard cheap – Top 5 best white hoverboard reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

Are you searching for a hoverboard with a universal color?

If yes, it is a good idea to go with a white hoverboard. There are plenty of white hoverboards cheap. However, instead of just looking at the cost, it is better to look at the features. When you do that, it will become easy than ever to choose the right one.

Do not want to spend hours trying to compare the different white hoverboards?

Worry not! I have compiled a list of the top 5 Best white hoverboards for you. Once you go through this list, picking the right one will be easier than ever.

1. JOLEGE White Hoverboard


The self-balancing feature of this white hoverboard is one of the primary reasons to go for it. It reduces the learning curve to less than 5 minutes.

Also, the self-balancing feature makes it suitable for beginners and experts. The control is such that you can rotate it by 360°. It is ideal for anyone above the age of 8.

The Bluetooth speaker can keep you entertained when using it. With the help of LED flash wheels and two front LED lights provide you with proper illumination as well.

The slip-resistant pedals allow you to control it quite easily.

There is a battery indicator light as well, which lets you know right away when you need to charge it.

The child mode on offer certainly makes it easy to learn. The range is 15 km, and the maximum speed is 7.5 miles per hour.

The best thing about this hoverboard is that it can carry up to 260 lbs. The solid rubber tires do not undergo much wear and tear. You can charge it in under 3 hours, which is why you should go for it. With all the necessary features, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go with this white hoverboard.


  • Excellent range and speed
  • High weight carrying capacity
  • Chargeable under 3 hours
  • The battery indicator on offer
  • Bluetooth speaker on offer
  • Easy to learn and control
  • Child mode on offer


  • First Bluetooth pairing is a bit slow

2. UNI-SUN White Hoverboard


The white hoverboard, which I’m speaking about now, comes with 6.5-inch tires. These tires guarantee you a smooth ride. Also, the self-balancing feature is another reason to go for it.

The dual 300 W motors can carry weight up to 264 lbs. The maximum speed which it has on offer is 9.3 miles per hour.

The rubber tires not only work on any terrain but do not suffer from extensive wear and tear. That is why; you need not worry about maintenance as well.

The anti-slip pads ensure that controlling it is quite easy. The control is such that you can rotate it by 360°.

The battery indicator lets you know right away when it needs a recharge. There are night LED lights on offer as well, which allow you to use it after sunset.

With the help of fender bumpers, you can be sure that the ride quality is more, and the durability is on the higher side as well.

Since it consists of all the necessary features and can handle any terrain, it is certainly an option worth buying.


  • Comes with sturdy 6.5-inch tires
  • High-speed
  • Dual motors
  • Anti-slip pads
  • LED lights on offer
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Can work with any terrain


  • Packaging can be better

3. SISIGAD White Hoverboard


The 6.5-inch wheels of this hoverboard certainly do not disappoint. Along with that, you get non-slip footpads. That is why controlling the hoverboard on any terrain is not going to be a problem. The self-balancing technology can certainly help. The maximum speed of 6 mph is as per the industry standard. The dual hub motors to not disappoint either.

You get LED flashing lights in the wheels and also front LED lights. That is why; illumination is not going to be a problem.

The range of 6 miles is pretty adequate as well. The tires are such that the hoverboard can work on any terrain.

The weight carrying capacity of 200 lbs does not disappoint either. The learning curve is such that you can start controlling it in just under 2 minutes. The ease of use is one of the reasons why you should go with this hoverboard.


  • Sturdy tires
  • Non-slip foot pedals
  • Adequate range and speed
  • Proper illumination
  • All-terrain tires
  • High weight carrying capacity


  • Limited instructions

4. Beston Sports Newest Generation Electric Hoverboard


The USP of this hoverboard is a unique aesthetic appearance. Also, it can carry up to 180 lbs, which makes it suitable for most adults.

The non-slip foot pads do not disappoint. It comes with LED lights as well, which is another reason to go for it.

The built-in speaker ensures that you can listen to music on the go.

There is a handle on one side, which allows you to carry it around with you wherever you go. The battery light indicator lets you know when you need to charge it.

There is a LED front light, as well as flashing LED lights in the wheels and flashing lights on the fenders. That is why; the level of illumination which you get is on the higher side.

The maximum speed is 10 km/h, and the maximum range is 12 km. Also, you can charge it in under 5 hours. The portability, as well as the built-in speaker, provides it with an edge over other options.


  • Proper illumination
  • Built-in speaker
  • Adequate weight carrying capacity
  • Non-slip foot pads
  • Adequate range and speed
  • Highly portable


  • Charging is a bit slow

5. Felimoda Self Balancing White Hoverboards


With the help of 300 W dual motors, this hoverboard can handle an incline of 15° as well. The self-balancing technology makes it suitable for beginners as well as experts.

The 6.5-inch wheels can provide you with a smooth ride.

The LED headlights at the front, as well as the flashing LED lights, provide proper illumination. The non-slip foot pads certainly help you in using it after sunset.

The weight which it can carry is up to 264 lbs, which makes it suitable for almost all the adults. The unique thing about this white hoverboard with wheels is that it has safety features like low voltage protection, overheat protection, and overcharge protection.

On a single charge, it can cover a distance of 12 km. The maximum speed which it has on offer is 9mph. The high weight carrying capacity and the ability to handle incline makes it a reliable option.


  • High weight carrying capacity
  • Adequate range and speed
  • Powerful motors
  • Can handle inclines
  • Self-balancing technology
  • LED headlights on offer


  • Bit bulky

Instead of going through every white hoverboard and comparing it with other options, it is a better idea to check out my list of Top 5 Best White hoverboards for sale. Once you do so, picking the right white hoverboard with lights will be easier than ever. I will now share with you the buying guide.

White hoverboard cheap buying guide

The buying guide will help you understand parameters to compare these White hoverboards on.

Things to consider before buying white hoverboard:

The parameters to consider are:

• Range:

The range refers to the distance which the hoverboard can cover on a single charge. The higher the range, the better it is for you. Generally speaking, the range of 6 miles or more will be a perfect choice.

• Speed:

Not always, higher speed is better. If the hoverboard offers you a speed of 6 miles per hour or more, you can go with that hoverboard.

• Wheels:

Wheels determine the quality of the ride which you get. At least, the wheels should be 6.5 inches in diameter. When that is the case, it becomes easier for you to use that hoverboard on any terrain.

• Illumination:

Not always, you would be using the white hoverboard for sale under sunlight. Sometimes, you would be using it after sunset as well. That is why; it is better to buy a hoverboard with LED lights.

These four parameters make it easy to choose between these 5 Best White hoverboards. I will now also highlight why White hoverboards are so popular in the FAQ section below.


Why are white hoverboards so popular among consumers?

White is a universal color. It is unisex color as well. Also, whichever specifications you’re looking for in a white hoverboard, it is easy to get. However, instead of going through hundreds of hoverboard white, you can pick from my list above.

Thus, while looking for a white hoverboard cheap, it is better to follow my list above. It will help you pick the white hoverboard, which is superior as compared to numerous other options available. You can use the buying guide to your advantage to choose from this list of Top 5 Best White hoverboards.

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