Cannon power shot sd1100is review – Is the camera worth buying?

When looking for a camera, it is always better to go with a reliable name. Cannon is one such a trustworthy name. However, when you search for Canon cameras as well, the number of options that you will get is plenty. That is why, even if you shortlist the cameras according to the brand, it is not easy to choose one.

A better alternative is to look at the reviews of the cameras. I would review one such camera today. My canon power shot sd1100is review today will help you understand the features of this camera and also its pros and cons. Once you go through this review, making a buying decision will be easier.

Canon power shot sd1100is review

One thing which you cannot ignore about this camera is the compact size. The compact size aids portability. Also, it is not only compact but sleek and elegant as well. That is why this camera is aesthetically pleasing. With excellent looks, I will now highlight the other features of this camera to help you understand more.

Features of canon power shot sd1100is.

1. Available in 5 color options
2. 3x Optical stabilization
3. LCD on offer
4. Incorporates the latest technology
5. Efficient Image Processor
6. Printer compatible
7. Multiple modes on offer
8. Red-eye correction feature


• Available in 5 color options:

The 1st thing which you need to keep in mind is that the camera is available in 5 different color options. The color choices ensure that you can pick the one which you find most aesthetically pleasing. All the colors are pretty versatile. That is why, when you pick any of these colors, it will become easier for you to use it wherever you go. The colors are striking and vibrant, to say the least.

• 3x Optical stabilization:

The camera offers a 3X optical zoom. The image stabilization is home means that it can capture focused images. Also, you need not worry about taking multiple shots of the same subject again and again. The image stabilization gets you the perfect photos in a single attempt. It can also help you in capturing those special moments in a single go.

• LCD Monitor on offer:

One of the advantages of this camera is that it consists of a 2.5 inch LCD monitor. When you want to choose any setting, you can do so with the LCD interface. There are controls on the side as well. Due to the LCD interface, it becomes easy for you to double-check the settings you are selecting as well. As a result, there is no scope of confusion. Many people who are not familiar with all the settings would find it easy to operate the controls using the screen on offer. That is why this is a definite convenience.

• Incorporates the latest technology:

Some technologies help this 8-megapixel camera stand out; they are face detection in motion detection technology.

With the help of face detection technology, capturing the subject in greater detail is quite easy. It also ensures that in a single attempt, you get the necessary picture. That is why; it will not be difficult for you to capture your family members or anyone else in the photo.

Moreover, the camera also consists of motion detection technology. The motion detection technology helps you focus on the subject even when the subject is moving. Usually, if the motion detection technology is not available, the image would get blurred. However, in this camera, you will face no such problem at all. It reduces the blur automatically. You will not have to take multiple photos. Both of these technologies certainly make the camera much more efficient and easy to use.

• Efficient Image Processor:

The camera consists of the DIGIC III image processor. The advantage of this image processor is that it can capture superior quality images. At the same point in time, the images are sharp as well without consuming a lot of battery. That is why; this image processor certainly improves the quality of the picture. It increases the speed at which the camera focuses. Also, it increases the accuracy. Thus, due to this image processor, this camera indeed becomes a good choice.

• Printer compatible:

The camera is compatible with various printers. As a result, printing the photos directly from the camera is undoubtedly possible. Also, you can transfer the images to your computer as well. The print/share button can help you with that. The camera is compatible with Windows and Macintosh. If you want to transfer it to your computer and then print the photos, it is certainly a possibility as well.

• Multiple modes on offer:

In total, the camera offers 18 different shooting modes. Out of these, nine special scene modes. So, when you’re capturing a particular type of image, and you select the right shooting mode, you will not have to tweak the settings. The camera would choose the correct settings for you. It certainly reduces the learning curve. You have to go through the modes once to understand the shooting modes on offer. Once you do so, it will become easier for you to capture the best quality images possible.

• Red-eye correction feature:

One problem which you often face while capturing photos is the red-eye effect. In this, the retina of the eye appears to be red. It can distort the entire image. However, this camera consists of a red-eye correction feature. As a result, you can be sure that erroneous photos will be few and far between. This feature is missing out on many cameras. That is why; if you often face this problem, this camera will not disappoint you.

The Cannon power shot sd1100is offers quite a few features which might be missing out on other cameras. Also, the compact size and the numerous color options ensure that choosing it over others is undoubtedly easy. Without looking at the pros and cons below, it would be a mistake to make your buying decision. I will now go into the details of these below.

Pros & Cons of canon power shot sd1100is


  • Numerous color options
  • Excellent image processor
  • Computer and printer compatible
  • Excellent quality photos
  • Easy to operate
  • Numerous modes on offer
  • Incorporates 2.5 inch LCD


  • Packaging could be better



Canon power shot sd1100is offers the right combination of features that you might look for in a compact camera. The LCD on offer makes it easy to operate as well. Along with that, the numerous shooting modes ensure that it is very convenient to use as well. With these features, you cannot go wrong with this camera.

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