Canon powershot s 120 is review – Is this camera worth buying?

Are you looking for a powerful but compact camera?

If yes, when you search for one, you will come across numerous options. The problem is that it can be downright confusing to choose one. An average consumer may not be able to understand the various specifications of a camera. That is why; I will share with you the review of one of the best cameras in its category currently.

I’m speaking about the Canon PowerShot s 120 is. My Canon s 120 review will help you understand why it is a good camera in its category.

Canon PowerShot s 120 is review

One thing which you cannot ignore about this camera is its compact size. The small size aids portability. However, despite the small size, it has quite a few features on offer. That is why; it certainly stands out in this regard. I will now go into the details of the features to help you understand more about this camera.

Features of Canon PowerShot s 120 is

1. Wi-Fi compatible
2. Compatible app
3. 1080p Quality
4. Excellent low light performance
5. Advanced Sensor
6. Touch panel controls
7. Multiple Image Stabilization modes
8. Numerous Photo shooting modes
9. Interface available in numerous languages
10. Printer compatible


• Wi-Fi compatible:

One of the best features of Canon camera is that it is Wi-Fi compatible. Using a Wi-Fi connection, it will be easier for you to send the images directly to your social media channels. With a feature known as CANON iMAGE gateway, you can accomplish this without much effort. That is why; sending the images to your social media channels directly is undoubtedly possible.

• Compatible app:

Every canon camera comes along with iOS or android compatible app. There is a Windows app on offer as well. Understanding the camera functions or controlling the Canon camera is easier than ever with the help of this app. If you feel that the learning curve is quite steep when you’re operating the camera, you can use the app for the same. Once you do so, uploading images anywhere or knowing more about your camera is easy.

• 1080p Quality:

When you’re buying a camera, it is important to look at the video quality which it can capture. This one can capture 1080p video is. As a result, getting full HD videos is certainly a possibility. It consists of a dedicated movie button, which means that capturing the videos will be effortless. It consists of an HDMI output. Using this HDMI output, you can play the videos on a monitor or your TV. That is why; the video quality in this camera is on the higher side.

• Excellent low light performance:

The lowlight performance of any camera is its Achilles heel. However, you will not face this problem with this camera.

It consists of a 12.1-megapixel sensor. Along with that, you get the image processor, which provides excellent lowlight performance. Thus, if you want to take the pictures during the night after sunset, you will not have to worry about the light conditions. You can get reasonably good quality pictures in low light as well.

• Advanced Sensor:

The Sensor of the camera plays a vital role in capturing every small detail. This camera consists of a 1/1.7-inch CMOS sensor. It also has a Canon DIGIC 6 image processor. Both these combined ensure that you get a camera with high sensitivity. As a result, it can capture every small detail of the subject and the surrounding area.

• Touch panel controls:

Do you prefer a camera that is easy to operate?

If yes, this one will not disappoint you. It comes with a touch panel. The advantage of the touch panel is that selecting the right function is easier than ever. At the same time, it reduces the learning curve. You can browse through the different functions.

When you look at the display size, it consists of a 3-inch LCD. The size is pretty adequate for the operation. Also, the touch interface is highly responsive. It supports 1-finger and 2-finger touch. That is why; operating the touch controls is not going to be a problem when using this camera.

• Multiple Image Stabilization modes:

The stabilization capability of the camera plays a significant role. If the images are not stabilized, no matter the angle of the light, the photo will blur. Fortunately, this camera consists of multiple image stabilization modes. These are:

o Normal mode: The normal mode is responsible for shooting stills. It corrects the camera movement.
o Panning: This mode ensures that IS does not interfere with the camera movement.
o Hybrid: This mode is suitable for micro as well as close-up shooting.
o Dynamic: This mode is suitable for video shooting. You can use it when capturing video at a wide-angle.
o Powered: It is suitable when you want to compensate for any and movement while capturing the video.
o Tripod: In this mode, the camera detects that it is placed on a tripod. Once this mode is activated, the image stabilizer stops working.

So, there are a few image stabilization modes that certainly help this camera capture the best quality images and videos.

• Numerous Photo shooting modes:

At the same point in time, the photo shooting modes available are quite a few as well. These allow you to directly select the right template according to the type of picture that you want to capture. The shooting modes include:

o Custom
o Manual
o Aperture priority
o Shutter priority
o Program
o Hybrid auto
o Smart auto
o Portrait
o Smart shutter
o Start shooting boots
o Handheld night scene
o And so on

The modes are pretty self-explanatory. You can easily choose the model according to the type of subject which you want to capture. With so many modes on offer, you’re bound to find one suitable for photos that you are trying to capture.

• Interface available in numerous languages:

Another unique feature of this PowerShot camera is that the interface is available in 30 different languages. That is why choosing your native language is going to be easier than ever. Once you select that language, all controls will be in that particular language. That is why; the learning curve will become easier for you.

• Printer compatible:

The camera also offers you a direct print system. With a USB cable, you can directly connect it with your printer. Also, the interface will allow you to give the print command. So, as long as you have a Canon printer, you can print the photos directly.

Each feature of this camera has been designed such that it makes the camera much more convenient to use. You will hardly find any other cameras with so many features. I will now go into the pros and cons to help you understand why this camera is such a good option.

Pros & Cons of canon PowerShot s 120 is


  • Compact size
  • Touch control panel
  • Full HD video quality
  • Low light performance
  • Multiple shooting and stabilization modes
  • Interface available in 30 different languages
  • Compatible with printer
  • Incorporates advanced sensors
  • App compatibility


  • Numerous functions can seem overwhelming at first



The canon PowerShot s 120 is camera is a powerhouse. It consists of every feature which you might look for in a camera. Also, the excellent lowlight performance ensures that the quality of the videos and the images is up to the mark. With nothing to complain about, this is a camera which you should definitely go with.

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