Black diamond spot headlamp review – Can it provide enough illumination?

When you’re exploring the wilderness, you cannot always rely on the natural light. Sometimes, you might have to enter caves or walk-in shade whereas, at other times, you might want to explore your vicinity in darkness. In such times, it is pretty handy to have a headlamp. The advantage of the light is that you will not have to hold anything in your hands. It will provide you with an entirely hands-free experience.

The question is, which headlamp you should choose?

Among many different options available, one which stands out is the Black diamond spot headlamp.

You might ask, what’s so special about the Black diamond spot headlamp?

I will answer this question as well as many others which you might have in my Black diamond spot headlamp review below.

Black diamond spot headlamp review

The USP of this headlamp is that it consists of 3 LEDs. It means that you will have no problem at all in illuminating the surroundings. Apart from this, there are few other features to know when going with this headlamp. I will highlight those features below.

Features of Black Diamond Spot headlamp

1. Available in 4 color options
2. 3 LED setup
3. Easy to change illumination levels
4. Night vision mode on offer
5. Sleek Design
6. Works on AAA batteries
7. Waterproof
8. The battery indicator on offer
9. Memory feature
10. Various modes on offer


• Available in 4 color options:

When you plan to buy a headlamp, hardly ever, there are any color options. When purchasing this headlamp, there are color options available. It means that you can get the band which you prefer.

• 3 LED setup:

One of the main advantages of this headlamp is that it consists of a triple LED setup. When you look at the 1st LED, it is triple powered power LED. The 2nd one is the single power white LED, and the 3rd one is the red LED. It can emit up to 200 lm of light. Due to this very reason, when looking to illuminate your surroundings and darkness, it can help you.

• Easy to change illumination levels:

With the help of touch-sensitive controls, it is easy to change the illumination levels. You will not have to press the buttons too hard. Transitioning between full power mode and dimmed power mode is quite easy. As a result, it will not keep you occupied for long. You can switch the illumination levels without having to go through any learning curve. The headlamp is easy to control.

• Night vision mode on offer:

Of course, when you’re buying a headlamp, you will use it during the night time. It is always better to buy a lamp which has night vision capability. Due to the night vision capability, you can get high and proper illumination after sunset. The one which I am highlighting now not only has the red night vision mode but also has the proximity settings and strobe settings. It means that you can customize the night vision mode as per your requirement.

One of the main advantages of the night vision mode is that it reduces the strain on your eyes. That is why, if you’re planning on night excursions, this is the headlamp which is a must-have.

• Sleek Design:


Will you like to wear bulky headlamp?

I guess not. Same is true for me. That is why, when buying a headlamp, it is essential to choose one which has a sleek design. When the lamp is sleek, you will not feel its presence.

The Black Diamond Spot headlamp is completely sleek in design. It satisfies all the requirements of a lightweight and sturdy headlamp. Once you get the hang of it, you can simply forget about it. It is not bulky at all, and therefore anyone can wear it.

• Works on AAA batteries:

If a headlamp is operational on a battery, the weight of the battery matters a lot. If it requires bulky batteries, no matter the weight of the headlamp, it will end up being bulky.

You will have no such complaint with this headlamp. It works on 3 AAA batteries. These batteries are not only sleek but also lightweight. As a result, even after housing three batteries, it will not feel bulky at all.

• Waterproof:

The reason why I prefer this headlamp over many others is that it has IPX 8 rating. It means that it can withstand 1 m of water up to 30 minutes. When you’re out there in the wilderness, you never know when you might have to cross a river, stream or go through a waterfall. In that case, the headlamp can resist water sufficiently for up to 30 minutes. It will provide you with proper illumination in any surrounding as well. The IPX 8 rating certainly makes it a winner.

• The battery indicator on offer:

Now that you know the fact that this headlamp runs on batteries, how would you know when to replace them?

The answer is easy. The headlamp comes with the battery indicator. It means that rather than relying on guesswork or exhausting batteries, you can consistently monitor the extra battery. Once you do so, it will become easy for you to carry the extra batteries or replace them in time. You will not have to get stranded in the dark just because the batteries of the headlamp drained. This feature comes in pretty handy if you explore outdoors frequently.

• Memory feature:

I do not like to mess around with the settings of my headlamp again and again. That is why; I like to go with the lamps which have a memory function.

You might ask, what is the memory function?

The memory function ensures that when you turn on the headlamp, it is at the same illumination settings where it was when you turned it off. That is why, once you choose the right settings, you will not have to vary the settings again. It will ensure that the moment you turn on the headlamp, it is ready to use.

• Various modes on offer:

The Black Diamond Spot headlamp is no ordinary headlamp. It is various modes on offer. You can choose between the distance mode, dimming mode night vision mode, lock mode, proximity mode. With the help of easy to operate settings, you can switch between these modes with ease. As a result, you can customize the illumination as well as the output of this headlamp.

With so many different modes on offer and memory function as well, it is not only easy to use this headlamp but also necessary. When you’re out there in the wilderness during darkness, there is no better lamp than this headlamp. I will now go into the pros and cons to help you understand where it outscores others.


Pros & Cons of Black Diamond Spot headlamp


  • Different modes on offer
  • Available in 4 different color options
  • Works on AAA batteries
  • The battery indicator on offer
  • 3 LED setup
  • Memory feature
  • Waterproof


  • On maximum illumination settings battery can last for 50 hours



What more you need from a headlamp?

The Black Diamond Spot headlamp incorporates many features which make this headlamp such a good option. If you’re looking for an illumination source in the darkness, you shouldn’t look any further than this headlamp. It can help you find your way in the dark and allow you to explore your vicinity as well.

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